Moto RAZR Impressions: The Return of a Folding Icon!

Motorola finally had their pretty low key event tonight. And I just showed anyone who thinks that smartphones are getting boring. Somebody go ahead and apologize right off the top for the absolute worst lighting conditions I’ve ever seen. And a hands on area, Motorola.

Why did you do it like this? Please. Never do it like this again. But nevertheless, I got some angle storya of the new razor. And my initial Prestons. And I am just fascinated by this thing. So I’ve never owned actually the original Razr. But all my friends did. And this new folding phone version is pretty much the same size as that flip phone from back in the day. One of the best selling phones of all time. So it fits in the hand the same way.

Awesome Display

It’s still super thin like the original. It’s got the chin like the original, but it’s basically a modernized 20:20 version. Now, I’ve been talking over the past few months about all these different various ways to do a folding phone. This is gonna be the favorite for a lot of people. And it’s, of course, a vertical folding screen. So this is a 6.2 inch 21×42 by 876 OLED display on the inside. They call it a flex view display. And on the outside, similar to the galaxy foaled, you have a smaller display, a 2.7 inch eight hundred by 600 geo led panel. That’s going to be called a quick view display. And so of course, when you fold it down, the phone is literally half the size, just the way the original was. It really is something special.


So I actually had like you might have some questions about it. I only got to spend about an hour with it in the terribly lit Hands-On area. So I’m going to have to get my paws back on it again to do a full review and really get into the phone.

Build Quality

But the first major question is like, how well is it built? Is it really built well? OK, we’ve seen folding phones break. So what is Motorola doing to prevent that? Well, from my time, there is good news and bad news. The good news is this hinge design feels really good, really solid to me. It has a weight and a springing up to it. And it felt premium and satisfying to open and close. I mean, everyone knows the feeling of closing this phone like snapping it shut after a phone call is going to be super important. And of course, I couldn’t quite capture it in this opposite of a well-lit room. But it’s got a nice. It’s Lapps is what I’m trying to say. It’s laughs. It’s pretty nice. The actual hinge mechanism is, again, different from the other folding phones that we’re seeing. And it seems to work really well to the point where if you lay it flat, there doesn’t seem to be much of a crease in the screen at all. As far as I can tell. So that was impressive.

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But the bit of bad news is I still think it’s going to be a bit delicate. Others still gaps on the sides and it still does look like a pretty complex hinge. So it sort of interrupts the otherwise pretty clean, angular throwback design. Also, when you start to fold the phone shut, you can see the bottom of the phone sort of start to tuck into the chin just a little bit like you see that down there. You might not notice it at first. Sam Sheffer had to pointed out to me, but it’s worth showing.

Definitely gonna have to get this phone in the hand, though, for longer than an hour to see what the durability is like. But speaking of the chin, what’s in there? Because that’s that’s a pretty big chin on this new razor. And that’s because many of the important components live down here, too. So at the top of it, you can see that’s where your fingerprint reader is. See if you still want to do fingerprint unlock. You can do that. And then at the bottom is, of course, also your USB type c-port.

Headphone and Speaker

There is no headphone jack, but there’s your speaker grille. So it’s all down facing speakers here. And then about the top, you do have a bit of a notch for your earpiece and other front facing sensors, but no camera up here. And that’s pretty much it as far as design.

Flip Design

The rest of it is basically a spitting image of that nostalgic razor. Everything about the shape, just the way it sits in your hand, really the way it opens and closes. Yes. It’s really cool. There are also some Android tricks here to make it work. And Motorola has built-in things where they usually do with their moto actions. So if you remember the double twist to open the camera that’s still here.

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Things like that. Oh, and speaking of the camera, that’s the only camera, just this one camera here under the bump. That’s your main camera and your selfie camera. Because when you open the phone, it becomes the rear-facing camera. And then when you fold, it shut. Now it’s your main selfie camera. So you’ll have high quality selfies with that main sensor.

Aspect Ratio

That’s another advantage of this folding design and aspect ratio. Just to note, it is 21 by nine when it’s open. It seems pretty tall and skinny, but it’s really not too crazy for a phone. I mean, ask Sony. It fits a video full screen and doesn’t cut off too much if you’re into that. Apps will work regularly without having to be adapted. Instead of looking funky in some square aspect, ratio is looking good here. And when the. Things I really want to test more is the continuity between open and closed. I need to figure out how well that works and also just what sorts of things you can do on that outside display. Right now, the show, things like the time notifications and then you can answer texts and called Google assistant and do some pretty simple stuff like that, which makes sense on the quick view display. But that looks to be about it.


Body Foldable water-repellent design, glass and metal back, stainless steel frame; Noir Black only.
Size 94 x 72 x 14mm folded, 172 x 72 x 6.9mm unfolded, 205g.
Screen Foldable 6.2″ P-OLED, 876 x 2,142 px, 373ppi, large notch; secondary 2.7″ G-OLED 800 x 600 px.
Chipset Snapdragon 710 (10nm): Octa-core CPI – 2×2.2 GHz Kryo 360 Gold & 6×1.6 GHz Kryo 360 Silver; Adreno 616 GPU.
Memory 6GB RAM, 128GB storage.
OS Android 9.0 Pie. (vanilla)
Rear camera Main: 16MP, f/1.7, dual-pixel PDAF, dual-LED flash; 2160p video recording; Secondary: ToF camera
Front camera 5MP, f/2.0.
Battery 2,510mAh, 15W charging.
Connectivity eSIM only, LTE-A, Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, USB-C.
Misc Front-mounted fingerprint sensor.

For anyone interested are upper mid-range, I would say so. Not totally all-out flagship, but she got a Snapdragon 7 10 here, 6 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigs of storage built in. It’s also supposed to be splash proof, according to Motorola, but there is no official IP ratings, so I wouldn’t go around crazy submerging it or anything like that. And the camera spec is 16 megapixels at F 1.7 with no optical image stabilization and then the official battery size is two thousand five hundred ten million hours.

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So definitely on the small side for a phone with. Let’s be honest, a pretty big 6.2 inch display. But that’s part of the price you pay to get a phone. As crazy, Finn, as this razor is. And then this whole thing, this whole package is going to retail for $1429. Yes. for $1429 and it’ll be available in January 2020.

So here’s the thing. I want one.

I’m going to want one of these but not in like a smart. Like this is gonna be a good phone objectively. Type away.

It’s definitely much more of a throwback nostalgic way and people who are younger than me won’t even really understand that nostalgia and also a 6.2 display. I kind of already have that and it already fits in my pocket. So part of me was sort of hoping for an even bigger display to make the whole folding thing more worth it. But the fact that I could fit a 6.2 display in my pocket in a wafer size thing, the size of the razor is still pretty sweet.

Some Drawbacks on My Opinion

I don’t know. For me, this is not the type of thing where I’m going to nit pick a lot. You’ve noticed this with the way I’ve talked about other first generation folding phones like. Yeah, sure, I wish this one had a high refresh rate display. I wish it had a snapdragon 55. I wish I had a headphone jack. I wish it had faster, fast charging than the 15 watch that it’s supported. I wish it had a bigger battery. All these things that I wish it had that would have made it even better. But I’m not going to nit pick because it’s just that next level form factor change that will I’ll nit pick the next versions of this song. How about that?

Like, it’s clearly not going to be the best buy for most people, but if you could give me one piece of tech from twenty nineteen to bring back to show someone in 2003, I think it would have to be this guy.


So with the Motorola Razr, what we’re getting is a phone which is running Android, but it is a much more modern take on these standard Razr. So to talk to the Android expert himself. Hi. Don’t you love these video conditions? Anyway, that was a word from Mark that has roundly noted YouTube celebrity and huge fan of the Motorola Razr, specifically this event.

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