Best Senior Phones You Should Buy for Nan and Pop

Mobile phones are not exclusive to younger people. Even the young-at-heart-generation can experience the true joy having a phone: keeping up with friends and loved ones. But with the advent of advanced smartphones, elderly people tend to get left behind due to limitations brought about by their age.

Most smartphones today just aren’t made for the older generation. They cater to the millennials who are more tech-savvy and are likely to buy their cutting-edge handsets.

Good thing, there are still tech giants out there that produce senior mobile phones that would help our folks a lot. So if you’re planning to buy your gran and gramps a new mobile phone, below are the best senior phones that you can simply buy online.

Keypad Phones

Keypad phones like the ones you see in your grandpa’s old drawers are basically the iPhones back in the day. For those who were lucky enough to have experienced the glory days of Nokia, you know that nothing beats the beeps of a keypad phone as you type on it.

Up until now, it’s still fun to hear. Models like the Alcatel 3080 or Nokia 220 will let you experience that nostalgic feeling. But more than that, they’re still functional as ever. The Alcatel 3080 or Nokia 220 are packed with all the basic features that your grandparents will need in a phone: messaging, calling and basic browsing.

While these models are basically from the past, it doesn’t mean that their components are ancient and dusty. They’re actually manufactured today, just patterned on the old models and are tinkered a little to keep up to today’s tech. The Alcatel 3080 for example is 4G capable, powered by a 1530 mAh battery with 32GB storage. If you’re gran just needs a phone mainly for communication, this is probably your best option.

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Flip Phones

Gone are the days when you’re the coolest kid on the block if you have flip phones. Yes, kids, getting a flip phone back then is actually a social status. But now, having a flip phone is more of a necessity. Especially for our old parents and grandparents.

If your nan and pop requests for a durable and uncomplicated flip phone, the Telstra Flip 3 will be your best gift ever. It’s also 4G capable, runs in a 1600 mAh battery and most importantly, it can connect to a WiFi spot! How cool is that? It also has large and clear buttons and a decent display for a more memorable experience.

The Telstra Flip 3 is proof that these phones are more than just a nostalgia. They’re alive and kicking!


While most of the old folks struggle to grasp today’s technology, there are still some who can still keep up to the latest trends in smartphones and other gadgets. There are folks who can navigate an iPhone or a Galaxy as long as the fonts are larger than usual. Screens should be large too, so they can clearly see the interface of the phone.

The iPhone XR is probably the best phone for them. It has a decent battery, buttery-smooth display screens and they’re lightweight, too! Face recognition is also one of its best assets so your granny doesn’t have to remember her passwords all the time.

The older generation may struggle a little bit in using today’s mobile phones. But it doesn’t mean they can’t have one. The models mentioned above are probably the best senior mobile phones out there. So if you plan to give your grandparents a new one, just take note of these recommendations.

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Make sure to consider their preferences, too! Your gramps might prefer a very simple keypad phone or a flip phone mainly for communication or emergency situations. But your mom or granny might request for a little something like an iPhone so she can finally practice her selfies and set up her own IG account.


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