Most Selling Cars in Bangladesh

Most Selling Cars in Bangladesh

Bangladesh automobile industry at present is turning into a very profitable business. It has already attained the third largest position among the other countries of the South Asian continent. Pragoti Industries LTD. are the oldest and largest manufacturer of cars in Bangladesh. According to a recent infographic published by, the most popular Car Brands dominating the Bangladeshi market are Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Hyundai.

Majority of the population prefers spending on Toyota because of its reasonable pricing, durability, easy availability and varied models which suit the different purposes of the buyers. Toyota’s variety collection consists of family cars, business purpose cars, cars for the youth. From the statistical evidence, it was found that around 80% of the total car users in Bangladesh are using Toyota at present. Regularly seen car models of Toyota are – Toyota Premio, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Noah, Toyota Allion, Toyota Axio, Toyota Probox, Toyota Fielder and Toyota Belta.

After Toyota comes Honda. Honda is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate company. Users while buying a car prioritizing safety, comfort over any other factor goes for Honda. Based on the recent statistics approximate 7% of the total buyers are currently using different Honda models. The most visible Honda model in Bangladesh is Honda Airwave.

Nissan cars are the third most popular. Around 6% of the total car users belong to this brand. Nissan cars are a bit expensive as they come with safety, styling, fuel economy, reliability and cutting-edge automotive technology. The commonly observed model of this brand is Nissan Pulsar. Among the other brands which have user preference are Mitsubishi and Hyundai both having less than 5%. To get an overview of the current situation of the Car Market in Bangladesh, you can have a look at this infographic Car Market in Bangladesh Based on 2018 Statistics.

Most sold cars in Bangladesh

Car Market in Bangladesh

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla, is one of the all-time best-selling car models not only in Bangladesh but also around the world. It was first introduced in the market in November, 1966 and by 1974 it became the top selling car line of Toyota. The word ‘Corolla’ is a Latin word which means “Small Crown”. The price range starts from BDT 10 Lac. Depending on the other specifications and moderation price range fluctuates accordingly.  The primary motive behind buying Toyota Corolla is its affordable price range. People who look for an inexpensive, spacious interior and a reliable source of transportation Corolla is the preeminent option for them. It also offers high end safety to the passengers as Corolla had always scored high on the crash tests. Other vital reasons for picking Corolla models are due to the easy availability of parts used for the replacement of the defective parts and also there is a massive demand of this car line in the second hand car market.

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Toyota Noah

Another common car model that is constantly seen in Bangladeshi roads is the Toyota Noah. It was introduced in the year of 2001. Noah mainly is a type of minivan and although introduced 18 years ago but still it managed to retain a fresh and appealing preference in the mind of the customers. One of the reasons behind its incomparable eminence is it serves as the restructured and more passenger-friendly version of the Toyota Lite Ace car line. For long comfortable family tours Noah is the utmost option for transportation. Its price ranges from BDT 20 Lac and onwards.

Toyota Allion

Toyota Allion is the third most selling sedan car in Bangladesh. It was introduced in the market in the year of 2001. An interesting fact about Toyota Allion is that shares the same engine-1NZ-FE as Toyota Premio. Its relaxing and luxury arrangements of the inside car interior attracts the buyers easily over the competitors. The price range starts from BDT 20 Lac depending on the color and other modifications.

Toyota Probox

Toyota Probox, first introduced in the market in 2002 is a light commercial vehicle which contains 4 seats and 5 doors. It is another familiar model of toyota in Dhaka and as well as in the streets of Bangladesh. Toyota Probox line car models belong to the family van category. It’s good acceleration and high performance marks it unique from others. Probox is used in offices for employee transportation and also at home of large families. The price range starts from BDT 7 Lac to onwards.

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Toyota Belta

Toyota Belta is a compact sedan car which is also known as Toyota Vios in Asian markets and as Toyota Yaris in Toyota’s American and Australian markets. It was first introduced in the market in 2006. Toyota Belta gained its fan base because of its manual transmission, great fuel efficiency, durable suspension that ensures a smooth ride, premium and a luxurious interior, handful technology features, strong safety performance, electric control, fully equipped airbags for and last but the most important a great price. The starting price of Belta starts from BDT 8Lac.

Honda Airwave

Honda Airwave is a subcompact car which is manufactured by the Japanese automaker ‘Honda’. It was first introduced in the market in the year 2005. This station wagon is the updated version of the first generation City/Fit Aria consisting of five doors. It is adored by the customers for its stylish look, advanced technological features and engine performance. Honda Airwave price starts from BDT 9Lac.

Mitsubishi Pajero

Mitsubishi Pajero is the most common Mitsubishi car model witnessed in Bangladesh. It is a full size sport utility vehicle and is very popular among the sports lover. It comes with a warranty of five years, nice acceleration, medium to high fuel consumption and the ultimate transport for the whole family. Pajero being an expensive car the price starts from BDT 70 Lac.

Mitsubishi Colt

Mitsubishi Colt is a super-mini car built by the Mitsubishi motors at their manufacturing plant in the Netherlands. It was first introduced in the markets in the year 1962. Colt is the most user-friendly and comfortable passenger car ever produced by Mitsubishi. It also comes with a CD player with MP3 connectivity as standard also with electric windows and keyless entry.

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