Two web design trends to watch out for in 2019

Let’s face it, as a website owner you are running an uphill battle against time. On average, all you got is as much as a mere 3 seconds to make an impression to the landing visitor; else… they will simply switch to another website (yeah, all thanks to massive competition). What it does mean is that you don’t have much of a time to snare them and your intuition, imagination is your only two battle gears to resort to.

Now that we are one month into 2019, top web design firms are betting their game on exploiting the modern technologies to help client remain at top of their game. Although modern technologies have been making inroads into the digital industry for some time now, it was only in last year that we actually saw modern technology take a more pressing role in the industry and we expect to see this trend continue well into 2019 as well.

Now an important distinction web designer and business owners need to make is the distinction between passing craze and evolving trends. That’s because while the passing rage will eventually be replaced by another craze, the persuasive trends are here to stay for long. The battle here is all about the generational gap coping with evolving trends from adaptive colors to new powerful algorithms and everything else in between.

The use of flat design has been steadily increasing since 2012, a landmark moment for the rising trend. Here we will be discussing two influential trends that are already changing the face of the web design industry and will gain even more position in 2019.

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– Artificial Intelligence

The computer technology has already gained unprecedented power to the point where the powerful Ai technologies are increasingly delivering intelligent solutions to clients’ inquiries without any need for human interference. That’s one reason why all top design firms are integrating the use of AI-powered technologies into web design.

Two of the more trending AI technologies that have already make an impact in the industry include:

  1. Voice user interface

Voice user interface enables the user to control and manage different devices and processes using voice input. Now this is a high trend that’s not just trendy but actually adds value to user experience, thus all top web design firms are betting on this tech trend to create aesthetically pleasing and high performing web designs.

  1. Augmented Reality

With the increasing advancement in camera technology, it’s getting easier for websites to integrate AR technology to communicate with visitors. Although Augmented Reality has made more of an impact in gaming applications, it is quickly turning up-the-ante for web designs as well. One prime example of the utility and enhanced UI of AR can be experienced with the IKEA app, where the visitors are able to create a customized furniture arrangement in real time.

  1. Flat design

Beginning in 2018, crisp, flat and clean aesthetics have been making inroads into the web designs. To be honest, the minimalist design approach isn’t going anywhere, for good.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of flat design comes with increased mobile performance. With all the less mess to control and lots of void spaces (intelligently used) these designs actually give a sense of bliss to visitors and make the design look prettier and cleaner.

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There are following outcomes which we from websites flat design:

Less is more: It helps to draw the viewer’s attention to the content directly instead of overwhelmed and to distract over complicated by illustrations and graphics.

Clean and Simple: It avoids cuteness of web pages so that it’s more visually appealing and easier for the user to navigate around your site.

Flat means flat: All elements on the page remain consistent throughout your design. For example, it effects on drop shadows, 3D effects and textures should be kept to a minimum, or not be used at all.

Function First: It draws the user’s attention directly on your page’s functionalities, products or services as the website has to offer. It also places the limelight on your website’s key messages.

Fastest Speed: Avoiding the use of excessive styling, web pages can have significantly faster load speed.

Highly Responsiveness: It is also made your websites fully responsive across multiple devices more readily.

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