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The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Computers

Today, the computer has become one of the essential devices in human life. The computers reduce the workload, and it also enhances their productivity of a working professional. In a home, computers get used for making purchases or paying bills. At present, different types of computers are available in the market. Every computer comes with unique features, and they are also available in different sizes. Some computers come even in the size of a room. There are few computers as small as your palms. Regardless of size, if you have selected the perfect model for your requirement, the tasks can get completed with ease.

Some common types of computers are discussed below –

  • Supercomputers
  • Mainframe computers
  • Minicomputers
  • Microcomputers
  • Server computers
  • Workstations


The most powerful computers available on the earth are supercomputers. This computer processes the data at a very high speed and is powerful in terms of performance. These computers are specially used for selected tasks in a large organization. These computers are very expensive and huge in size. These are mainly used in the research field and used in all space activities by ISRO and NASA. The computers even help in launching the satellite and controlling them. The supercomputers occupy first place in the different types of computers.

Supercomputers are used in a variety of fields such as

A. Nuclear Weapon Testing

Supercomputers help in running the stimulus of nuclear weapons and tell the accurate range and impact of the weapon. This avoids the actual testing as well as destruction caused by the weapon.

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B. Weather Forecasting

This computer helps in predicting weather conditions. It also helps in studying nature, rainfall, hurricanes, and windstorms etc. These results help the Government in preventing any damage and be prepared for any natural destruction.

3. Earthquake Studies

Many governments use the supercomputers to study and find the earthquakes. Besides, these supercomputers are used in exploring natural resources like crude oil, natural gas, coal etc

Some of the popular supercomputers are

  • IBM Sequoia
  • IBM Super MUC
  • NUDT Tianhe-1A
  • Fujitsu’s K Computer


These computers are not as powerful as supercomputers. But these are mainly used by the Government organizations to run their business operations. These are quite expensive. Mainframe computers can be easily accommodated in the large AC rooms. The reason, they produce a large amount of heat. These computers help in supporting hundreds of users simultaneously and support execution of multiple programs at a time. Mainframe computers are mainly used in banks, the insurance company for storage of a large amount of data. Main frame computers occupy second place in the different types of computers.

Some of the mainframe computers are

  • Fujitsu’s ICL VME
  • Hitachi’s Z800


This computer is comparatively small which can serve around 250 users at a time. These are even called mid-range computers. Even large companies use the minicomputers for completion of the specific task such as production, design etc. Minicomputers cannot process a large amount of data in comparison with the supercomputers.

Some of the popular mini computers are

  • K-202
  • Texas Instrument TI-990
  • SDS-92
  • IBM Midrange computers
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Laptops, desktops, tablets, personal digital assistants, smart phones, calculators – All these devices will come under the category of microcomputers. They are one of the most widely used computers. They are also fast in terms of speed, memory and data processing. These computers are one of the cheapest computers when compared to all other models. The microcomputers are specially designed for general usages like entertainment, education and working in offices. There are companies who manufacture microcomputers like Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Dell, Apple etc.


Workstations are the special type of computers which is mainly used for engineering applications such as CAD, CAM, and software development. These computers generally require high-quality graphics and high computing power. Workstations generally come with a high-resolution screen, in-built network support and huge memory. Most workstations have large storage spaces. Some special type of workstations are called diskless workstations and they generally come without a disk drive. Common operating systems used in workstations are like Windows and UNIX. Workstations are also a type of personal computer which is operated by the single user.

But these are typically linked through a local network. Even they can be used in standalone conditions.


The server is the main computer for a particular company which contains all the collection of data and programs. Multiple users can store, use and share the data among the specified local network. Different types of servers are like a file server and application server. This computer is several steps under the supercomputer. Because they will not try to solve any complex problems as supercomputers. Servers try to send the data according to the user requirements.

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Conclusion – Different Types of Computers

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