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Ten Best Android Applications for College Students

Are you a college student who is looking for options to make your life simple and efficient? Do you want someone to cater all your minute or huge routine tasks related to your studies with help of a simple application? Well, android not one or two, this article will list down ten best android applications that would be useful for a student doing his high school or college. Dissertation writers UK have written number of article on latest android applications and how they can useful for college students.

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Since smart phones have become essential part of everyone’s life nowadays, its applications have already replaced calculator, calendar, and watches. For the students who need help in taking notes, making to do list or enhancing their writing skills, there is an app for that.

Let us check out what are those applications that have made college studies easier for students.

 I.            Study-blue

If you want to review or recall any learning material on the go, Studyblue is best for you. This interesting application lets you create your digital flashcards, add audio and images in those cards or set study reminders. Since the learning through flashcards triggers the brain to learn effectively, students can upload their study materials on this app and make digital flash cards for better memorization which can also be shared with the world. Student can avail numerous ways at their fingertips to manage their tasks, manage finances, and get organized. If you want to get any dissertation help regards Studyblue’s details, you should get dissertation help UK and you will surely not regret.

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  II.         Coursera

Coursera, an online application and website that offers a number of online courses for free from  more over hundreds of universities and institutions with Yale and Stanford on top of the list. You can opt to browse a course of your choice and take those lectures anywhere anytime. From business to computer science, fashion to cuisine, courser has it all. A student is required to finish the hands-on project of every course and then he would earn a certificate for each course.

Coursera application makes it possible for learners to pick and excel in a course of their choice. The certificate you get at the end of the course would be useful in you professional network as well.

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III.           Evernote

Are you in a hurry and cannot find a clean space for jotting down what the teacher is saying? Evernote has made note-taking simpler and quick. You can simply take out your cell-phone, make use of this efficient Android application Evernote. Evernote, being another top-notch application for students use, lets a user to capture photos, take down note or a memo, set voice reminders, make to-do lists and what not. This application helps you stay organized and hassle-free. The data is synced to a student’s personal space and can be accessed anywhere anytime. It has been used by most of the writers that provides the dissertation help as they want to keep their data organized as well as easily accessible at all times.

 IV.           Studious

Do you often miss your assignment date? Do you have thousands of other things you have been thinking about that you missed your test date? Well, it is not a problem anymore as Android has come up with this extremely effectual application called Studious. The application reminds you of your assignment or test prior to its arrival test. Studious, one of the best application that can keep students’ life on track and on time, helps you notify each and every task that you need to do.

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Another interesting feature of Studious is that it can set you cell-phone’s profile to silent as soon as you enter your class. For this to happen, one has to provide GPS location to this application. Isn’t it amazing, you don’t have to worry anymore about your phone being on loud.

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 V.            MyHomework

MyHomework student planner is another great application, just like Studious, that will help a student to digitally organize your projects, homework, tests and assignments. You can set priority to each of your assignment and in no time this application will manage all for you. The dissertation writer UK have acknowledged that the application is a must have in student’s cell phone.

 VI.          RefME

RefME is a famous multi-platform application that automates, referencing, citation and bibliography. Students can scan the barcode of any book through their phone’s camera and this quick can create its citation in various formats. This application help save a lot of time for students as they are able complete their task in minutes. Its extraordinary scanning accuracy and user friendly interface help a student to export more than 7000 referencing styles in seconds. Another feature is its compatibility with other applications like Evernote.

VII.         Any.do

Students who have super busy schedule and miss out our tasks, its tine to relax and trust Any.do An android based application, Any.do helps plan your daily activities of your day. You can arrange your tasks, take down notes and add subtask with this extremely useful application. I’m sure dissertation writers UK have this application downloaded on their phones which is helpful for them to brainstorm important points and jot them down.

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VIII.      Chegg Study

Another useful android application for students is Chegg Study, which not only offers a huge library of textbook solutions; it also let you raise your queries or question of the textbooks. It promises to reply back to student’s answers within 2 hours’ time duration.

 IX.         GoConqr

GoConqr, specifically designed to provide learning environment like flashcards, quizzes, mind maps, taking down notes and many others, is one of the useful exercises for students out there

  X.         Slideshare

Students can now avail the presentation slides overview in their mobile phones through Slideshare android application. It offers sharing, viewing and saving of files so that they can be accessed for later use.

So, students can now make the most out of their time, energy and efficiency once they download any of these android applications.

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