10 Best Child Monitoring & Tracker App for Parents

10 Best Child Monitoring & Tracker App for Parents

There is no denying that kids are unsafe in the digital world and hugely dependent on gadgets for the smallest of tasks. Now and then there are ample cases surfacing about online crime against kids. But, most widespread is the shameful act of cyberbullying.

In the wake of such incidents and undesirable activities, it is appropriate to depend on child monitoring apps for parents to combat the problem of cyber crimes as well as mobile addiction.


Top 10 Child Monitoring and Trackers Apps

Every parent wishes for the best upbringing method of their child. Besides disciplining the kid, they seek external help to provide them a healthy environment. Many worried parents are also in search of tools and technologies that track the step-by-step movement. Are you one of them?

To make your search easier, here is a list of 10 Best Child Monitoring & Tracker App for tracking your kid’s whereabouts and other digital activities.


1.  Bit Guardian Parental Control App

Bit Guardian Parental Control is a successful Android app that offers best and advanced monitoring methods for the smartphone generation. Besides fighting mobile addiction, the app provides GPS enabled tools like Location Finder, Geofencing, Over speeding alert, Anti-Theft, and SOS to give parents an oasis of peace 24*7.  Bit Guardian Parental Control is the best child tracker for newbies and technologically challenged individuals.

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2. Family Locator – GPS Tracker

An iOS and Android-friendly app, which allows tracking of all family members without any interference. Stay connected to your family at all times, and take charge of their safety wherever you go. Even if one of the devices are lost, the tracker will help in identifying the location of the lost device.


3. Find my kids- Child GPS & Phone Tracker

As the name says, Find My Kids is an efficient and unique app that offers GPS services for child’s location. You can catch your kid’s real-time position using the app. The specialty of the app lies in maintaining the history of the child’s location. The app is useful when your kid installs the “Chat with Parent“ app on their device or use GPS-watch.


4. ESET Parental Control App

Network security is a booming market, and ESET is leading the way. This well-known name in the security world is also getting recognized as an ace parent tracker app. Location tracking is accessible on the web-based portal. The app is only available for Android users and allows constant monitoring of web activities of kid’s device. Also, the Web Guard feature is fascinating. It restricts all inappropriate content with efficiency. In case you are only willing to oversee your kid’s application usage without blocking them, then ESET is the right app for you. Not to mention, the app is compatible with wearable supports.


5. FamiSafe Tracker

This app is famous for performing dual functions. Parents and employers can use the app for tracking kids as well as employees, respectively. An Android and iOS friendly website monitoring tool that allows remote tracking devices from anywhere anytime. The good news is that you can catch hold of your kid’s real-time location, unlike several apps in the market. FamiSafe offers a large bundle of core parental controls, which are useful and practical.

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6. Norton Family Parental Control

Norton is a leading name in the computer virus market. It offers the best in class security services and has successfully made a name in the kids monitoring application industry. The Android and iOS compatible app is designed for kid’s overall protection. It follows Kid’s path without their knowledge. To protect children from online dangers, website blocking is included in the package. Along with website history, one can also get access to kid’s usage on YouTube.


7. Kaspersky Safekids

Kaspersky Safekids takes tracking one step ahead by adding Facebook activity tracking to its list of features. Not to mention, Kaspersky aces in location tracking and marking safe areas for children’s safety.  Although, child psychologists do not have much to do with protection, yet getting advice from them for kids’ smart upbringing is an added advantage of the application.


8. Secure Teen Parental Control

In the Android market, Secure Teen has made its name for the best location tracking application. Besides offering basic controls like screen time and app blocker, the app uses the best-in-class technique to track the target device. Customers are fond of the app due to its easy-to-use interface.


9. PhoneSheriff

If your kid exploits the liberty of the internet, then catch them red-handed by using the Phone Sheriff app. Its secure account enables you to watch your kids’ online activities. The app possesses a unique yet significant feature of logging all tasks on kids’ browser. It displays the list of websites accessed by children. Parents also receive alerts when a new contact is added.

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10. MM Guardian Parental Control

The app allows tracking SMS, calls, detects sexting, bullying, etc. along with all the core parental controls. This free-of-cost Android and iOS compatible app has an inbuilt web filter to restrict indecent websites. The blocking mechanism is the best in the industry and highly praised by parents across the globe.

Are you still waiting to apply the best child monitoring & tracker software for your child? You can choose any one among them all. Our pick would be the market winner app – Bit Guardian Parental Control owing to its extensive range of features which you will not find in any other application.

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