How to Use Print Marketing

How to Use Print Marketing to Promote your Beauty Products?

In an increasingly digital business environment, print marketing still rocks. Retailers and manufacturers haven’t forgotten the magic of print to engage and entice their customers. As a matter of fact, many leading brands are using print to boost engagement and drive sales.

These brands have developed an understanding of how their potential customers are accessing and consuming information. As a result, they are of the view that using a mix of digital and traditional marketing tactics the best way forward. Why? It allows them to run targeted marketing campaigns that generate more sales leads and help them grabmarket share from the competition.

In fact, many beauty and cosmetic brands are using print as their primary marketing tool. These brands are harnessing the power of custom-built cosmetic boxes that converts onlookers into buyers. Now that’s excellent marketing. Because if your packaging stands out in a crowded retail aisle it means it has that punch to get you through even in the absence of professional cameras and lighting.

Why Print Marketing is Still Trusted?

Custom cosmetic packaging has proved that print marketing still has the power to attract new customers at a local store, but what it teaches to the rest of us? With the right approach, print marketing can even lure greater audiences from digital platforms. Wondering, how?

Social websites have given voice to consumers. Now they can promote a brand or an idea. In fact, they can make it go viral, which can bring your brand in the limelight. Creating powerful cosmetic box packaging that is unavoidably shareable can create a lot of buzz around an established or newly launched product.

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According to a study by Dotcom Distribution, 75 percent of consumers between the age of 18 and 25 years share a picture of product packaging over social media.

Adding influencer marketing to the mix can further drive engagement as they can photograph the packing or take a selfie to create brand awareness. All in all, it’s a more authentic and profitable way to promote your cosmetic products than solely relying on digital marketing. How?

When you use email, tweet or paid advert to promote a product, your audience consumes the message and then continue their online journey. On the other hand, print marketing has a prolonged existence. For example, designing a reusable packaging means every time your customers will carry your branded packing around, they will actually be promoting your brand at zero cost.

Sadly, the return on investment for print isn’t easy to gauge. For this reason, many still are uncertain about the effectiveness of the print marketing strategy. However, considering the fact that many top cosmetic brands are still fiercely investing in packaging shows that print marketing works.

Here are some other ways in which printed packaging works for you.

Creating a Lasting Impression

A good packaging in an attractive design with the right placement of logo and a good description of the cosmetic product helps in creating a lasting identity of the brand in the minds of people. It is usually this high-quality packaging that causes a potential consumer to buy the product.

Increased sales

An attractive packaging is likely to increase the sales of a cosmetic product as that is a way of gaining the trust of consumers regarding the credibility of the product. If a cosmetic product packaging is attractive enough compared to the other products on the shelf, consumers are likely to prefer that product over the others. The choice of color of the packages is also important to create a lasting impression in the minds of the shoppers. Price becomes secondary if the customer is confident of the cosmetic product.

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Ensure complete protection of cosmetics

A safe and secure package ensures the safety and protection of any product. Many people fail to give a careful thought when it comes to packaging products and this could lead to the products getting damaged in transit. There is always the risk of a product getting damaged while being shipped or even in rare cases the vehicle could be involved in a road accident. To reduce this possibility you need to consider these risk factors while packaging. This helps to minimize possible hazards.

Getting your cosmetic products packaged at Signature Filling Company ensures good quality and that the package is secure.

Quick decisions

Most of the time the failure of the product is the result of an unattractive or defective packaging because a good percent of the consumers tend to judge the product by its package. It’s not because they are stupid enough not to consider the quality and benefits of the cosmetic product. Many of them don’t have the time to do a research before buying the product so they decide on a product that has good quality packaging with enough description of the product on it. This helps them arrive at a decision quickly.

A good and attractive product packaging helps in building a brand name while ensuring the product is safe. This causes your existing customers to remain loyal to your brand and you get more and more new customers each day.

Take Away

Create Impactful Local Print Marketing

From location to location, distributed brands can use print to reinforce the brand’s mission and values. To accomplish this, the parent brand must work right alongside their local affiliates. What does the local affiliate need from headquarters in order to be successful with deploying that new campaign? What are consumers really looking for in the brand’s print marketing? Corporate marketing teams can tap into the needs and desires of the customer and boost their local affiliates with tools that make print ads (and all their marketing) top-notch.

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If you are looking to freshen up your print marketing campaign or if you’re just getting started, PsPrint can help. We’re print marketing experts. Whether you’re printing brochures for your nonprofit organization, business cards for your company, postcards to promote your product, stickers for your store, or booklets for your event, PsPrint wants to empower you to do what you do best — build a community, grow your business, make meaningful connections or save the world — and make a lasting impression while you do it.


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