How To Choose The Best Car For Hunting And Fishing

How To Choose The Best Car For Hunting And Fishing

Well, what kind of man does not like to detach himself from the hustle and bustle of the city and to blend in with nature for a few days for fishing or hunting? However, a noble work requires a magnificent “horse,” or rather, a reliable and dependable car, driving which would be possible to overcome long distances and impassable roads. Choosing such a vehicle is not easy, as there are many offers today. Therefore, we are going to have a look at not only the list of the best cars for hunting and fishing but also carefully study the basic requirements that are put forward for this type of car.

  1. The basic requirements for cars for off-road driving.

Over the entire history of the car industry, many models of a car have been created that can be perfect for going hunting or fishing. Of course, these are SUVs that are distinguished by high power and mobility. However, it is worth noting that even among SUVs, not everyone can claim the title of “best car for hunting and fishing.” For example, the so-called soft-roaders can be considered unsuitable for this purpose, since they are practically not suitable for driving on challenging sections of roads. For example, if you need to go out into the countryside or overcome a small part of a rural way, it will cope with this with ease. However, you will probably be stuck in a swamp or forest. The disadvantages of such an SUV are:

1. The lack of a frame, thanks to which the car can work well in the lowest gears.

2. Dependent suspension, which makes such a vehicle difficult to control in severe conditions.

3. Front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, as a real hunter needs a four-wheel drive.

Another type of car that hunters often buy is universal SUVs. They do not have the disadvantages mentioned above of soft-roaders; however, they can be called professional only by a long stretch. In particular, they rarely have special protection that can protect the engine from water hammer, and the engine itself may have too modest power. Still, when driving off-road,  universal SUVs are a more reliable and comfortable option.How To Choose The Best Car For Hunting And Fishing

However, if you consider yourself a professional hunter or a fisherman, then you better opt for professional SUVs. In addition to the benefits of universal SUVs, they are also distinguished by the presence of high clearance and steering trapeze and the power of the engine, which is equipped with cars of this type, is sometimes merely fantastic: such a motor will allow you to get out even from a real quagmire. Off-road is a perfect place to demonstrate all the capabilities of a professional SUV, where you can quickly get to the wildest forest parts.

However, on the other hand, soft-roaders and universal SUVs are more affordable in the price range. Therefore, if the places of your hunting and fishing are not too far from civilized ways, then you may well opt for such a car. However, when choosing, it is imperative to ensure that the vehicle fully meets all the requirements for vehicles designed for off-road driving. Otherwise, even an ordinary tractor will be more reliable than a simple car. Among the main conditions that apply to vehicles for off-road driving, it is worth mentioning:

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Practicality. Going on a hunt or fishing, you will need to bring along the necessary fishing gear and equipment. Often this can be a tent and firewood. The same thing awaits you on the way back; however, in this case, you will need to place your trophies in the trunk of the car. In this regard, when choosing a vehicle for hunting and fishing, pay attention to how practical and roomy its trunk and interior are.

Reliability. Such a car should not stall in the middle of a swamp. The power of its engine should be enough even to overcome impassable sections, as well as to ride on the water.

Cheapness. This is also an important fact, since giving a lot of money to a car, which then will have to be wholly soiled in mud and which in the future smells like fires, fish and other catch, is not at all rational. For this reason, it is better to choose the most budget option, but only if it meets all the other required criteria.

How To Choose The Best Car For Hunting And FishingSimple maintenance. Breakdowns are an integral part of the operation of even the most reliable and professional car. However, even in such a situation, you must be aware that you can fix the malfunction and drive further. If you decide to buy a car for fishing and hunting, you should be prepared for the fact that such a purchase can easily pull in $ 30 thousand, or even more. However, an SUV can look quite attractive on city roads, so if it is your only car, it is worth investing the maximum amount of money possible. Given all of the above, it is entirely possible to dwell on a used version of a professional SUV. In this case, you will win both in the qualities of such a car and in its value. For example, if the vehicle is not more than ten years old – it can remain quite suitable for driving on impassable roads. As for the specific make and model of the car, then in this matter already everyone should be guided by their preferences. We will give you a list of technical characteristics of such a vehicle.

  1. Features of choosing a car for fishing and hunting: technical specifications.

In addition to the basic requirements that are put forward for such cars, it is also necessary to pay attention to their technical characteristics:

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1. The presence of a four-wheel drive. We think every car enthusiast understands that without all-wheel drive, an SUV can be considered a well-tuned passenger car. After all, getting out of a quagmire or mud will be impossible if the vehicle is equipped with only front or only rear-wheel drive. So that you do not have to call heavy equipment to help or bury a car that is precious to your heart right in the forest, make the right choice even at the time of purchase.

2. Capacity. It is believed that the larger the car, the better and this is important not only for the reason that it carries maximum ammunition and trophies. A large car will be more stable on the road and more manageable on the road.

3. Reliability of the design. You need to understand that plastic bumpers and other parts of the car can be damaged immediately at the exit from a flat road. For this reason, it is worth giving preference only to those cars that are distinguished by the simplicity and reliability of their design. You must be sure that neither the wiring nor any other “mechanism” will fail during your trip (at least, due to the manufacturer’s fault, because different things can happen during hunting or fishing).

4. The presence of air conditioning. This criterion is due not only to the need to make the trip as comfortable as possible. A good conditioner will allow you to escape from winter frosts and summer heat, which is also vital for your health and a successful nature ride.

5. Reliability of shock absorbers. Shock absorbers for an SUV need to be selected correctly. They must be soft, and otherwise, on the road, you will feel all the bumps as your fifth point. That is, for an SUV, shock absorbers are at the same level of importance as the engine. Below we present a small list of the most popular off-road vehicles, which are usually preferred by fishing and hunting enthusiasts and which correspond to all the above characteristics.

3. Models and brands of cars for hunting and fishing: choose an SUV for yourself.

1. Great Wall Hover (H3 or H5). It is produced in China. Enough roomy and reliable car, which the Chinese have made very practical. It necessarily has air conditioning and a security system. The cabin trim is made from an expensive substitute for leather. When driving on a flat road, this is the most comfortable car, although it shows excellent cross-country ability on rough terrain. 2. Land Rover Defender. British car, which today is considered to be a legendary SUV. A very reliable vehicle, which is characterized by excellent cross-country ability and strategic execution of the interior trim. Inside a large and roomy cabin, there is everything a hunter needs. At the same time, your choice is presented immediately with three options for this model: pickup, five-door, and three-door cars. It is also worth mentioning the cost-effectiveness of this option; however, due to the high cost, it is better to outbid such a vehicle.

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3. Chevrolet Trail Blazer. The American version of the SUV with a frame structure and the ability to choose models with gasoline or diesel engines. Perfect not only for hunting or fishing trips but also for a very long journey. It is very roomy, has a right cross. There are seven-seat cars on the market. 4. Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The most representative and expensive car that can be used for fishing and hunting. Very high cross-country ability is combined with an attractive appearance of the body, and a rather costly interior decoration, the presence of modern electronics. But, when buying such a car, it is better not to turn to the luxury versions, since they are not practical for the hunter.

5. Toyota Hilux. This car is rightfully considered the most popular and beloved among hunters and fishers: it has an almost silent engine, a very stable suspension, and unsurpassed debugged steering. In this car, a particular REAS electronic system is installed to control the shock absorbers. Even on the roads, the driver feels as comfortable as possible in such a car.

6. Jeep Wrangler. Another American offer for outdoor activities. On the one hand, it is costly, but on the other, it provides everything necessary for a fisher and a hunter: the highest cross-country ability, the presence of all the required technical characteristics, and the ability to gain high speed on impassability.

7. Nissan Patrol. Japanese SUV, which is not affordable for all hunters and anglers. However, it is almost impossible to find an option for very long off-road trips. It has a sturdy frame and suspension, and there is a system for disconnecting the rear stabilizer. In the original version, it has a very reliable battery and a cabin heater. The salon has impressive dimensions and very sturdy construction. The list, of course, is extensive, but for many, it will immediately be limited to the affordable price range. If the financial situation allows, it is better to turn to American and British cars, which will give you more comfort.

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