top 5 G phones coming in 2019

Top 5G Phones Coming in 2019

Did you know about upcoming top 5G phones? Today’s technology is tomorrow’s history. 5G technology is going to be the successor of 4G technology. This will be many times faster than 4G. Even now, you can’t watch 4k videos in crowded places, but 5G will bring 4k videos in reality. By this technology, you will be able to download the 4k movies in minutes. 5G will be coming with higher bandwidth, so even if you are in crowded places, you can still get the better internet speed. In this article, we focus on top 5G phones coming in 2019






Top 5G phones coming in 2019

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Samsung next phone is weeks from the present day of February 7, 2019, but as is the norm, you can find numerous rumors and leaks about the phone. As the number suggests, this phone comes the 10th in the Samsung Galaxy line. So you can expect some redesign in the model.

  • Release date around this month (February 21, 2019)
  • This variant would be coming with 6 GB ram
  • The rear camera comes with 12 MP +12 MP + 5 MP
  • The device works on Android pie
  • This variant works on 5g technology. You can watch the 4k videos from Netflix. This is one of the Top 5G phones coming in 2019.


Top 5G mobiles coming in 2019

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Every mobile brand follows a distinct pattern in the market. One Plus usually follows the model of introducing two devices a year. So, there will be a model for the first six months of the year. The second model will be the T model for the other half.

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Remember the last year, October 2018? It was the time of One Plus 6T. Released in Oct 2018. Now the next model is One Plus 7T, which is due on May 2019.

Yes, it is known that 5G components will be expensive than normal components. So, the mobile will also be expensive. But loyalists are ready to pay the price. So, with your permission, will we look at the features?

  • Screen resolution would be 1080 ×2280 pixel
  • This variant would be with 10 GB ram
  • The rear camera comes with 24 MP+12MP+8MP
  • This variant would have 256GB of storage
  • This would be with an on-screen fingerprint scanner and face unlocking

In the OnePlus model, this will be the first version which can work on 5G technology. Get set to welcome this model as it will be one among the many 5G phones coming in 2019.


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The two models, Huawei P30, as well as Huawei P30 Pro, are the phones that can make the most impact in 2019. As per the reports, Huawei has always given the best in terms of camera features and price. The Pro version can pick up more excellence on the release date.

Now, the time has come for this company to release a 5G phone into the market. The model may come in the first half of this year 2019. Reports suggest that the model will come with an advanced version of the fingerprint sensor.

As per the reports, the new models can sport the flagship of the company, but in a new version. Please note, that this model will be the first quad camera phone of the company. Other features are –

  • It comes with three rear cameras with 40 MP + 20 MP + 5 MP
  • Display with LED technology with water droplet notch display
  • Phones display will be a foldable display
  • The phone comes with 8000 MAH battery
  • This phone will be having a special desktop UI
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Sony Xperia XZ4

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As per the recent update, Sony will launch the new model Sony Xperia XZ4. And this model is reported to be the best in recent years. For the Sony fans, February 25, 2019, will be the date to rejoice. The model may hit the shelves in March 2019. Sony fans will come this model with fanfare as one of the top 5G phones coming in 2019.

The model will have a 52-megapixel camera sensor and an f/1.6 aperture. This will be the primary sensor. It will be supported by two sensors – 16-megapixel telephoto sensor and 0.3 MP Time of Flight Sensor.

Other features

  • This phone especially comes with a single 48 MP camera
  • This variant comes with an improved battery life which would last a week
  • The display is going to come with the true 4k display
  • It comes with premium features like connecting with self-driving cars



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The company has announced the Mi Mix 3 model, and as per the reports, it can satisfy your expectations.

  • Screen size – 6.4 inch
  • For access to the camera, you need to slide the body.
  • As per the recent report, the launch may happen on February 27, 2019.
  • This phone would be coming with 10 GB of RAM
  • This variant will be coming with a least of 256 GB storage
  • It has a camera with artificial intelligence technology
  • Model comes with wireless charging functionality
  • It comes with a primary camera of 24 MP + 2 MP.




5G phones will be soon entering the market and make a revolution in the telecom industry. These are the phones with the best features. So it is better to upgrade with the technology and enjoy the maximum benefits. This will definitely replace all the present phones. Now people are also ready to upgrade with the technology, unlike the olden days.

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The statement – Change is permanent always holds true in every century. Just remember the days, when mobiles were a scarcity in India. The time was two decades ago. Now, every Indian has a mobile. And the technology has shifted to 5G. But how about the maintenance part? Every time, when a new innovation occurs, there are some who will always think of the service and maintenance. Please note, that the new technicians in the market will also get updated about the new mobile model versions. And yes, if you buy the 5G phones, definitely you will have a warranty, and for any service in the first year, you can take the device to the service center.

Let us imagine a situation two years ago. You bought a mobile for an expensive amount. Branded product. At that time, the features and structure were new in the market. So, the company extended the warranty period to two years, and for any problems, you just take it to the service center to fix the problem.

Now, the warranty period is over. You wanted to give the mobile service. You were in Bangalore so it was easy to hire the best mobile repair technician. Being smart, you searched for the app of best home maintenance companies which had experts on mobile repair in Bangalore as their employees. Then scheduled the repair time as per the convenience. You solved the problem by this method. The same pattern will happen with 5G mobiles.

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