6 Amazing Inventions

6 Amazing Inventions You Should Know about!

Dear Gadget lovers, Welcome to Digitaltecharena; In this article, we are going to discuss The 6 Amazing Inventions that you should really know about! Okay, then let’s start.


ULO is intended to inject some personality into an otherwise ordinary surveillance camera, a device resembling an owl features two animated LCD eyes that serve to convey emotion. A two-way mirror that looks like a beak masks a high-resolution camera with a night vision and a motion sensor. When you’re away, ULO automatically sends you gift messages whenever it detects movements in a house.

ULO streams directly on a secure web page and captures snapshots on demand. According to creator Vivian Mula, the camera’s cute animalistic design seeks to redefine the way we interact with objects. If you ULO look sleepy, you need to charge its battery. The mobile app allows you to customize his eye colour, size, and shape to match you’re in Syria.


Experienced the unmatched gaming immersion with the first real-life massive laser attack, Father.io combines real-time geo-localization and a first-person shooter game. It’s powered by an iPhone or Android smartphone and clip-on hardware called the Interceptor.

This $25 device uses infrared light to shoot other players and works up to 50 meters away. Six highly sensitive infrared receiving sensors allow the interceptor to detect shots from any direction, both horizontally and vertically. The app emerges digital experience with the real world using Open StreetMap to let you interact with over 12 million locations. It means that now you can use your local banks, playgrounds and shopping malls to shoot real people with an imaginary gun.

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Ekko audio has created a new wireless hub for multiple simultaneous listeners. The system consists of a docking station that transmits audio from any source to wireless rechargeable receivers called Sound Pucks.

The main dock can stream single audio to as many as 10 outputs, whether earbuds, headphones or speakers. Basically anything with an audio input, individual sound parks provide high fidelity sound and allow each user to personalize their listening experience. Adjust your settings to see your preference without inconveniencing anyone else. The whole system is controlled through an app that lets you set volume controls on individual audio pucks, safety measures to ensure safe listening for kids.


Holus is a device that blends digital and real-life by converting flat-screen content into a 3-D hologram. Take digital content from your tablet or smartphone, and holos will create a holographic projection of it seen from four different perspectives and 360-degree viewing angles.

Most gadgets tend to isolate people from the community. The creator of holos, by contrast, wanted to bring people together, whether around the home kitchen table or school desk. It was designed to encourage collaboration at work and common project developments at research centres and universities.

Holus uses dynamic perspective correction and dynamic stitching algorithms to bring you an ideal 360-degree experience.

The company also provides demos and SD KS so that any developer can create his or her own applications for Holus.

IPIN Spatial Ruler:

Renovating your living room and purchasing new furniture can be a challenging task, especially if you’re not friends with a tape measure.

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I pen wants you to get it right. And for that purpose, the company developed an Ipen spatial Ruler, the first measuring tool for your smartphone.

In order to start measuring, plug the device into the air, phone Jack, and run the application on your iPhone.

Then just point the red laser dots on any object you want to measure or find out the distance to. And an instant measurement is made possible through laser-guided photography and an accurate spatial calculation technology. Once an initial picture has been taken, the spatial Ruler app will let you reposition adults to estimate the size of any objects in a scene.

And of course, you can share the measurement results with another user. For example, a future designer in your living room.

Chip by wowwee:

Chip is an intelligent, playful robot dog with almost 20 inbuilt sensors. It recognizes hand gestures like claps or touch and responds to them. Thanks to the unique and wheels on its feet, the robot dog can roll at high speeds in virtually any direction.

The chip comes complete with a charging base, a smart ball, and a smart band, Chip knows when he needs a recharge and can find the charging base on its own.

Smart Brand has a Bluetooth based wristband that lets you communicate with Chip. Press the sensor buttons were tracked, the attention of the device a fetch button to make it play with a smart ball and a place button to make it follow you around. What makes chips so special is that you can actually mould his personality. Use the thumbs up button as a means of positive reinforcement.

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Chip follows commands and adapts his personality to your preferences. Justifying a product’s logo? No, the chip is like your chip.