Adobe and Meganto’s Collaboration is a Fresh Breath of Air for the Ecommerce World!

Adobe’s main objective has always been based on this fundamental truth: Customers Buy Experiences and Not Products. And, as we know the driving forces of every wonderful and remarkable customer experience are interactions, content and data. These factors allow the companies to offer more consistent, customized and intuitive experiences to the consumers. Just like content and data, commerce has also become very significant to the customer experience. Both the customers as well as the companies at present want each and every interaction to be fruitful. Irrespective of the platform be it mobile, web, social, in-store or in-product or in-store. And, this is certainly the future; Experience-driven commerce.

As per the new reports, Magento Commerce Cloud will be collaborated with Adobe as Adobe has taken over Magento recently. Magento Platform was incepted in the year 2008, and it is developed on verified, open source technology. Magento Platform has a vast community of over 300,000 developers and pre-built extensions that contain shipping, payment, tax and logistics. Magento enables the companies to rapidly improve and enrich their commerce functions for a varied range of scenarios in a quickly evolving digital landscape. The platform has won a plenty of laurels in its journey of being one of the top ecommerce platforms.

Both, Adobe and Magento share a bunch of joint customers who will are amazed to know the news. The present list of people using both Magento and Adobe is not only huge but greatly diverse as well. Starting from big consumer brands to retail, wholesale and even bug manufacturing usints, a lot of companies are using both Magento and Adobe to enhance their functionalities.

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When the news of Adobe taking over Magento started taking rounds on the web, all of the present Magento users started to anticipate a lot about their future of their online trades. Although this news resulted in an instant drop of Shopify’s shares, but the truth still remains that ecommerce specialists do expect some bit of good changes but don’t see anything that would hamper the industry.

Magento’s uninterrupted success!

Magento, since beginning was seen as an instant threat to all of the ecommerce platforms. Magento managed to successfully persuade many developers as well as consumers into accepting its innumerable benefits. Though, it has some bit of limitations as well, but the advantages have overlooked the limitations. During the last few years, it is observed that Magento web development company in India as an open platform, which is absolutely prepared for cooperation with a huge group of partners, and that’s the reason why this popular ecommerce platform is amongst of the most used platforms by a variety of different companies.

At present, Magento isn’t only a platform that is capable of assisting unbelievably huge online stores. Besides the unparalleled order management processes, a host of Magento integrations with third-party programs, and with the introduction of business intelligence, the Magento platform has become an ideal ‘one-stop-shop’ for all the ecommerce requirements of a company. Pointless to say, that this feature has compelled an array of attention by the tech giants. Now, that’s one of the reason why Adobe eyed buying Magento.

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Adobe did a marvelous job by buying Magento, but they has to pay out a hefty amount to buy it: $1.68B

Adobe’s move to acquire Magento marks the next step of Adobe’s journey which is directed to drive innovation across each facet of ecommerce. As we know that Content + Commerce capabilities have become inseparably linked, commerce does play a vital part of the consumer experience. Therefore, Adobe got hold of Magento as it is the world’s most preferred commerce platform. With the help of Magento, Adobe aims to deliver great digital experiences. They wish to empower each and every organization to create and deliver persuasive real-time experiences to their customers and to help them devise ways to engage with customers across each touchpoint.

Magento will certainly be excited to be a part of a firm that’s shares their passion, and aims to empower the customers, and intends to offer a mind-blowing customer experience.


As per a recent blog by Magento, even they seem to be pretty thrilled by Adobe’s initiative. And, they are all geared up to once again revolutionize the ecommerce industry, but with a much greater impact this time around! And, when it comes to the Magento users, they can’t be happier as they know that now Adobe is only going to evolve and improve the Magento offerings!

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