Is your Data Really Secured

Is your Data Really Secured?

Nowadays, we are very much addicted to internet and its services. If you are going to sensitive information online then, you should not enter your passwords when someone is standing with you. It can be dangerous. The same principle applies to your social networking accounts, email accounts, online bank accounts etc. But someone is standing that stands over your shoulder and sees everything that you do online – your Internet Service Provider (ISP). So now its the time to know about is your data is secured?

Here, we are going to give you some tips to improve your internet privacy:

1. Don’t use public storages for private information:

Oversharing is not limited to social networks. Never use online services to store your private data. For example, Dropbox isn’t an ideal place to store a list of passwords, and Google Docs is not the best venue for your passport scans until and unless they are kept in an encrypted archive.

2. Use secure passwords: Always use some strong passwords for any of your account because by using weak passwords to protect your private information is not a good idea. Obviously it is difficult to memorize long and unique passwords for all the services you use, but with a password manager service,  you can memorize all the passwords easily .

3. Privacy Settings:

It is very important to Update privacy settings on websites and services and particularly on social media and search sites such as Facebook and google. Because It is a right place to start protecting yourself. You can done this thing easily under a “settings” menu option.

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4. Search engines:

Search engine is the most important thing to track your search history and build profiles to serve you personalised results based on your search history. You need to switch to a search engine that does not track your inquiries, if you want to escape from this “filter bubble.


As we know that the Internet has made our lives easier in so many ways and we are completely rely on internet and its services. However, you need to know how will you take precautions for protect your privacy and avoid fraud. FutureProfilez is the best web development company in India which gives you the the best and protected websites.

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