Announcing a New Dynamics CRM Webcast Series for Users and Pros

There should be no doubt we live in a mobile and software-based world and more than 60% of the planet now has direct access to a cell phone or computer. Billions of users are using this new mode of communication and still increasing. Digital transformation is reaching out to each industry by offering a unique chance for each and every enterprise to utilize the data and the intelligence so that they can transform their relations with their customers. These business industries are eager to upgrade and deliver the product and services, segregate their operations and give strength to their team and people.

In 2014-2015, according to a survey it was stated that more than 60% of the time spent on the mobile apps by smartphone users. During the year 2015, global downloads across all stores hit 111 billion. So, in this article, we will discuss how mobile CRM apps are changing the business industry and how there are many benefits any user can gain by using Microsoft 365 CRM tool. We review the main differences between both solutions and help you understand the business benefits of both options and why you should be thinking about a CRM mobile app for users.

Microsoft Business Applications Future

The frequency of Dynamics 365 updates can present a challenge when it comes to keeping track of all the new and updated features and analyzing how these will benefit your organization. The users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM know very well the capabilities of this tool. Microsoft Dynamics 365 making news, information, and data available from the social media channels to the views of your internal client and prospect data.

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There is a vast and quickly evolving community of the consumers and partners who share a common passion for all things Microsoft business applications. For example- spanning Dynamics 365, Power BI, PowerApps and remaining of the business application platform.

On-Demand Webcast- Voice of Customer

A premier experience of the consumer has become one of the differentiators in achieving the business of the present world’s consumer. The perfect experience for your customers is about creating your process in such a way that meets the purpose to fulfill the expectations of customers that is only possible by improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.

The consumers hold the power to choose among many companies. When you can deliver a better, improved and better experience for the consumers turns the situation gently in your favor. According to a recent study done by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs stated that approx 80% of the U.S customers will readily pay more for something in order to receive the best user experience.

When it comes to creating your impression on your customers, having proper feedback from them is very critical for your company success. The Microsoft CRM tool Dynamics 365 has an interesting feature known as Voice of the customer.

By the help of this feature, you can capture feedback on the services and products offered by you. With the help of the voice of your consumer, you can begin with the New Promoter Score survey. You can also configure with multiple questions and many branch-able surveys easily and then distribute them to various contacts and capture the feedback. These customized surveys work across devices including smartphone, tablet, and laptops. This survey consists with this feature help you act from customer feedback by finding loops in your services, running targeted marketing promotions or sending latest offers to increase overall sales.

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Features of this Dynamics 365 CRM Tool

By the help of this tool, the survey can be managed with a variety of questions. It can automatically store the feedback for reporting purpose. You can trigger actions on products automatically based on customer feedback or ratings. You can also create and modify the org chart with so much ease.


  • Voice of the customer capture key sales and customer service metrics
  • Deliver customer feedback visibility to team members
  • Triggers action based on business rules, survey results, or the main part of business process flows
  • Report on survey data along with CRM data will be easily possible

Upcoming Webcast Series

The latest and updates 2019 CRM Webcast series will be managed by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for customer engagement in March. You can join this live webcast series to improve your CRM development company to enhance the overall sales of your business. There will be three main types of sessions to attend: experts webcasts, vendor shootouts, and roundtable discussion. The expert webcasts will be led by a range of presenters from both inside and outside the Dynamics ecosystem. The highlight of this latest Webcast series will include

  • Upcoming changes to your system
  • Tips and tricks for maximizing usage
  • Exclusive and new insight into the new application of CRM tool and much more.

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