All The Free Drifting Games You’ll Ever Need

If you frequent websites that feature web games, you probably know the lay of the land in terms of where to go for the best stuff. However, if you haven’t heard about Drifted.com and love car games, you’re missing out. 

This website has the best collection of car games, carefully curated and broken down into categories. One of those categories is Drifting Games. So if you love seeing cars drive sideways at incredible speeds, we have some game suggestions. 

Whether you prefer a more old-school arcade or top-down perspective drifting experience, or an open-world one, Drifted.com has you covered. Here are a few of the best games from each of those subcategories. 

Arcade Drifting

These games are fast, addicting, and simple enough to pick up and play in almost no time at all. The first of these games is Arcade Car Drift. 

This game will have you sliding around either a port or a race track. Its graphics are simple yet detailed, and its controls are tight and responsive. You’ll slip and slide all over the road at the beginning, but learning how the physics in the game works is half the fun. 

Another fun arcade-style drifter is Drift Boss. This game takes place on a precarious floating track, which means you will careen off the edge if you hit a turn too hard. Plus, it has a cute isometric perspective and art style.

Open-World Drifting

These next games have either one large map or several large maps that are big enough that you can’t cross from one end to the other very quickly. The first of these games is City Car Driving Simulator. 

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This open-world game has great graphics, awesome customization options, and realistic physics. Drift through city streets to earn points and upgrade your car. Real Stunts Drift Car Driving 3D is another open-world drifting game. This one takes place on roads that are surrounded by lush, green fields and trees, with the occasional obstacle or stunt opportunity thrown in. There are also plenty of places for smooth drifts. 

Police Car Stunt Driver is an open-world game where you take control of a cop car and careen over huge jumps with your siren blaring. The streets in this one are a little unconventional, with lots of extra opportunities for stunts and drifting. 

Top-Down Drifting

These top-down games get rid of the 3D of other games in favor of a more easy-to-follow approach. The first of these games is Police Car Chase. This top-down drifter has you drifting donuts around police cars that are constantly pursuing you. It’s not clear what you did, but they want to take you down very badly. Hold out as long as you can to stack up your points and beat the high score. 

The next game is uncomfortable close in terms of title and gameplay to the last game. It’s called Police Chase, and is the same top-down cop avoiding game as Police Car Chase, but Police Chase sets itself apart by having rockets strapped to your car to blow up the cops.

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