Why PhoneGap is the best app development platform?

Software solutions have completely changed our world and it has acted as one of the major forces behind the technological changes that we are currently witnessing. There are many things that we are currently using that wouldn’t have been possible if software solutions were not there. From pen and paper to software solutions, we have come a long way. But now, applications are not confined to desktop or laptops only as they have become a major part of mobile devices as well.

Nowadays, each and every company is coming up with software solutions that are used on mobile. This is because the number of mobile users is increasing every year and people are using more internet on their mobile in comparison to desktop and laptop. Although there are many mobile app development platforms currently available in the market, the most robust and popular cross-platform mobile app development platform is PhoneGap. This popular mobile app development platform was firstly introduced in the market with the name of Apache Cordova by Nitboi in 2011. If you are a developer or a business looking forward to build a seamless mobile app then you should use PhoneGap without any second thought. Let’s explore why.


One of the biggest advantages of using PhoneGap over other apps is that you are able to save money. For small and medium-sized businesses, the budget matters a lot while choosing a mobile app development platform but PhoneGap fits perfectly in the small budget. Even after gleaning information from different sources, you will realize that no other mobile app development platform offers this much effectiveness. Instead of building different apps for different OS of mobiles, you only have to write one app and deploy it on various platforms. And this is how you are able to save a big chunk of money in mobile app development.

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Open source

Another major advantage of using PhoneGap is that you will be able to work on a free framework. If you are a mobile app developer then you must be aware of the meaning of open source but if you are not an expert app developer then you don’t need to worry. Open source means that the platform that you are using is having open source licensing and because of this, the framework of the platform is available for free. This further reduces the cost of building a mobile app for your business. Along with this, you are also able to use the community which keeps on growing and the developers keep on posting new information regarding trending codes and modules.


One of the main reasons why both developers and businesses love using PhoneGap for app development is that it offers them less hassle and allows them to build a cross-platform app. This means that, if a developer is using PhoneGap then he will have to write the app by using languages like HTML or CSS and then deploy it on different OS of mobiles. So instead of building different apps for android, iOS, and Windows, the developer can just write a single app and use it on all the different platforms. This minimizes the hassle of managing multiple apps and it minimizes down the hassle for working on OS specific platforms as well.

Easy to work plugins

You should know that the PhoneGap build supports different kinds of PhoneGap or Cordova plugin and this makes it easy to work with plugins in an app build through PhoneGap. With the help of this feature of working with plugins, you are able to easily extend all the native functionalities while working on the app. You can get the required plugins from the Adobe repository, npm, and public git repository. Some of the most popular plugins available in the repository are PushPlugin, Barcode Scanner, Social Sharing, Facebook Connect, and Pushwoosh.

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No need to work with highly skilled developer

There is no doubt in the fact that native app development requires highly skilled and experienced developers who have mastered the skill of developing apps on a single platform. But that is not the case with PhoneGap. Just with the knowledge of simple coding languages like HTML or JAVA, even a basic app developer can easily write apps for various platforms and then deploy it on different mobile devices. You can easily get such types of developers in-house and therefore, there is no need to outsource mobile app development if you are while using PhoneGap. This is good for developers as well since they don’t need to learn new platform-specific skills.

If you will PhoneGap for mobile app development then you will surely have many advantages over all the other developers that will be using non cross-platform framework. Use PhoneGap and make your mobile app development journey seamless and productive. 

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