Make Your Own Custom Pillow Boxes and Get Custom Packaging

Make Your Own Custom Pillow Boxes and Get Custom Packaging

Packaging trends have been changing since the start of time, according to the arising needs of the companies and the customers. During the beginning of the days, the sole purpose of packaging was to contain the product to send to the retailers and keep on the shelves to be sold.

Now there are a lot of factors that are involved in the packing of a product. Like for whom this specific product is made, where it will be sold, does it fulfill the standards of packaging set by the FDA, is it attractive enough to attract the attention of the customer as there are a lot of competitors in the market with packaging that looks more promising. The cost factor is also important to keep in check not to exceed the budget as this is what any business is about, keeping the cost less than the revenue.

Pillow boxes are a type of packing boxes that looks like a pillow as the name suggests. They are flat or curved inside from the sides or sometimes just from one side depending on how do you want them to look like. These can be used for numerous items like chocolates, candies, snacks, fresh fruits, dry fruits, and not only limited to food items they can contain jewelry, craft items, and wires or whatnot. Their variety of style makes them suitable for all kinds of products.

Styles of pillow boxes:

  • Crystal clear boxes
  • Top Hanging
  • Side hanging
  • standing pillow boxes

The material used to make pillow boxes:

Equipment used for these boxes is eco-friendly and biodegradable like:

  • Cardboard
  • Paperboard
  • PVC plastic
  • Kraft paper
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Kraft is the most used and high in demand material used for manufacturing pillow boxes.

Kraft pillow boxes are unique and recyclable which makes them accessible.


It is made up of recycled paper or wood that is converted into the wood pulp which is customarily bleached to cut all the color from it.

This paper is not bleached, that gives it its brown color. In the end, this pulp is converted into the paper by pressing process.


It is stronger than other papers because of three main reasons that are:

Non-bleached: Its strength comes because it does not go through the process of bleaching that results in leaving the contents that make it stronger.

Higher sulfur ratio: The pulping process used for Kraft paper does not use chemicals except sulfur that gives it the highest possible strength.

Mechanical Pulping: This pulping process does not remove lignin from the fibers in the wood that bonds with the cellulose present in the fibers giving the paper its strength.


Now comes the interesting part that is customization.

For getting your own Kraft pillow boxes, wholesale rates and a vast range of variety comes handy.

  • Stuff used to make packaging:

You can easily design the whole box from scratch choosing the material that suits your product because different items need different packaging.

Clear PVC boxes are most suitable for jewelry, colorful favors, candy, and gifts to give them a full exposure.

Kraft paper is durable and light in weight. Its health-friendly properties make it perfect for a food item or else they can be used for anything.

  • Size accordingly:
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There is no limitation of width and length for these boxes. Every product can easily fit in there if correct dimensions are chosen. 

  • Designing:

Getting the design and color of your choice is not an issue with the latest printing technology that offers a wide range of color options. You are not bound to go for the same limited colors to select for your brand. Different designs, illustrations, and logos or names can be printed in every texture and style.

  • Texturing:

What makes them so intricate is the textures. It enhances the look of the boxes.

Embossing is a technique that raises the desired surface on the box and it really helps in highlighting the important text or design on the box. You can get any design raised on your custom boxes for an exquisite touch.

Foiling is a technique in which silver or gold foil is stamped onto the object to give it a shiny metallic look.

The frosting is a proprietary resin formulation on the surface of the boxes. It makes them look so premium.

Go for texturing to makes your boxes different from others and attract a more significant number of audience. Packaging has no boundaries, and the brand with the best representation of their products make it to the top.

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  • Lamination:

Quality matters when people invest in something. They like to get the best of the product that looks good in quality. Most of the purchasing decisions are made by looking at the packaging.

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To enhance the quality and give your boxes that smooth finish that offers a sense of high-end packaging.

If you want to go for a decent and aesthetic look, go for matte lamination that gives a velvety touch to the box.

Glossy lamination gives the shine and smooth reflective finish to the packaging.

Lamination also helps in protection and makes the cases moisture-proof to some extent.

Creating your dream packaging is not a difficult task; the challenging thing is to choose your style and go accordingly. Always choose the style that represents the vibe of your company because packaging helps in promoting the brand. If done correctly, it will go a long way and attract more people.

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