Chief Reasons to Prefer Node.js for Web Application Development

Many organizations have already shifted to the Node.js web application development, which itself explains that how efficiently it has benefited various businesses. Being an open-source cross-platform built on JavaScript, it is used to make live feature-based applications.

The technology offers various advantages for web app development company like it takes less time to market the application, the applications are dynamic and are highly agile to adapt to the latest trends in the market quickly, and tremendous support is available to develop useful apps.  To produce server-side web apps with the 2-way connection, it makes use of push technology along with open-stack tools like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The technology has more than 7 million users, and developers are bound to get attracted to the benefits like speed, easy usage, modularization, etc. to use Node.js. With time it has made a strong foundation in the development industry, and it is wise and advantageous for developers to rely on it.

Here are some of the benefits of the Node.js that has made it the first choice for web application development:

Speedy development and easy usage

Node.js with Google’s V8 engine compiles the JavaScript code that is used in the backend into native machine code and is executed extremely fast. The input-output operations are carried out either synchronously and asynchronously by sending out simultaneous threads to carry out functions. It runs on a single thread called the event loop that forbids jumbling up of multiple threads to carry out operations. As a result, the speed of the system is enhanced. The flexibility allows it to use the same code on the server-side and the browser side and show high support for extremely complex and feature-oriented applications. The bare basic tasks like reading and writing the database, establishing network connections, and managing the file system are done quickly with Node.js. This encourages Node.js development of easy logic apps and agile web applications for businesses.

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Full-stack capabilities

Node.js can fulfill the entire stack requirement without hiring separate professionals for backend and front-end development. Node.js can develop both front and backend web applications. It is thus easy to add, modify, and delete data in the database with consistency in both the ends of the system. The developers can write code on server and client-side with ease further improving the efficiency of the application. The productivity, along with the profit increases as the requirement of hiring professionals decreases. The ability to develop front and backend, arranging everything in between the agility of running the programs along with quality assurance has made it a popular choice among the web app developers.

Asynchronous programming

In Node.js the asynchronous programming runs all units of work separately from the main thread of the application, and they are answerable to the calling thread on completion, failure of the process. Whenever there is a need to perform an input-output operation, a non-blocking thread is sent to the event loop along with a call back function. On the successful completion of the event loop, it is returned to the task. Simultaneously, the rest of the program is run on its own. There is no waiting for the first request to complete to process another request which improves the performance of the application. All other requests are handled concurrently, and the tasks are executed in no time.

Modularization by Node.js

The active sharing promoted by Node.js has resulted in the development of a supportive community that has loads of codes available on the internet. The Node Package Manager is one of the largest open-source libraries in the world that has reusable codes and up to 4 lakhs of modules available for developers. A lot of websites have shared code that can be utilized in the process of web app development. Various standard code libraries like Github and Stack Overflow have different codes from Node.js developers all over the world which have the facility of receiving instant interactions and live notifications from other developers. There are a variety of plugins available for the abecedarians to start with learning the coding process.

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The modularization ensures the development of agile applications and uses less code than traditional JavaScript development. This way, the modules provide by technology helps in saving the developer’s time, money, and energy, and these qualities have made Node.js app development popular among the developers.


The node.js framework has surely overcome the best features of other frameworks and technologies, and it continues to be a popular programming language. It is time now for the start-up businesses and the existing ones to empower their business apps with the never compromising platform. Contact our Node.js app development company to avail our affordable services and develop your business app as per your requirements.

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