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Know More About Healthcare App Development: Features, Types And Trends

Off late, healthcare application development has brought about a revolution in the healthcare industry. Healthcare app development services are rapidly changing to enhance healthcare efficiency and bringing the customers a satisfactory experience.

Features of healthcare development app

Innumerable healthcare mobile app development services are available in the app development market. The use of this application is the latest trend and it is undoubtedly bringing the doctors and patients closer. The medical app has several functionalities which are extremely beneficial. Here is a list of the features of healthcare app development services:

1) Instant Medical Assistance 

Healthcare app development companies have made healthcare facilities available at your fingertips. You get an immediate medical response anywhere and anytime.

2) Booking appointments 

From a wide panel of doctors, healthcare mobile app development services allow you to select a doctor and fix an appointment with him. You get an in-hand update on the availability of doctor at your feasible time

3) Get Reviews

Healthcare Mobile apps enable you to properly research the medical assistance of your choice. Based on the reviews, you can get a clear picture of the medical services you are opting for. Hence there is a transparency in the world of doctors and medical services.

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4) Tracking Health Records 

The latest update of the healthcare app development services is perhaps tracking the health records. With the help of a healthcare mobile app, it is easier to monitor heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure, calories, etc.

5) Two-Way Scheduling

The healthcare app helps the patients to get appointments with the doctors. In the same way, the doctors too can schedule their work and manage appointments. Hence it is a two-way beneficial service.

6) Direct Payment Through the App

Gone are the days when you need to stand in a long queue in order to get the doctor’s appointment and make the payment. With the advent of mobile app development, along with the booking facilities, you can also make an instant online payment through the app.

In addition to it, healthcare app has several more advantageous features like social integration, photo gallery, healthcare related reviews, analytics, prescription, access to EHR, EMR and push notifications.

Types of Healthcare Application

There is a variety of healthcare app available online which gives medical assistance instantly. Here is the list of such apps:

  • General Wellness app covering fitness, cardio, etc.
  • Electronic Mail Record app (EMR)
  • Health wellness monitoring app
  • Diagnosis app
  • Doctor’s appointment booking app
  • Clinical Assistance app (EHR, PHR, LIMS, HIMS)
  • e-Rx, e-Prescription Mobile app
  • The nursing app which schedule and tracks medical records.
  • Mental health app
  • Diet app
  • Weight loss app
  • Women’s health app which tracks pregnancy, feeding, calendar, etc.

Trends in Healthcare App Development 

Healthcare app development services and healthcare mobile app development maintain certain technologies which are based on the latest trends. Some of the most significant trends are:

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1) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The world of technology has changed a lot in the evolution of artificial technology. AI overcomes any emotional or physical barriers and works beyond the capacity of human beings. It reduces the workload of human-like writing and documentation. With the help of AI, the machine performs most of the work like comprehending, guiding, analyzing, learning, etc by itself. Due to AI, navigation experiences have become too simple and customers get a satisfactory experience.

2) Chatbot

Starting from e-commerce websites to the healthcare apps, the chatbot is prominent everywhere. A chatbot is an automated help desk which pops out in the form of chat while navigating a site. It quickly solves any healthcare-related query with its intuition. It is a personalized feature maintained by the healthcare industry.

3) Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has a strong impact on the healthcare industry and is known to have earned a significant amount of revenue. Although the adoption of cloud by the healthcare industry is quite new, yet it has come with a promise to make it really big. Cloud technology is helping the industry in storing an enormous amount of data for future reference.

4) AR/VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality shortly AR/VR, has marked its contribution to healthcare development services to a great extent. This technology enables the patients to come out of any health-related trauma with the help of virtual reality show. On the other hand, it also allows the doctors to operate a surgery more precisely. This technology is growing at a lightning speed in this industry.

5) Telemedicine

Probably the oldest of the lot, telemedicine technology is now adopted by every healthcare services. It reduces the overall hospital expenses. It saves time and gives the patients easy access to doctors for general guidance.

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6) Voice Technology

An automated voice message or a service provided by a human counterpart is a great initiative undertaken by healthcare app industry. It helps and guides the user towards the available doctors and provides other required information.

7) IoT

IoT allowed devices to allow real-time monitoring of patients which means no data in relation to the condition of the patient is missed. For example, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, etc. In short, IoT changes the way the facilities are delivered to the healthcare industry across the globe. Read more about IOT in Healthcare.

Medical applications are really a big useful trend to be used in the healthcare industry. Apart from the aforementioned usefulness, it spreads its wings to deliver the best information like providing medical records of patients, feedback on a particular hospital or a particular doctor, medical records of patients, statistical reports of doctors, patients or any medical centre, list of doctors, record of medicine and surgery, cost of medicines and so on.

Health is the most important factor in life. Nothing is more serious than a medical urgency. Users are greatly benefitted from the variety of functionalities of a healthcare app. Hence this platform is a one-stop solution which provides a better and convenient living with an assurance of good health.

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