Dual ways to Convert OLM to PST Manually with Free or Professional Toolkit

In this article we get to know about how can a user convert OLM to PST files manually as well with the help of a professional OLM to PST Converter software for Windows. Converting OLM files to PST will enable the users to import OLM to Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 Windows from Mac Outlook mailboxes. The free & manual trick will require an IMAP account like Gmail while professional toolkit will directly convert OLM to PST files in simple way.

Consider the Following Query of a User:

“I was looking for a way to convert Mac Outlook OLM to PST file due to the factor that I want to switch from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook account. I was using Mac machine from last two years & use Outlook 2016 for managing my personal information like emails & calendars. Now I have to transfer emails from Mac Outlook emails to Outlook PST file. But the major problem I faces while doing so is that I have a very little technical knowledge. The whole data is very crucial for me & hence I cannot take the risk of migrating data with free manual tricks. Kindly suggest me a professional OLM to PST Converter software which will allow me to export all emails from Mac Outlook OLM to Outlook PST file. Thanks in Advance!”

  • Vivian Cheng, Bolivia

When we analyze the above query, we get to know that a thousands & thousands of users wants to switch from Mac Outlook OLM to Outlook Windows PST file. So, in this guide we will learn two passable ways to convert OLM to PST files manually as well professionally.

How to Convert OLM to PST Files Manually?

There are some free manual tricks available for the users to import emails of Mac Outlook OLM to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 etc. To do so it is necessary for the users to have an IMAP account whether it is Gmail, Rediffmail or Yahoo Mail etc. To migrate emails of Mac OLM to Outlook PST file just follow these simple steps to better know it:

  1. Login to your Gmail/ Google Mail account.
  2. From the Dashboard, Browse to the Settings
  3. Choose Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab displayed.
  4. From IMAP Access option we have to make sure Enable IMAP
  5. Now here Create a New Label in your Gmail account.
  6. Run Outlook for Mac & from its File menu select Accounts
  7. Select Emails option & then setup IMAP account in Outlook for Mac by entering details like POP/IMAP Settings, or click on Add Account
  8. Now select the Outlook for Mac folders or emails which you want to export.
  9. Right-click on the selected items & then choose Move >> Copy to folder option displayed.
  10. In the newly displayed dialog box select the Create Gmail Folder Name & then click on Copy
  11. At last click on Send/Receive button to migrate emails from Mac Outlook into Gmail IMAP folder.
  12. Setup this IMAP account into Outlook for Windows & then copy/paste the emails & other items from this to Outlook mailbox folders.
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The above method helps the users migrate their emails from Outlook for Mac to Windows Outlook directly. Although this whole process is completely free to use & hence one can import Outlook for Mac emails to Outlook Windows without costing any money. But it also offers various drawbacks to its users like listed below:

  • This process requires a high-level technical knowledge to perform the Outlook OLM to Windows Outlook migration.
  • This process only enables the users to import emails of Mac Outlook OLM to Outlook 2016 Windows. But, if in case a want to migrate Contacts or Calendars then it will not be going to help them anyhow.
  • Converting OLM to PST files manually will require lot of user’s time to be invested. In the present era when time is the most valuable thing this approach did not looks like suitable for the users.
  • The process requires Outlook installation in both Mac as well Windows machine. Hence creating more challenges to its users.

Due to the above drawbacks of it, the process of convert OLM to PST manually will be a bad choice for the users. To overcome these limitations, it is advised to use a professional OLM to PST Converter software.

Experts Recommended Best OLM to PST Converter Software:

In the above section of this article we deal with a free way to import OLM into Outlook email client as well its limitations also. To tackle with its limitations most of the technical experts recommends RecoveryTools OLM Migrator tool. The software provides a direct option to convert OLM files to PST with UNICODE encoding suitable for to import them into all latest Outlook versions like Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003 for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions. The toolkit performs the whole file conversion in just three steps:

  1. Install, Run & OLM to PST Converter tool & load OLM files in its panel.
  2. Choose PST options from Saving list & setup OLM to PST conversion options like Create Separate PST file, Change Language of PST file like Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, or Change the location of resultant PST files from default Desktop to any of the user desired path.convert olm to pst manually
  3. Disable/Enable Outlook Mode & then click on Next button to start & analyze conversion process.
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The above toolkit proves to be the best solution available in present time for technical as well non-technical users. It allows the conversion of multiple Outlook for Mac mailbox to Outlook PST Windows file.

Some Highlighted Features of RecoveryTools OLM to PST Converter:

The professional toolkit comes up with various advantages to its users. There are millions of users who had used this application for the purpose of conversion of their mailbox items from Mac Outlook OLM file to Windows PST file. It comes up with some powerful & state-of-the-art features which make it a prior choice among the users over converting OLM to PST files manually. Some of the major advantages which comes along with this toolkit are listed below:

  • Outlook installation is optional for the users to convert OLM files to PST with this tool. It provides Outlook Mode option which a user can enable/disable before the conversion process begins. There is no necessary condition among the users of the installation of Outlook.
  • The software asks the users to change the language of resultant PST mailbox file. It will change the language of whole mailbox items including email headers, content of the emails, signature etc. The languages it supports for conversion are Dutch, French, German, Spanish, & Swedish
  • During the batch conversion of multiple OLM files, the software will ask the users to create a single OLM file or to create separate PST files for each folder.
  • The utility provides dual ways for the users to load OLM mailbox items in the application panel. One can load OLM files on the basis of Files by click on Select Files or the whole folder containing multiple OLM files groupwise as Select Folders.
  • The OLM to PST Converter software will enable the users to change the resultant PST file location according to the user’s requirements. By default, the software will save PST files at Desktop. After the whole conversion process finished, the utility will directly open the destination folder to access PST files quickly.
  • Easy to Use & simplified user interface makes this software a preferred choice among millions of users.
  • The software is only run on Windows OS including Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista
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Final Words: In this article we get to know about free trick to import Mac Outlook OLM to Outlook Windows 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions. There are millions of users who wants to migrate their mailbox items from OLM to PST files. As manual method offers some limitations hence, we take the help of a professional OLM to PST Converter toolkit which makes all this task easy & simpler.

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