voice over artist for your perfect commercial ad

5 Qualities to Look for in a Voice Over Artist for Your Perfect Commercial Ad

While watching any commercial it’s not only the visual that catches your attention but the sound too. Add a human voice factor to it and voila! You have the best ingredient to turn your commercial to success.  Voice overs have always been an integral part of any commercial as these help in conveying and strengthening the brand image. The sound of the human voice always carries intent and meaning with it and is therefore used by organizations in commercials to promote their product or services. Whether you broadcast your commercial over the radio, audio ads, YouTube, television, or podcast, voice-overs serve as a powerful medium of eliciting a broad range of emotions.

Your audience automatically makes judgments about your product from the sound of your voice. The attitude, sincerity or credibility is easily assessed through your radio or TV commercial voice over. A ‘right voice’ can help you to reach your content to a wider user base. A professional voice actor will ensure that the voice understands the intent behind the brand’s message and will be able to deliver it just the way you want it. Voice overs are a lucrative way for commercials to attract customers as they make any content more accessible to viewers and foster a connection with them. Thus, a voice-over directly affects how your users will respond to your message and will lead to the overall success of your commercial.

Conveys the tone of a brand: Voiceovers are all about invoking the emotions in people through the right tone. Human minds powerfully harness the emotive power of voice, thus voice overs can help you achieve the intended result easily.

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Communicate emotions effectively: Not enough can be said about the effect that a human voice has over the audience. Build the right trust with your audience by giving your product a sense of credibility through voice-overs.

Powerful retention of the message: Listening to certain voices can take your mind back decades in an instant. Voice overs help in better retention of any message and brands incorporate professional voices to accomplish this aim and build a lifetime and consistent customer loyalty.

Professional Voice Overs

You must always take the following considerations before hiring the voice that resonates with your commercial’s message:

1. Analyze your audience to understand how your commercial will impact them and which voice over can appeal to them better. As people live in different demographics and have different ages, tastes, and accents, their interpretation of a ‘perfect voice’ changes too. People resonate better with the messages conveyed to them in their regional or native language. It is always better to go with the voice artist who is an expert in the native language to foster a good emotional connect with the target market

Analyzing your audience will help you to understand:

a) The accent and language in which you would be requiring the voice over to make the experience memorable and engaging for your audience.

b) By analyzing the gender and age of the audience, you can gear your campaign towards male, female, gender-neutral, elderly or teenage audiences, as people of different ages tend to perceive the same voice differently.

2. Explore different voices before settling in for the right one. Be sure to listen to many demos and decide what voice is best suited for your commercial. Explore as much as you can, through online platforms or agencies, to find the amazing voice that you deem perfect for your job.

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When creating any commercial work, there are many creative factors such as a great script and a good direction, that will ensure that the end result is impeccable, but focussing on voice overs recordings will help to add layers to your script and will let you produce your intended effect. If you are pondering over the qualities on which you should select the professional voice artist, you can stick to the following points to get favorable outcomes:

  1. As the participation of the voice artist in the commercial is off-camera, the principal role of the artist is to do the narration such that it builds excitement about a service or product or gives a piece of certain information effectively.
  2. The voice artist must possess excellent pronunciation and voice clarity and should be able to read a script with the correct enunciation, emotion while maintaining the same speed and tone throughout.
  3. One more important voice consideration is consistency throughout the piece. Also, the voice over talent needs to be natural and the voice over shouldn’t sound forced or rehearsed, just authentic, and organic.
  4. Bringing the commercial’s script to life while delivering the product’s message is one of the primary roles of any voice artist. This requires the knowledge and expertise of knowing a wide range of voice acting methods to give the right emotions to the script as well as maintain a believable and correct tone and attitude.
  5. Crafting a distinct voice for your product can help in identifying our brand from your competitors, and the professional voice artist

Hence, not only do you require a smooth and attractive voice to engage your audience for your commercial voice over but also the voice artist needs to be persuasive enough to bring life and emotions to the script.

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Need a voice artist for your commercial?

We at Voyzapp can help you hire professional voice artists at a button’s click. Voyzapp is a tech-powered voice over the marketplace that hosts thousands of voice artists who work in multiple languages and categories and deliver high-quality recordings rapidly. As Voyzapp provides premium voice over services, you can easily select the voice talent for your commercial through our search matrix and sort the artists according to your budget and deadline.

When you have that right talent, though, your commercial is bound to succeed. It’s just about finding the perfect voice-over talent who can make your commercial the perfect piece you had envisioned from the beginning

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