Tesla's Cyber Truck: The New Era of Trucking

Tesla’s Cyber Truck: The New Era of Trucking

So you have to be living under a rock or in the middle of nowhere, like where I’m sitting, to not hear about all the news regarding Tesla’s cyber truck. This truck Tesla has been teasing us with for the last two years, and the company finally unveiled it last week on November 21st. What I think about it, why it looks the way it looks. And if I think it’s going to be competitive in the very hotly competitive, full-size truck market. So in this article, we’re going to talk about all the things that have to do with Tesla’s cyber truck.

Specs of Tesla’s Cyber Truck

So before we dive deep into the styling of the truck, or lack thereof for the styling, I want to first talk about the specs of the Cybertron. Because that’s always an impressive thing to talk about with any Tesla vehicle. Now, when Tesla launches the truck in about two years, that’s what you’re going to have to wait until the end of 2021. It’ll start an unbelievable price of thirty-nine thousand nine hundred dollars under 40 grand, about ten grand less than what M1 Musk claimed the truck would start, which is a very competitive starting price. Specs of Tesla's Cyber Truck

source: https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck

Now, of course, that’s for the base single motor rear-drive model, which offers about zero to 60 in around six and a half seconds. It’ll tell approximately seventy-five hundred pounds, and I’ll give you about two hundred and fifty miles of range. Now, most people, I imagine, are going to spend an extra $10000, so just under 50 grand for the dual-motor setup, which means it’s going to give you four-wheel drive, all-wheel drive. I don’t think it’ll have something like a low range transfer case. Electric trucks don’t need anything like that. But you’ll also get around 300 miles of range. You’ll do dangerous 60 in about four and a half seconds. So it’s already faster than all of the gas-powered trucks in the segment, including things like a Ford Raptor or the 6.2-liter monster you can find.

Version Available of Tesla’s Cyber Truck

There’s no engine around it. But Tesla has some impressive specs on the truck. It’ll be interesting to see which version is the top seller when it goes on sale in two years. Now, keep in mind, there is something to keep in mind. The try motor setup won’t be available until the later part of 2022. So you’re going to have to wait about three years for that truck, which goes against what’s Tesla usually does. They usually throw in the most expensive models out first and then offer the cheaper models later in the model year. So it’s good to see them do that the opposite way, especially for those of you who plan to use it as a truck. And then, of course, there’s the elephant in the room when it comes to the design of the car. Version

source: https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck

Model of Tesla’s cyber truck

I’ll be honest; when I first saw the thing in pictures, because I haven’t seen it in person yet, I seriously thought that Elon Musk had punked us because that design looks like it was designed by a five-year-old, and I know that’s the talk of the industry right now with the Tesla truck. Now, I’m going to reserve my final judgment until I actually see the truck in person, until I hope one day drive the car. Model of Tesla's cyber truck

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source: https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck


But I will say that it is a weird looking design, and it’s funny for a reason because remember in the presentation, Tesla or Elon Musk demonstrate how you could hit the side of this thing with a sledgehammer. And it didn’t damage the door because the steel of the vehicle is made of unique high-grade steel, that is for the rocket ships that Elon Musk builds for SpaceX. So this steel is solid, and it’s also complicated to bend and mold into specific shapes, which is why the truck has no curves.

It’s all hard angles because actually, to bend the metal to make it fit, it would cost either way too much money. It would break the machines that do the bending work, which is why Tesla had to go with that simple design because they wanted to preserve the strength of the material they would have. They would have had to weaken the content if they wanted to bend it. At least that’s what Elon Musk claims with the design of the truck.


It also had what Tesla was calling bulletproof glass. It was supposed to be bulletproof glass. But unfortunately, in the presentation, when the head designer at Tesla threw that glass ball at the window, it broke it and shattered it twice. At least the ball didn’t go through, but it destroyed the glass twice, which was a kind of oops kind of moment, at least. Elon Musk kind of. Often said, there could be improvements to be made.

So overall, the design of the truck looks weird because of the actual metal encasing it, because it’s designed to be bulletproof and because it also isn’t built off of a traditional frame.

So when it comes to a truck that you can buy on the market. That’s brand new. That’s got the traditional truck elements there. That’s got a grill in the center of the vehicle that lets in air to cool that big engine. That’s got headlight designs that look very traditional that are also the legal type of headlights.

Front View

But on The Tesla cyber truck, as you guys know, had no grill. It had no designed for it. And it had this super bright l_e_d_, which probably looks fantastic. And also had these roof lights at the top that will seriously help fire up your way at night. But it’s all about will this vehicle like that pass regulations, U.S. regulations, because the Tesla cyber truck also did not have any side mirrors.

As you can see here has these very large side mirrors. It’s got traditional looking wheels and tires because remember, the Tesla cyber truck offered these wheels and tires built by Goodyear, which I had never seen on a production car. So again, it looked more like a concept car. Tesla also claims with his adjustable air suspension, you can get it to 16 inches of ground clearance. In comparison.

Size of this Truck

Tesla says the cyber truck is around two hundred and thirty-two inches long. It’s a big truck, but the Tesla cyber truck looked taller. It looked wider. This truck is about seventy-nine points nine inches wide. So 80 inches wide was the same as the cyber truck. Tesla has a weird design, especially when you look at the actual cab design. Word had the triangle that’s at the top portion. I don’t think something like that will make it to production. And unlike most traditional trucks, the differentiation, the separation between the bed and the cab, the cyber vehicle doesn’t have that because it doesn’t have a body on frame kind of design. It also has what Tesla calls a vault. So it has a covered area laid over the bed. And Tesla did that for aerodynamics because they are claiming that the cyber truck will have the best aerodynamics in the segment. And of course, you need to do that for something like range, because the bed, when it’s open like this is basically like a big parachute at the back of the truck. Size of this Truck

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source: https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck

The Vault

At the end of the presentation, Tesla opened up the vault of the Tesla Seiberg truck, and they showed off an electric ATV that drove into the bed. Now, because the vehicle had these first deployable ramps, I have seen that offered in some competing vehicles as an aftermarket thing, a lot of truck buyers do put an ATV or a motorcycle into the bed.

But the one thing about the cyber Chucky noticed because of the air suspension; it was able to squat down the rear to kind of help get into the bed, which is nice because the truck didn’t seem to have any bed step. But check out the sidewalls of the bed were very tall. So I imagine people who are short like myself won’t be able to reach it over the sides like it could on a traditional truck bed and try to get into the truck. The Vault

source: https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck

Now, Tesla will probably say you can get around that by just lowering the rear end of the vehicle from that air suspension.

The bed itself was only one size. It was around six and a half footbed. So a good-sized length in the bed. But keep in mind, a lot of truck buyers like the idea of having multiple sizes, multiple configurations. So if you’re looking for an eight-foot bed, Tesla did not disclose that they would offer a bed length like that on the cyber truck.

A Lifestyle Truck

This leads me to think that the truck itself will be more of a lifestyle truck and not be used by actual truck owners. So there you have it, guys, as controversial as the Tesla Seiberg truck is.

How much is a Tesla Cybertruck?

A lot of the GM trucks. So that truck will be they’ll be able to tow around ten thousand pounds again. That is very competitive with most of the half-ton offerings, which are usually around the ten thousand dollar mark. Now, if you guys have an extra twenty thousand dollars sitting in your bank account, you can spend just under seventy thousand dollars for the tri-motor setup. That’s right. There are three electric motors, which is one less than revision offers in the quad motor setup of the RT1, their highest performing version.

Tesla says that the truck will do zero to 60 and get this under two-point nine seconds. So faster than a Porsche. 911 Karara for s, if you can believe it, that that version will go up to 500 miles of range, 500 miles of range. The current highest range the Tesla offers right now on the Model S is around three hundred and seventy. So Tesla didn’t disclose how that model gets to five hundred miles of range. I’m going to estimate it has probably at least a 200-kilowatt hour battery pack. But again, they didn’t have the specific details of that truck. Now that truck will tell a maximum of around fourteen thousand pounds. So it does allow the competitors from the big three by about a thousand pounds. A Lifestyle Truck

source: https://www.tesla.com/cybertruck

So it’ll be interesting to see if Tesla can deliver that, not just regardless of which version that you get. All of these trucks will tell or carry a payload capacity of around thirty-five hundred pounds. That’s roughly double than what you can get in most of the big three American gas-powered trucks. So, again, electric vehicles are built off of a different kind of platform. They don’t have the traditional body on frame design because they don’t need that kind of design.

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Possible Changes on Actual Truck

I’m thrilled that Tesla delivered and showed the truck in a reasonable amount of time. And even though we have to wait two more years. I think when it does go on sale, I think Tesla will be forced to make a lot of changes. I don’t think the tires are going to look like that on the production model. I think the production model will have the actual side you mirrors because the rear side view camera mirrors are still not approved for road usage here in the US. I also think that design is going to change the front fascia, the fact that it just has this little skinny strip of l_e_d_. And no Tesla badges on it whatsoever. The truck more or less looks more like a concept car that is still two years away from making it to production.

Of course, I love Tesla. I love how you go forward. Elon Musk is I love how he has the balls to literally tell all the other media manufacturers that you’ve been doing it this way. Old school for so long. We’re going to do it an entirely new way.

Questions & Answers

So I love the idea of the cyber truck, but some of you, again, have questioned the design. The design looks like a preschooler or a kindergartener designed it. But I did. Hopefully, that explains. Why Tesla had to create that way because they wanted to preserve how durable the actual material is.

It’s only a matter of time because in the next two years we’re going to have an electric version of the Ford F-150. We’re going to have an electronic version of the GMC trucks. We’re going to have the revision, our T1, which is a much better-looking truck, which has a quad motor system, which is one more motor over the Tesla system. All these trucks are coming out in the next two years.


So really, Tesla has, of course, their Supercharger network. They’ve got the reputation that they are a desirable builder of premium electric vehicles. So what the company finally comes out with the cyber truck and at the price that they’re going to offer it, it’ll be curious to see how it does now. Elon Musk has been tweeting over the last few days, days that they have over 200000 reservations.

So if you guys are one of the few P or one of the two hundred thousand plus people that have put down one hundred dollar deposit on Tesla sites for this truck, please feel free to leave that in the comments below, because I’m curious if you guys have a which one? Let me also know which one you’re going to go to if you’re going to go for the standard range, the dual-motor, or the tri-motor setup.

But, in terms of the design, I’m going to hold off my final judgment until I finally see the chuck in person and of course, drive it. But you can’t argue with the fact that Tesla has the biggest balls in the industry for introducing a truck that looks like it was designed by somebody who’s in kindergarten. But with all that said, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Let me know what you guys think of the Tesla cyber truck:

  1. Do you think it’ll be more of a lifestyle truck?
  2. Do you think it’ll be more of an actual work truck?
  3. If you actually are a work truck owner and you plan on getting one?

Please feel free to let me know in the comments below because I am curious to see that. But with all that said, I hope you guys have enjoyed the article. Thank you so much.

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