Bad Credit Loan with no Guarantor

Go Beyond The Alimony Cheques And Start Your Own Career!

Forevers are not always meant to be. Mistakes are made and people tend to drift away. Sometimes relations break due to absolutely no fault of either partner. Divorces and separation have been accepted worldwide now, and it has been understood that some marriages just could not work.

Things change for both partners after they go their own ways. The biggest change is seen in the dependency factor. Both partners lose their emotional and financial dependency on each other. Maybe just one of them was the breadwinner of the family. Thus begins the monthly alimony cheque to the other.

But does the cheque have to be the sole monthly income of yours? Now that you are single, you should be motivated enough to be financially independent and to rise in life. You can pursue your dreams without feeling obligated to someone.

Start looking for a field you are good in. Make a CV including your education, talents and work experiences. If this is your first job hunt, research the market requirements. Know the market trends, opportunities and the skills that the employers are looking for. You can always work part-time doing temporary jobs, but you need a career to grow and establish yourself.

Enrolling in a Professional Course

Many businesses prefer hiring employees with specific skills for a job. Exploiting this fact, there are paid professional courses available online for every type of job in the market. These courses focus on delivering knowledge about a particular area of work and teach you skills that employers specifically search for.

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Some of the popular online certification courses in the UK include fields like cryptocurrency, global diplomacy, coding, hotel and hospitality, bookkeeping, banking, forex trading, SEO and human resource management. You have more than 100 options to choose from.

Once you are certain of your strong areas and passion, you can go forward to finding the right certification course for you. Your CV will gain strong merit once you have certified skills for a job.

Paying for the Certification

Your alimony cheque might be enough to take care of your monthly expenses. You might have drawn a strict budget designed around your alimony amount. While you are living hand to mouth, it can get difficult for you to afford to pursue a paid certification course.

While doing the course can be rewarding for the kick-start of your career, your expenses can suffer immensely paying for it. You have the best-suited option of taking a loan, just with a drawback that your credit score might lead to the rejection of your loan application at the banks. This means that you will have to apply for a bad credit loan with no guarantor through modern lending sources like the FinTech Lenders.

Credit ratings are built over time with borrowing and repaying procedures. If you were never the breadwinner of the family, and you are living off alimony cheques, you are bound to have a poor credit score, which is downright a reason behind any loan application getting rejected.

Availing a Bad Credit Loan

Banks and traditional lending sources might not be helpful to you in this situation. Luckily there is another available option for you. You can apply for a loan online itself. There are multiple online lending websites that give loans to bad credit borrowers.

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You apply online through an easy procedure, they process your information and if everything checks out, you get money in your bank account within 24 hours. The online direct lenders do not hesitate much in approving loans for bad credit with no guarantor applicants.

Repaying the loan

Once you get a loan, you are free to enrol in your chosen online professional certification course. When it comes to repaying the loan, you can choose the instalment option. It would be manageable for you to accommodate a small instalment of your loan into your monthly support.

You can also opt for a part-time job to cover your extra expenses. At the end of your repayment period, you will have a professional certification, a repaid loan and an increase in your credit score.

To Sum Up,

Do not be satisfied with just your alimony money. You have a lot of potentials to succeed in life. Your divorce and separation do not define you as a person. Where you go from that low point of your life is what matters. Get a job, work hard, and create your own identity.

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