Google Wifi Review

It’s a new era of technology in this world where every new product is bringing and adding some value to the tech industry. Whether it is mobile, laptop, camera, smartwatches or anything, the tech industry is expanding and expanding. In the networking zone, we have been using the same old routers for quite a time now and we are fed up of them eventually by the arrival of products like Samsung Connect Home, Google Wifi and the Netgear Orbi. The world is switching to the wireless mesh routers now and Google has added a lot to it in its product called Google Wifi which will make your home smart.

Not only Google has provided the best wireless mesh router, but the multi-million company has come up with the best wireless router too. The new Google Wifi is the best one in terms of everything- quality, performance, and coat as well. You can explore ordering online with available Amazon Offers Online today on electronics items.

Design and Setup

Not only Google has come up with decent pricing but also a nice solid design. The Google Wifi is basically a small cylindrical-shaped unit with the white LED band at the center of it. Google Wifi comes in three pack set. Basically, it depends upon the location you are- at some places you can get 2 pack set and at some a single pack is sold. The core router is the wireless one and the others are the wired internet services with Ethernet ports and wireless internet too. Although, all the three units can be charged from the USB-C cable only.

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Coming to the setup, Google has given the easiest and smoothest way to set it up. Just use an app- available both on iOS and Android, and go through the setup process. Though it is a hefty procedure, in short, you Google Wifi App will configure the network you are in by scanning QR codes on the gateway and then a couple of formalities of username and password will take you in. You can add additional Wifi points too by going through the same procedure. Thankfully, there is no concept of the band switching like it was in Netgear’s Orbi. So, Google handles it well at backend providing its users a comfortable and smoothest start.

Google Wifi comes with many features like constant monitoring of the network, device connected to it and points too. Just like Ookla’s meat test, Google has added an internet speed test for each point too and measures the connection strength at every point of time. You might not get such completeness in terms of features from any of the Wi-Fi mesh system. Not only this, you can assign bandwidth to one device for any time, control the devices and pause the internet connection for some devices for a time period.


What do you expect from a wifi? Best performance, stability, and secure channel. It seems like that all the lucky stars for Google got aligned in a single row together this time as the device provides bang on output. Comparing it to the Netgear Orbi, this one is as good as the Orbi. The device can steal 100Mbps speed from the Wifi service irrespective of your place- whether you are in the room closest to your router or far away.

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You can easily watch 4K videos without any interruptions or disruptions. Not only it provides decent throughput but also covers a decent area. You won’t get any lags and stutters in the gameplay in gaming sessions as the wifi system provides butter smooth experience for its users. Google Wifi automatically repairs the Wifi points which can get accidentally unplugged and loose power. The Google mesh uses 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi bands working on the 802.11s mesh protocol. You can also check some of latest gadgets online today with available AliExpress Offers.


Google Wifi is the best wireless wifi mesh router in the world right now. It is really easy to set up and comes at a very affordable price. Not only the performance, but the product is also great at its management, best setup and comes at really affordable pricing. Looking at the value considering its price, it provides a good value with excellent design. The only thing you might feel in its flaws are the low AC ratings and its hardware controls. Overall, it is the best in performance and the most powerful one at this price tag.

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