Types of Weighbridges Using In Different Sectors

Types of Weighbridges Using In Different Sectors

A weighbridge is a scale used to weigh large items such as trucks and vehicles. The manufacturers mount weighbridges on a concrete surface. It is connected to a digital monitor that displays the weight of the bulk item or any vehicle.

They are usually used to measure the weight of vehicles like cars and trucks. The logistics and transportation companies use them for weighting loaded and unloaded vehicles. There are a variety of weighbridges used in different industries. Let us check out some types of weighbridges available.

Above ground weighbridges

The above-ground weighbridges are one of the most common types of weighing bridges due to their low prices. Most industries prefer them due to their low cost as compared to other weighing machines. They have an entry and exit ramp that is at least 5 m in length. However, they don’t need a large surface area. The above-ground weighbridges are available in single, twin and multi-deck configuration. The configuration a business takes depends on the length of vehicles that they need to weigh.

Semi Pit Weighbridge

These are the ground level weighbridges that come in both standard and custom configurations. Businesses can also have a single, width, or multi-deck weighbridge depending on their requirements. Due to no requirements of ramps makes them a cost-effective weighbridge for logistics and other businesses. They have sidewalls that work as the retaining walls. The side walls need to be installed at least a meter away from the side of the deck.

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Custom semi pit weighbridge

The custom semi-pit weighbridges are suitable for the sites where there are limitations like width constraints, and there are buildings adjacent to the sides of the weighbridge. The design of the custom semi-pit unit is a variation to the semi pit weighbridge as manufacturers need to modify the weighbridge to accommodate the limitations of sites.

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In this design, the manufacturers install the access holes in the deck or sidewall adjacent to loadcells to make it easy to service the weighbridge.

Fully inground weighbridge

These types of weighbridges are ideal for situations where there are many space restrictions. They are also suitable for shared weighing and to measure the vehicles during forklift loading. However, these units need adequate sire preparation, reinforcing, and excavation that makes them the most expensive options for businesses.

The surface of fully inground weighbridges is at the same level as the surroundings, and the holes in the deck provide access to the loadcells. Due to the confined spaces, then need an appropriate intervention for servicing and maintenance.

Multiple Deck Weighbridge

Types of Weighbridges Using In Different Sectors


We can make the numerous deck weighbridges above ground, or semi-pit or completely in-ground, so they are more of a design variety than a particular form. The amount and length of decks may vary in size depending on demands and decks.

It is possible to weigh individual axles or axle groups concurrently with various deck weighbridges. It makes them suitable for use in stations where the primary role is to record axle weights.

Portable Weighbridges

Portable weighbridges are like a low cost alternative, especially for non-trading operations and temporary (less than two years) locations. They are necessarily a variation in the design of a weighbridge above ground and use concrete slabs in the load-bearing sites.

They have a removable frame as a strong base and support for the load cells and deck. The deck can be produced either entirely from steel (the lightweight building is perfect for relocation purposes) or from the more typical steel and concrete mixture. Vehicles access the deck through earth-built ramps.

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Applications of Weighbridges

Weighbridges are used in sectors such as mining, quarries, electrical equipment, iron and steel, household products, metal, fluid, powder sector where bulk movement takes place. Government officials also use the weighbridge to weigh a truck or vehicle. They help them determine if the vehicle is overloaded or not in accordance with the legislation and regulations.

In such overloading instances, authorities may punish the parties involved in violating the law and restore the rules of road safety. Therefore, logistics and transport companies need to weigh their vehicles to ensure they are not overloaded.

Maintenance and calibration

A weighbridge is a significant investment. It is also wise to invest in a service and maintenance agreement that minimizes downtime, maximizes uptime and ensures that your weighbridge maintains proper and efficient operation.

Not all providers have the knowledge and experience to keep or repair all kinds of weighbridge and make them. Check your service provider’s credentials, including comprehensive coverage in your region, the number of skilled engineers and their skills and training.

Be sure to look for a provider with a devoted fleet of weighbridge test units when the weighbridges want to decrease your waiting time if your bridge needs to be re-checked.

Final words

These are the different types of weighbridges used in various industries. The unit a business requires depends on their weighing requirements. Also, they need to have adequate space for their installation and parking of vehicles.

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