samsung galaxy tab s6

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is the best Android tablet ever made. Today, I’m going to be telling you why.

Galaxy Tab S6 Hardware:

The screen looks fantastic. It’s a super AMOLED display. It’s just beautiful. The resolution here is 2560 x 1440, which is larger than full HD, but less than 4K in as compared to the iPad Air or the 11” iPad pro.

It’s technically more pixels because it has a different shape. It’s a bit longer than the iPad, but the screen itself is 10.5” corner to corner. It’s a good size for drawing big enough to fit all the tools for most apps while leaving you lots of room to draw.

Galaxy Tab S6 Hardware:

The tablet itself is pretty light. It weighs a little under a pound. It feels solid. It’s really well built. It feels premium. Visually, it reminds me of a lot of the iPad pro year version was a little more round around the edges. This time they’ve squared off the corners around the screen, giving it a slightly more boxy look, but not quite as boxy as the new iPad pros. There’s also the addition of ten lines along the back this year, very reminiscent of the latest iPad.

The camera on the front makes its return and can be used to unlock the device with Samsung’s facial recognition along the back.

There are now two cameras. We get an ultra-wide camera and just a wide camera. One of those is 13 megapixels and the other one is five megapixels. And for a tablet. This takes some really nice pictures.

Galaxy Tab S6 Pen:

The S6 comes with a pen right there in the box. It doesn’t cost a dime more. It’s a nice touch, especially since Microsoft and Apple are both charging $100 plus for their pen. Of course, the service pen usually drops in price after release, but a scientific study done by the Kobo Research and Metrics Polling Society found that people have a heavy preference for not paying out the nose for stuff. The tab as six has some added bells and whistles to the pen, the same ones we saw in the note 10 a few weeks back. You can now use the pen to control your camera like a remote or use motion gestures to control your picture gallery. For the most part, These features feel a little bit gimmicky. I can’t see a use case here if you want to use a remote control to access your camera. Or maybe you’re doing a slideshow from across the table or something. I can see it being handy in those situations. The reason I called the gestures gimmicky is that it’s just so much easier to just use the touch interface as it is. You can use the gestures, but you really have to exaggerate to get them to work properly.

Galaxy Tab S6 Pen

Someone once said it was like swinging a tennis racket. You got to swing the thing like a tennis racket, but that guy’s nuts. Samsung is releasing an SDK to developers who want to take advantage of these s-pen features. If I had to bet on it, I would say the market is just too small to see. A lot of developers spending a lot of time creating killer apps just for people who happen to have the S pen and want motion controls. Activating the pen on the screen brings up some shortcuts in some of Samsung’s s pen design apps like their notes apps, their screen sketch, even the fancy a-r Doodle makes an appearance here since they have added these remote control features in the pen now has Bluetooth capabilities. That means the pen needs a battery recharging. The pen is built right into the back of the tablet. The pen magnetically fits into this little divot and it sucks the life out of your S6. Not all life. Just. Just a tiny bit. What I want to know is can you attach the S pen to the back and still carry it around.

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it holds the one thing that makes me a little nervous is I don’t feel comfortable setting any of my tablets or phones face down on a table. I feel like that’s just asking for a scratch. I’m probably worrying too much. The glass is or should be resistant to that sort of thing. So we’re going to put that in the box marked brads irrational concerns. The pen itself is smaller than in previous years. It’s not as thick. It isn’t quite as comfortable to hold. It is light years more comfortable than the skinny one that they fit into the phones. Those are just a little too hard to hold if you’re going to have a long drawing session. The good news here is that any s pen will work on this drawing tablet. Even the older battery-free pens like this four-year-old discontinued Wacken pen I use. And yes, it even gives you the same accuracy, the same pen pressure. All of the drawing features are there in the older battery-free pens. The battery on the new S pen is really just for those camera controls. Those motion controls. And even if the battery dies, you can still keep drawing with the pen point for Samsung.

Galaxy Tab S6 Drawing:

Overall, the drawing feels pretty good. Samsung uses Whitcomb’s tech. And so the pen has a good pedigree. Whitcomb is known for doing this stuff right. One downside of welcomes tech is palm rejection. It worst most of the time, but occasionally you’re going to find some Paul Marks on your canvas or you’re going to accidentally select the wrong player on Android. I don’t find this as annoying as I find it on the desktop, on Windows, on a Mac if I’m using a Whitcomb tablet. That’s because in many apps the layers and your tools are hidden away. So you do far less damage with errant palm rejection than you do on the desktop. The line quality is pretty good. I get a straight line. It holds pressure. Well, there are no flare-ups at the end of the line. Quick lines, any shoestring. All that stuff looks good. There is some pen wobble. Now I have to preface this. I don’t think it’s the pen and I don’t think it’s the screen. I think it’s the way the pen interacts with the screen. And this is a little complicated. So I’m going to talk about materials like rubber, glass, plastic, that sort of thing for a second.

Galaxy Tab S6 Drawing

Plastic on glass is slick. It doesn’t feel good to draw on your pen slides around. I don’t like that feeling I don’t have enough control. That just isn’t enough texture, enough resistance to make me feel confident when I’m drawing. I mean a works, but I much prefer drawing on a textured surface. This is one of the big downsides of the Apple pencil on the iPad screen, and it’s also the reason I’m a big fan of using that screen protector on my pads. Samsung anticipated this with the S pen didn’t open. NIB is rubbery or very soft plastic. It slows your pen down on that slick glass and that’s a big improvement. It definitely doesn’t feel natural, but it gives you enough control to make it usable is definitely way better than the plastic and glass feel, but not nearly as good as that textured feel. You know what? I’m gonna do something stupid. I’m going to cut up this screen protector that was meant for the iPad. I’m going to get a shot.

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There they’re two replacement nibs in the box, the white one here is harder, the other one is the same as the one that’s currently in the pen. If I was going to use this as my full-time tablet, I would get the screen protector on it and then I would go with the white nib. The harder nib. And the main reason for that is I would imagine that the softer nib would just wear very quickly on a textured surface.

Galaxy Tab S6 Software:

I mentioned software in my Galaxy Note ten plus review couple weeks ago. We’re using the same exact apps here. Galaxy Tab S6 Software

Unlike Apple, where there’s iPad apps and iPhone apps, all Android apps just scale to whatever screen size you have. Now you might be thinking, doesn’t that like stretch look bad and look horrible on the larger screen, Sometimes it does. In the case of drawing apps, that’s not really a problem. You just have more space to draw in. In fact, it’s kind of nice. Now, in case you didn’t see my Galaxy Note Ten plus review. Here’s a recap of my favorite drawing apps on Android.

1. Outflow:

currently at the top of my list. You can download it for free. It has in-app purchases. It’s not that much money and I think it’s well worth it.

2. Infinite painter:

Number two, we got an infinite painter. It used to be number one, but art flow has overtaken it in recent months. But I will say this infinite painter has a two-finger tap to undo gesture. So I’m thinking about moving back. We’ll see. It’s a good app.

3. Sketchbook:

There’s Autodesk Sketchbook, Old Faithful, a great app. Not my personal favorite, but definitely rock solid.

4. Medibang:

Then there are many bangs. It can do anything and everything and you could download it anywhere on most platforms. So if you need something that looks and feels more like a traditional desktop app, this might be where to go.

5. IBS paint X:

The number 5 is IBS paint X. It’s a fan favorite. Totally worthy of being on this list has got some really nice inking tools.

Galaxy Tab S6 Lightning Round:

It’s time for the Lightning Round. That’s right. Everything that didn’t have a place in this review. But I wanted to mention anyway, Speakers they sound good. In fact, I might go so far as saying they sound great. I think for a tablet, the speakers are very good, but there is no headphone jack. I got mad at the iPad pro for this, so I’m going to do the same thing here too. I don’t do anger. I did say in my phone review that the lack of a headphone jack didn’t really bother me. I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me on the phone, but it bothers me on the tablet. I think there are two reasons for that. One. I can see a reason not to have a headphone jack on a phone because space is limited. It’s an as much smaller device on a tablet. You don’t really have that excuse. Also on a tablet, I tend to work on it for long stretches of time, so I want to plug in my nice headphones. I don’t want to have the little buds in my ears. I want something more comfortable and something that just sounds better. I don’t know. Some people like it. Galaxy Tab S6 Lightning Round

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Some people won’t. Next thing they did find a way to keep the micro SD expansion slot for security. You have a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition. It’s available in three colors. I did not pick up the keyboard cover. It’s $180 more. That’s almost as much as Apple’s keyboard cover. And it does have an interesting pen Devitt on it. I know there’s something about this. When I first saw that, I just thought it was weird and kind of funny. It’s one of those things. It’s just not a big deal. But it seems to me like Samsung designed the tablet and thought, oh, the Pennell charge on the back. And then afterward handed it to another team and said, design a cover for it. They’re like, what do we do with a pen thing? If you want an LTE version of this tablet, it’s gonna be released later this year.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Full Specification:

Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.
Cameras 8-megapixel ultrawide rear,13-megapixel standard rear, 8-megapixel front,
Display 16:10 HDR OLED, 10.5-inch WQXGA
RAM 6GB or 8GB.
Storage microSD expansion with

128GB or 256GB.

Bluetooth 5.0.
Battery 7,040mAh.802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Ipad comparison:

I know there are people who hate it when I compare Samsung products to Apple products, but I think when we’re talking about tablets, the iPad seems to be the undisputed king and or queen of the spacesuit. So we have to. So it’s been four years since the iPad Pro came out. And at the time my critique was, hey, this is a good companion app. The hardware is great, but the apps are just kind of sketching coloring apps. I guess a good way to say it is I felt that the apps were for hobbyists. They weren’t hardcore art apps. So that was four years ago. And that has changed. It has changed a lot. I’m not yet ready to jump on that boat of people who are saying that the iPad is a full-blown laptop replacement. I think it’s getting there. But I think when you compare to this, it’s a heck of a lot closer. And what it comes down to is it’s so much the hardware and what the hardware can do. Ipad comparison

It’s all about software. Procreate has come of age. We’ve gotten full desktop apps like Clip Studio ported over. Affinity has brought us photos and designers to the iPad. Both are truly, amazingly deep. pro-level apps apples about to release Sidecar that turns the iPad into a second screen for your Mac. Allegedly Adobe will eventually. Maybe if we’re luckily released photoshop, please. Adobe any day now and on Android. You know, not much has really changed in the last 3 years. I think you can say that the apps have gotten better, but they’ve gotten incrementally better. The apps are maybe 10 to 20 percent better than they were three years ago when I reviewed my very first android. Tablet. And in that time, the iPad Pro has slowly but surely become pro. And that has way more to do with the companies who are making the apps for the device than anything that Apple’s done. For whatever reason, we haven’t seen that come to Android yet. The hardware is there for it to happen, but the software isn’t there yet. So at the end of the day, I have to give Samsung props. They have made the best Android tablet ever.


If you have any questions, let me know down below in the comments section. Thank you guys for reading this out until the end. I really appreciate it.