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Why Set-up Your Own Dedicated Gaming Server?

Think back to the time since you have had a memorable gaming experience. Take a moment to note how immersed you were once into your game that you never paid heed to the performance of your server. Could this be true for gamers that run poorly configured/shared, or low-end servers? No.


During the early days, there aren’t many online players as the popularity of the game is limited. Soon enough, when the popularity-bar hits the ‘overcrowded red mark’, the number of players engaged in online battles proliferates, resulting in prolonged waiting time and a poor gaming experience. Sooner you would want to have your own server to immerse yourself into the state of the game the way you did back then.

The importance of server performance is undermined until you see the need of buying your own. No matter how seamless an experience your community server might be giving you, it is never too early to start setting up your own smb server.

Kill humans, not bots

Playing against computers is great, too, but once you have spent enough nights playing, the moves become vividly predictable and the game becomes intuitive. With online gaming, it is difficult to foretell what your enemies would do next. So, you always feel thrills running down your spine in a multiplayer gaming battle.

Shared gaming resources run fine for multiplayer gaming. Unless there are a large number of players hosted on the server, which is the case, like, most of the time. Also, the more the number of users, the higher will be the waiting time.

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For dedicated gamers, high wait times are more painful than a slow death.

Set your own turf

With public servers, you abide by the predefined rules. But, isn’t following rules a demolition of the philosophy behind gaming?

A dedicated game server hosting will unlock access to you deciding your own rule, your own map, and your own clan. Who stays and who doesn’t are all yours to decide.

We all know how frustrating it is playing with gamers who use cheats and hacks to gain illicit advantages. Players being overly offensive or caught cheating can be kicked out in a snap from your server.

At the top, there will always be a slot reserved just for you- the admin.

Change games with your mood or mood with games

Who said you need to stick to a single game throughout. A server can house several games to run concurrently. However, with game-servers that have low RAID configurations, running multiple games can be a problem and the admin will have to shut activities from one game to stream another. The more consistent and constantly available servers hit popularity in a short span. So be careful not to go on nightly game-switching sprees.

Compete with the competent ones

Gaming-buddies are those whom we’ve never met but could die for- though not literally. Public servers connect you to random opponents, make random teams, with random teammates, and have random outcomes. You might not get along with a few teammates, which eventually kill team-spirit, thereby ruining the experience.

With a dedicated gaming server, it is possible to always compete with the same opponent/team, or to ally with select players. You can also organize your own team-based event, and display what constitutes you.

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Range of options you have

Our dedicated gaming server hosting will give you a predesigned throne for your majesty to rule. You are free to rule the way you want in terms of customization and the rules you want.

Another option is to own an entire dedicated server instead of a fixed slot in a gaming server. Setting up a dedicated server is a tedious task, and though the provider will provide you with valuable support, you need to be tuned up with a few commands at your end too. For beginners and gamers that are only familiar with gaming, such servers aren’t the easiest place to start with. Also, the configurations that even a low-end dedicated server has will allow you to run more than a couple instances of a game simultaneously.

The price that you’d pay would not be in consonance to the services you avail.

The third option – with limited scope, of course – is to stream multiplayer battle on your Local Area Network. You would not need any internet connectivity, and when connected to decent machines, latency would not be an issue, either. But, the battle shall remain confined to players connected to your network.

Decide for yourself.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and already own a server, we have a series of such informative articles on gaming – and more – to resolve problems you will run into with your server.

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