Social Media Dangers for Teens: How to deal with it?

A decade ago no one familiar with the term social media, then a sudden rain of social messaging apps hits the bull’s eye.  Then People do bombardment of making their accounts on all the available digital media websites and apps. Now in the current world, almost everyone has their account on multiple social messaging apps and the smartphone technology putting more ease to get hands on social networking. The Young teenagers are at the top of the list that is using the instant messengers far more than any other community such as adults and old age people.

The instant messaging application had been developed for people to communicate when they are far away from their homes, to make interaction with the people who don’t have much time in their busy lives. Now the young teens are using multiple platforms for many different purposes such as showing off, dating, and attention seeking purposes. Therefore, the youngster’s community is the most effective community who got plenty of health issues and unethical issues which may ruin their lives. There are following some hazards which can horribly damage teens live frequently.

Cyber bullying:

It is the most horrific social issue in the modern world which young teen are facing at the moment. Therefore, parents are very concerned about the safety of their young kids and teens. Young kids and teens cyber bulling online at the regular basis by using the plenty of dating apps and through other social messaging platforms. The online bullying is creating issues among teens such as depression, inferiority complex, and anxiety. They don’t realize what sort of friends they are making or following on instant messengers and sharing their pictures, videos without setting the privacy which ultimately may harm them badly. Parents need to use the OgyMogy app to keep an eye on all the activities which they are doing on social messaging apps such as Facebook, yahoo, Tinder, Instagram, Line, Vine and others alike. Parents just have to use the IM’s Social Media; it allows them to view all the IM’s logs which will provide them complete information regarding each activity kids/teens perform on their social platforms.

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Carnal Content:

It is one of the most unethical and inappropriate things which young user is watching having smartphone in hand when connected to the internet. They view pornographic material by visiting the porn websites and on the social messaging apps which other users have shared. Parents can make a check on their kids’ activities through view browsing activities; it allows parents to view all browsing history, visited websites and all bookmarked websites.

Health Hazards:

The excessive use of digital world through the smartphones may create health hazards among kids and teens. The kids and teens who always seems busy in texting chatting and messaging all day long usually got some serious health issues such as depression, anxiety, lack of cognitive skills, I’ll sleeping patterns, eye infection and weight gain. Therefore, parents have to decrease their screen timings by using remotely phone control of the cell phone monitoring software. It allows parents to block the internet, parents can also view all the installed applications, they can block texting while teens are driving and even block strangers incoming calls remotely with the help of the tracking app.


Stalkers are everywhere active on social messaging apps; they usually follow the young teens and make them friends. They show their positive side on the social media and win the trust of young teens. Once they have good terms with young kids them force them to date them in the real world and after that fulfill their dark motives. That’s why the parents are very scared about the protection of their kids and teens activities in the online world. Parents can use keylogger of the smartphone monitoring app which allows parents to view all the keystrokes their teens have applied on their cell phones device such as password keystrokes, messenger’s keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.

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When parents enable to get all the keystrokes they can check each and everything within the target device and can know each and every single activity which kids and teens perform in the digital world. If parents come to know that their young teen is planning to meet someone online, then they can track GPS location with the help of GPS location tracker of the monitoring app. It allows parents to view location history, current location history, weekly location history and they can mark safe and restricted areas for young teens.


The cell phone spy software enables parents to protect their children from all online dangers. it also keeps updated parents regarding their kids and teens activities online.



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