Most Recommended Tarot Card Reading Apps 2019

Most recommended Tarot Card Reading & Numerology Apps 2019

Tarot cards reading apps of 2019 have created a buzz among everyone. These apps claim to help people predicting their future with the help of tarot cards.

One such app that is capable of predicting the future is Tarot Life.

Before knowing all about this most recommended tarot app, one must know what kind of prophecy tarot cards have represented, or how can one seek or foretell the future by using this supernatural way that uses these cards.

Tarot Cards are used to forecast the person’s complete life which includes past, present, and future. It is also said that future prediction with tarot cards is an art. This art is used for helping mankind find the right way that eventually leads to salvation.

People who read tarot cards believe that Tarot reading has changed a lot in recent centuries. Tarot cards have upgraded. Nowadays, the maximum number of people want to get guidance on their near future and other aspects.

Sadly, they are misguided by some fake forecasters who force them not to have faith in these fortune telling tarot cards.

People in recent times are misusing this divine art to earn money. They make false predictions using these sacred tarot cards. This is one of the reasons why people are getting away from these charismatic cards.

The future forecast of these cards is of high accuracy. These cards speak in the language of pictures and symbols. Each symbol is connected to a certain meaning.

For saving yourself falling into this trap of fake forecasters you can try a tarot reading app for your iOS or Android smartphone. But again this does not solve the problem. Finding the right app is certainly something that cannot be overlooked.

Having that in mind, I tried many such apps and came across ‘Tarot Life’. It’s really interesting how it has that accuracy in showing the predictions using tarot cards and numerology.

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This app is really amazing and its content regarding the predictions for every life aspect is so much relatable to the current scenarios I am going through.

At first, I was taken aback by thinking how can this app know this much about me. I tried to follow its suggestions and it has worked very well for me. So, I thought to spread the word so that the others who are having a difficult time can take some help from here.

Starting from the very beginning, the user interface is much easier than the other higher rated tarot card reading apps of 2019. Which means it can be used by anyone, even when they are not very technology friendly.  

Next, the design of the Tarot Cards is as much realistic like ancient tarot cards, only better. The developers have represented these Arcana Cards in new colors and design, which I found very interesting as compared to the traditional cards.

There are two prediction options displayed on the home screen- Tarot & Numerology. Select any one option to start your reading. Let us go with the Tarot section first.


Tarot main features

On selecting the Tarot it will take into a screen has four main features –

  1. Love Tarot Readings
  2. Tarot Insights
  3. Career Readings
  4. Finance Reading.

These segments are further divided into sub-segments.

Love Tarot Reading

It has two options, first is Love Tarot and second is True Love Spread. On tapping the Love Tarot a description is provided which shows that one can scroll the decks and select the cards, but with a question in mind. It is a three card spread.

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Once you select the three cards, you can see the predictions regarding your question. I tried it and got the perfect answer. I could actually relate to it. I followed the suggestions provided for my relationship and it helped me.

Second is True Love Spread – A description is given for this one as well. In this spread, six cards are used for making a prediction. This is used when you need to get a detailed insight about your love. You need to tap all these cards and then it will display the result.

Tarot Insights

It has three sub-segments. The first one is ‘Daily Tarot’.

I tried this reading for a week and I must say that the readings are approximately accurate.

The second one is ‘Yes or No Tarot’. This feature is a lifesaver for me. It helps me out with my questions. It basically is very beneficial when you want to get rid of any confusion. You just need to think of your question and tap on any of the cards from the deck. It will answer you in seconds in a simple Yes or No.

The third one is ‘Ask A Question’. Questions can be related to anything. In this section, you get your questions answered by expert tarot card readers.

Career Reading

It has two sub-segments in it. One is Career Tarot and other is Career Path Spread.

‘Career Tarot’ is a three card spread and it gives accurate answers related to your career. I feel pretty impressed with this one.

The second one is ‘Career Path Spread’. It is a seven card spread. The same criteria is used as that used in True Love Spread. You just need to tap on the cards and bingo, you get the results.

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Finance Reading

It also has two sub-segments. The first is Finance tarot and the second is Success Spread.

In ‘Finance Tarot’, you get a three card spread. It follows the same processing as the previous ones.

The second one is very interesting and it is related to success. ‘Success Spread’ is a five card spread. It will give perfect guidance for success. It can be regarding anything.

This is all about ‘Tarot’. Coming back on the home screen, let us now move to the second module of the app which is ‘Numerology’.



Sometimes I think how these numbers are important in astrological predictions. But by using ‘Numerology’ in this app, I got to know how my date of birth and name can foretell a lot about me. It told me mine, it can tell you yours.

This section is also described very well so that the ones doubting these numbers can know their importance.

As I moved inside the numerology, I was asked to enter my DOB and Name. As I entered the details and tapped the ‘Continue’ button it took me to the next window which had the following numbers

  • Life Path Number

  • Destiny Number

  • Maturity Number

  • Personality Number

These numbers tell different crucial aspects of our lives.

These numbers very well describe the positives and negatives of a person.

Except these, this tarot reading app for iOS and Android offers more features, which can be very helpful.

It has a detailed Tarot Card Description of each of the Major Arcana cards. Also, there is a Card of the Day which briefs you about the upcoming events of your day.

With this, we come to the culmination of this app. I feel this is the most recommended tarot apps and one should definitely give it a shot.

Tarot Life is available for free download on the Google Play Store and App Store. Download it now and walk into your future.

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