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Top 10 Heavy Lifting Drone in The Market {2020}

Today, technology has created sophisticated drones that are capable of lifting heavy duty with great cameras. So if you have been searching for this type of drones, search no more because we have you covered. In this guide, we will discuss the best heavy lift drone; that is capable of photographing and lifting heavier subjects.

Heavily duty lift drones are amazing because it is used at many big businesses globally. These drones are instrumental even in a rescue mission operation and movie making with 4k record. Here are the top 10 heavy-lift in the market you should consider.

Yuneec Tornado H920:

Yuneec Tornado H920
Yuneec Tornado H920

The Yumeec H920 is one of the best heavy-duty carrier design for an advanced pilot. This tornado H920 drone is easy to control and operate. It has a stunning high-quality camera that captures photos and videos in motion. This drone is authentic, with great features, and the price is somewhat reasonable compared to the positive results this drone offers.

Yuneec H920 drone has a retractable gear for landing and other handy features if the auto return to home fails or safe folding arms and so much more. The arms and the frame of this drone are designed with carbon, and it has a lot of useful features such as; air pressure sensors and auto takeoff and landing.

This tornado drone offers so much that you can imagine. The structure is spectacular and one of a kind with high-quality materials.

Yuneec Tornado H920 Specifications:

The wingspan is about 920 mm, which is 36.2 inches

The tornado H920 had a lift capacity of 3.53 pounds

Yuneec Tornado H920 drone has 24 minutes flight time and covers a maximum flying altitude of about 4000

Maximum speed 47 mph and operating range at 2000 meters

Camera resolution 2mp and video resolution 1080p

DJI Matrice 600 Pro:

The Dji 600 pro drone is easy to assemble, and compatible with other powerful DJI technologies. The modular structure is straightforward to join. This drone is dustproof, and it has a powerful cooling motor, making the matrice 600 to operate efficaciously without having any issue no matter the condition. The DJI matrice 600 pro is a big drone, with excellent range control and this quadcopter can cover the far distance. The matrice 600 drone is very compatible with a light bridge.

DJI Matrice 600 Pro
DJI Matrice 600 Pro

If you are an expert filmmaker or photographer, this drone will be suitable for you. This drone was manufactured with you to meet up requirements of expert broadcasting. The matrice offers a very high definition of live streaming and frame rates. This amazing drone combines both the zen muse camera and gimbal. The combination of these things makes Dji Matrice 600 one of the perfect drones for professional use.

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DJI Matrice 600 Pro Specifications:

The weight of the matrice 600 is about 9600 grams

It has a wingspan of 44.6 inches

16 minutes of flight time

5000 meters operating range

6000 grams of payload capacity

Maximum flying altitude 2500

Battery 22.2V 4500mAh

Maximum speed is about 18m/s

Freefly systems Alta 8:

Just like the matrice 600, Freefly Alta 8 has a high level of contrast discharge to its predecessors. Every unit experiences a thorough testing method before being sent, which in turn tends to intensify the cost. In any case, it also provides you a significant serenity concerning the elite of the drone.

Freefly systems Alta 8
Freefly systems Alta 8

With regards to the camera, the Alta 8 accompanies a unique snappy discharge system, which is ideal for proficient use when the gear is required to supplant rather than routinely. There are markings on two sides of the drone, which implies the camera can be mounted on top of the machine too.

The machine is very appropriate for flying in adverse climate conditions. This drone doesn’t imply that it will have the option to support a tornado, yet it infers that a little shower won’t have the opportunity to raise a lot of the ruckus in its flight. When is drone is once charging, you can use it for an extended period; this drone is phenomenal.

Freefly systems Alta 8 Specifications:

The wingspan is about 1145 mm, which is 45.1 inches

Flight time of this drone is 10 minutes

Flying altitude 2000 meters

Maximum gross takeoff 18.1 kg

Maximum payload 9.1kg

Operating range of 2000 meters

Controller frequency of 2.4 GHz

DJI Agra T16:

This drone is another observe deviation from the DJI’s way of customary camera drones as it is a drone used for agriculture. Presently, the times of costly and dangerous airplanes used to shower pesticides on crops are now antecedent. This fantastic machine enables you to get it far from the people while showering pesticides at a lower height and guaranteeing that the breeze can’t diffuse the unsafe synthetic substances at higher powers perilous for human utilization.

DJI Agra T16
DJI Agra T16

The Agras drone comes with a tank and also offers a payload limit while offering standard flight time. It appears to be a flight time on the lower side, yet one should remember that you need it to be airborne and long enough to arrange off its freight. It flies at a lower height with a sheltered leeway from the beginning.

The DJI Agras has achieved an upheaval in agriculture in the East were ranchers or farmers used to fall back on manual foot-controlled spraying. As per the DJI’s exclusive promotional videos, manual human work has been diminished enormously because of this beautiful gadget.

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DJI Agra T16 Specifications:

Standard takeoff weight 39.5kg

Flight time of this drone is 10 minutes

Weight 616 gram

Maximum spray rate 4.8 L/min

Maximum flying speed 10 m/s

Operating speed 7m/s

Maximum power 2400W

DJI spreading wings S1000:

The DJI spreading wings S1000 is one of the best drones for lifting heavy objects. This component makes it successful over a vast and different situation. This drone can carry 6,800 grams, notwithstanding the heaviness of its implicit segments. The S1000 drone payload makes it proficient for carrying a regular DSLR camera. Then again, this will lower the drone flight time.

DJI spreading wings S1000
DJI spreading wings S1000

The DJI S1000 works with an extremely incredible battery and legitimizes its moderately significant expense. The DJI S1000 looks astounding. Nonetheless, notwithstanding its beautiful looks, this drone likewise has extra highlights, for example, OSD and DJI Lightbridge digital video downlink include, foldable wings and retractable landing gear.

DJI Spreading Wings S1000+ happens to be the predecessor of the productive S900. The DJI Spreading Wings S1000+ is an octocopter and one of the essential explanations behind its bigger load limit as a contrast to the S900. This also implies you get an entire two extra rotors as opposed to the S900, yet then a trade-off must be made concerning the conservative size of the machine.

DJI spreading wings S1000 Specifications:

The wingspan of this drone is 1045 mm

Flight time 15 minutes

Weight 1330 grams

Operating range of 2000 meters

The load capacity of 2000 meters

Battery 20000mAh Li-Po

DJI spreading wings S900:

DJI Spreading Wings S900 is an entirely extraordinary drone from the standard octocopter structure for substantial lift drones. The way that this drone can support the payload limit is altogether fabulous. Lighter load leads to longer flight time; however, it is in every case very muddled to conjecture the measure of extra flight time you will get for a specific decrease in the payload.

DJI spreading wings S900
DJI spreading wings S900

This amazing drone is lightweight, which makes it versatile. It tends to be withdrawn into a minimized shape and can be prepared for flight in pretty much in a few minutes.

DJI spreading wings S900 Specifications:

Weight 3.3kg

Maximum takeoff weight 8.2kg

Hovering height 2 meters

Battery 6S 12000mAh

Center frame diameter 272 mm

Motors 400 rpm/V

Maximum flight time 18 minutes

Freefly systems Alta 6:

Freefly systems Alta 6
Freefly systems Alta 6

The Alta 6 looks more like Alta 8, almost in everything. This means that there is only a slight difference in the payload capacity but still provides sufficient lifting for heavy load. This drone has a versatile top and bottom. The Atla 6 also can sustain itself in harsh weather conditions. This drone is straightforward to fly, adaptable, reliable, sturdy, and rigid. With the option to mount on top, it captures and video the best shots like never before.

Freefly systems Alta 6 Specifications:

Maximum gross takeoff 13.6kg

Two battery pack

Maximum payload 6.8kg

Mounting location – Bottom or Top

Accessory lighting port 12 VDC

DJI matrice 100:

The DJI matrice 100 is the real deal and among the best heavy lift drone in the market. This matrice 100 drone is an ideal version for experts and developers who are trying sensors, processors and are in the race of enhancing something new and out of the hole.

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DJI matrice 100
DJI matrice 100

One of the highlights why the DJI Matrice 100 stood out as genuinely newsworthy is guidance. This feature utilizes different ultrasonic sensors and stereo that aides the drone naturally about any anticipated obstructions within 65 feet. Along these lines, this quadcopter is always mindful of its environment and also alters its flight path.

The DJI matrice 100 antennas are placed in a way that the antennas face a different direction. Doing this keeps you connected with your quadcopter. The matrice 100 is fully programmed and help you to turn your dreams to reality. This drone is straightforward to fly and can lift any sensor product you want.

DJI matrice 100 Specifications:

Maximum takeoff weight 3600g

Weight with battery 2431g

Weight 3 pounds

Flight time without payload is 22 minutes

Battery 4500mAh

Maximum flight time 40 minutes

Motor 350 rpm/V

xFold Rigs Travel:

The xFold Rigs Travel a powerful heavy-lift drone, and it is capable of lifting an extra weight item and avoid obstacles. Keep in mind that the heavier the load, the shorter the flight time.

xFold Rigs Travel
xFold Rigs Travel

This drone has flexible features made for a wide range of applications, from FLIR cameras and DSLR to a lot of payloads and sensors. The anti-vibration and a multiple-axis gyro make the camera gimbal footage stable and smooth. The xfold is also a dual operator system with a gimbal system set up.

xFold Rigs Travel Specifications:

Flight time 15 minutes

Weight 8.6 pounds

Payload capacity 9.9kg

2 Lipo battery

Motors 390 kV

Camera 4k at 1080p

DJI Phantom 4:

The DJI Phantom 4 comes with different features, and each of them has a significant purpose to the drone. As a beginner flying, this drone will be simple and easy to control.

dji phantom 4
Dji phantom 4

This drone is like no other; it is lightweight and offers the required strength. The motor of this drone can rise over its shell. It can increase the efficiency of different components to fit correctly. Phantom 4 only offers you the freedom to enjoy the advanced features for maneuverability that helps avoid any collision.

DJI Phantom 4 Specifications:

Camera 4k 1080p

Weight with battery and the propeller is 1380g

Battery life 30 minutes

Maximum speed 45 mph

Flight range 7km

Maximum flight time 28 minutes


What is the main benefit of a heavy lift drone?

The main benefits of heavy-lift drones are the moving of load without stress. The payload is an additional heap to the drone machine’s original weight, which can also be the camera, sensor, and anything that will upgrade the nature of the application, or it very well may be an industrial package for timely conveyance to extend the site. It means the payload could be anything required by the owner for speedy transportation or to upgrade the nature of the work of the drone.

What is a heavy lift drone?

A typical drone can convey about 4 pounds of weight payload; however, the heavy-lift drone can lift considerably more, and the normal heavy lift drone right now can lift from 10 pounds to 40 pounds, which is useful for business and industries.

Final Verdict:

Today, industry producing drones are making waves developing lightweight, a durable drone that can lift heavy duty. A lot of businesses use these drones for deliveries, carrying heavyweight, and various purposes. The above heavy lift drones are the best drones capable of moving and lifting objects with a heavyweight.

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