Alternative Fuel Vehicles: Pros & Cons

The news in 2021 mostly relates to well-known global issues like Covid-19 pandemics, world economics, and climate changes. In fact, the chatter about “clean” and “renewable” energy was the most relevant and interesting a few years ago. People start looking for alternative power in many industries. First, society is concerned about alternative fuel sources. Logically, everybody craves to find out the pros and cons of alternative fuels for cars. Moreover, everybody should be aware of alternative fuels.

Nowadays people discuss what is the best alternative fuel for cars. They are interested in reading about the advantages and disadvantages of alternative fuels in the most popular newspapers in the United States and worldwide. There is a logical question: if the Earth is really going to run out of coal, oil, and gas in a few years, how to make alternative fuel? What are the best candidates for turning society into a modern, “alternative” energy economy? 

There are several types of alternative fuel vehicles:

  • Electric Cars
  • Plug-In Hybrid Cars
  • Hybrid Cars
  • Compressed Natural Gas Cars

When manufacturers first were questioned why there is a need for alternative fuels, they came to the solution that there is a lack of planet sources. Thus, electric vehicles came to the market. They are driven by an electric engine powered by rechargeable battery sets. Electric cars have some benefits over internal combustion motor ICEs. For example, if you drive ICE, you must recharge the battery repeatedly.

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Also, consider that you should think not only about what is the best alternative fuel for cars. The problem is there are limited battery recharging stations available when you are going long distances.


  • Silent ride with no ICE 
  • No emissions, eco-friendly transport 
  • Such vehicles require less maintenance


  • Poor battery operating range (about 50-130 miles and 6-8 hours to fully recharge) 
  • Lack of battery charging stations, so the problem with long distances 
  • Heavy air pollution from power plants operations

Also, when you look for current auto lease deals you will find a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV). It is a gasoline-powered hybrid auto with an obviously larger battery. A plug-in hybrid is similar to an electric vehicle. The engine gets alive when the battery runs down. Therefore, the car keeps going unbroken as a regular gasoline hybrid. Also, it can use regenerative braking to save fuel.

There is a small tip: don’t confuse PHEVs with hybrids. For instance, you can check the 2021 Volvo lease deals on Grand Prix Motors and you will find the plug-in option. Basically, it’s a plug-in hybrid if you can just plug it in to fill it up. 


  • All-electric range is appropriate for short commutes
  • Home recharging is possible as well
  • The gas engine can enlarge range for long rides
  • Cheaper costs per a mile
  • No extra emissions when running in electric mode


  • Big and expensive batteries with a gas engine increase price
  • Daytime recharging could strain the electric grille
  • Need to be plugged in to bring the advantage
  • Gas-mileage benefits depend on driver’s habits and are often overstated
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The next opportunity in 2021 is related to hybrid electric vehicles (HEV). It is a great combination of the benefits of gasoline motors and electric engines. When you choose alternative fuel vehicles, hybrids may show some benefits like advanced fuel economy and power or extra secondary power for electronic devices and power tools. Unfortunately, if you are scrolling the page with Lamborghini lease deals you won’t find some hybrids. However, supercars are still at the peak of popularity and manufacturers try to add hybrid options as soon as possible.


  • Better and cleaner run on a gasoline engine and electric motor
  • Annual tax bills mean lower costs on the fuel
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Light building materials save much energy


  • Some hybrids can cost even more than the same conventional autos
  • Hybrid cars don’t live up to the gas mileage that buyers expect
  • Not a wide range of such autos on the market

Lastly, you should pay attention to compressed natural gas vehicles (NGV). They are bi-fuel with multi-fuel motors with the ability to run on two fuels. In the case of internal combustion engines (ICEs), one fuel is gasoline or diesel and the other means an alternate fuel like CNG, Liquefied Propane Gasoline (LPG), or hydrogen. Both fuels are filed in separate tanks and the engine runs on one fuel at a time. 


  • About 87% of natural gas in America is produced domestically 
  • Less pollution because of few smog-producing pollutants 
  • Little greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Cheaper price than gasoline


  • Limited amount and availability 
  • Natural gas is less readily available than both gasoline and diesel 
  • Limited driving range in comparison with gasoline autos
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Finally, if you think about why there is a need for alternative fuels you will find a number of opportunities they give us. Everybody wants to be able to produce fuel from hydrogen or even water. We can save cash and rescue the planet at the same time. Although we have no idea how soon these alternatives will become common worldwide, it means the biggest revolution for the future positive changes. 

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