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How to Create Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia is a platform designed to help people all around the world to get reliable information for free. Anyone can access Wikipedia for information and anyone can edit it as well. The fact that anyone can edit the content on Wikipedia has made this platform one of the most updated platforms for collecting information regarding all sorts of topics.

Wikipedia is one of those websites that normally people go to for information, even when searching on Google the first few results on a topic are usually from Wikipedia. You want to know about the latest innovations in the field of information technology (IT), recent breakthroughs in the field of science or about your favorite movies or T.V series, you will find pages on Wikipedia with in-depth detail on every topic you can think of. So, Lets talk about how to create wikipedia page

What are Wiki pages used for?

As mentioned above wiki pages are normally used for information. This platform was primarily focused on creating awareness and providing an online platform that could be used as an ever updated source of information and knowledge for people across the globe. But with time this platform has become a source of other useful activities.

As the digital era has taken over businesses all over the world have started using new and improved tools of marketing their products and creating awareness about their organization. One of the most creative and reliable ways of creating and using digital content for the betterment of a business organization is through Wikipedia pages.

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Many business organizations and companies hire a Wikipedia page creation service
so that they can get wiki pages created for their business requirements. These pages are, now well-known for their ability to increase the credibility of a business organization along with many other perks that come with using them. These benefits include audience engagement, increased visibility, SEO benefits, higher conversion rates and an increase in web traffic.

Steps to create a Wikipedia page yourself:

Creating a Wikipedia page is a task that can be done by anyone as long as they have a computer and have access to the internet. But the process of creating a wiki page is not easy. It is not a task that you can do without learning the process properly. You see, writing for Wikipedia is something that everyone CAN do but it doesn’t mean that they will be able to get their wiki pages approved.

There is an easy way to learn to write for a Wikipedia page. The long and tedious process of creating a wiki page can be made easy for learning by dividing it into small and easily achievable tasks.

1. Register yourself on Wikipedia:

You need to start with the simple task of getting yourself registered on Wikipedia by creating your account on the website. The way you can do it is by visiting Wikipedia’s website and after opting for your language of choice you need to click on the “create account” option provided on the top right-hand side of your screen. Once you click on that option you will land on a page that will be asking information from you and once you fill all the fields required by Wikipedia your account will be created.

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2. Selecting your topic:

Once the account has been created you need to select your topic of interest about which you want to create the page. The topic you choose needs to be according to the notability criteria of the platform and should not have been covered on this platform previously. If a wiki page already exists on your selected topic then you edit the page but not create another page with the same page title/topic.

3. Research your material:

After you are done with the topic selection you need to start your research. You need to ensure that the information you are going to be providing on the page is credible, reliable and comes from authentic sources.

4. The writing phase:

In this step, you sit down and write or create the content of your wiki page. Now, you need to understand that writing for a Wiki page might not be the same as writing an essay or writing a report for your university professor. It is actually quite different and requires you to adhere to a certain number of things such as a wiki writer needs to be very well versed with the writing guidelines and policies defined by the platform. Other than that a wiki writer also needs to make sure that under no circumstance are they to succumb to the use of a tone on their writing that inclines a certain biases towards a certain idea and should always keep a neutral tone.

5. The submission Phase:

This is one of the most important steps in the process. You need to review your work closely before you submit it for the official review process done by the official wiki reviewers. Every page goes through a screening process before it is made a part of the platform and it is better to check and correct any mistakes before submission to avoid rejection of your wiki page altogether.