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MilesWeb Review : Is It Reliable Hosting Provider in UK For WordPress

WordPress has gained popularity due to it’s easy to use plugins and themes. According to and w3techs, this Content Management System is empowering more than 26.4% of the web. It is used by everyone right from small personal blogs, small business websites to Fortune 500 companies like Sony Music, Disney, and the Forbes blog.

Though it is available for free if you don’t possess the technical knowledge about its working, you might not be able to use it. Also, in the free version, you get limited features which may not fulfill your requirements from the CMS. That’s why, it is a wise decision to have a WordPress web hosting uk partner, that provides you hosting plus additional features at low cost.

There are many cheap web hosting uk providers available in the market, but you definitely are not looking for an average provider. That is why I think, MilesWeb is the most reliable hosting provider for WordPress. 

I shifted from a popular brand to MilesWeb a year ago, and now am very satisfied with the service they are offering me. I was very frustrated with the type of technical support I use to receive from my previous provider, as they never use to answer me in one call and after explaining them the query they use to make me wait for another half an hour or one. That’s why I finally decided to switch my provider and moved to MilesWeb. I started my journey with MilesWeb’s WordPress Heart Plan.

As they have the 30 days money back guarantee, it was a risk-free switch for me and that too at affordable price.

MilesWeb – A Perfect Host For Your WordPress Website

1. Fully Managed WordPress

MilesWeb takes care of the heavy lifting server management task, along with the server optimization, tweaking PHP versions and monitoring.

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2. Free WordPress Migration

This feature made my migration work very easy and smooth. I just told them that I want to migrate to their WordPress service and confirmed my plan, the rest task of migrating my site was carried by them. I haven’t suffered from any data loss, and the migration was done so quickly that I immediately resumed my work from where I had stopped.

3. Built For Performance

All the managed WordPress hosting plans are set up on the latest Intel Xeon processors with SSD storage and hardware RAID 10 which increases the performance of your website.

Features of MilesWeb WordPress hosting :

1. Lifetime Free Domain

You get a free domain with their WordPress plans (Heart and Diamond) as long as you remain active with them.

2. Automatic WordPress Updates

Once, you buy a WordPress hosting from them, you get free from all the troubles. The team does all the installations of new updates automatically to your site. The software is provided at the backend of your site that automatically upgrades the latest version of WordPress and its plugins.

3. Fast SSD Storage

The high-speed solid state drive provides 200% better performance as compared to the traditional hard drives or so-called “spinning rust” drives.

4. Free SSL Certificate

Every WordPress hosting plan from MilesWeb comes with free SSL certificate that helps to keep the data safely encrypted every time it gets transmitted between you and your visitors.

Security expert team always keeps a close watch on all the vulnerabilities related to WordPress and keeps them away from your WordPress site.

5. WordPress Preconfigured

The site management work is made easy by pre-configuring WordPress. Every MilesWeb site created by WordPress is installed with various certified themes and plugins, this helps to run WordPress site optimally.

6. Fast Provisioning

MilesWeb provides you robust, ultra-fast and scalable hosting for your WordPress sites. They have scalable cloud architecture that can launch a cloud instance within a few clicks so that your site gets live in just minutes. Features like SSD hardware, PHP 7, and HTTP/2 support helps your WordPress site to fly at a blazing speed.

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7. Secure Email

There is not any limitation on the number of email accounts you make under one WordPress hosting. You can create unlimited email accounts with IMAP/POP/SMTP accounts.

8. Datacentre Choice

Datacentre location impacts directly on the speed and performance of your website. So it is always better to choose the nearer datacentre. For example: if your business is located in the UK then you shall choose the datacentre location as the UK only. Choosing India, the USA or other location would not give you local SEO benefits.

Exclusive WordPress Hosting Features by MilesWeb :

1. Cloudflare Railgun

Cloudflare Railgun speeds up the performance of non-cached web pages. It ensures that the connection between your web hosting server and the Cloudflare CDN is as fast as possible.

2. HTTPS By Default

HTTPS sign indicates that your website is secured. All the websites hosted with MilesWeb WordPress plans are automatically configured with HTTPS. It helps to secure traffic between your site and its visitors and also, boost the SEO performance.

3. GZIP/Brotli Compression

All the WordPress hosting plans include gzip compression software that improves the delivery time of the sites regardless of their size. It speeds up your site by reducing the amount of data sent from your server to the visitor’s browser.

4. SFTP Access

FTP is replaced by SFTP as it enables the file transformation in a secure way between the networked hosts. It allows you to manage remote file system by allowing applications to restart the interrupted file transfers, list remote directory content and delete remote files.

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WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) is a powerful toolset offered by MilesWeb that helps in interacting with your site via command line or even programmatically.

6. Dedicated WordPress Support

Running heavy websites with lots of features and plugins is not an easy task. For that, you may require support for the technical issues, and MilesWeb provides you a 24/7 dedicated WordPress support. You can reach them via email, ticket or chat from their website.

7. Daily Backups

Backups keep your daily work secured from a sudden loss of software and hardware, or even from the losses that are occurred due to natural calamities. MilesWeb offers you daily backup service and the backups are taken in every 24hours.

8. CDN

To increase the reach of your website on a global level CDN service is integrated with WordPress plans.

9. Cloning

Cloning allows creating the same copy of your website. This is very useful while migrating a website. Also if you want to make any changes on your site, you can make the clone, do changes and if satisfied then make it permanent. This way you won’t lose your previous work unless and until you finalize your new work.

10. Server-Side Optimization

Server-side optimizations reduce the server load, making your site’s performance better.

Since I have shifted to MilesWeb, I haven’t faced downtime and the support gets available within a few minutes. All my problems get solved immediately.

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Conclusion :

I think MilesWeb is the place where you get everything for your WordPress site under one roof. WordPress features, uptime, support, daily backups, security, etc. everything is top notch. If you are looking for a reliable WordPress hosting provider then you must give MilesWeb a try, I am sure it will be worth.

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