Best Android Apps 2019

Trending Applications in 2019 and Their Reviews

With gadgets getting smarter and smarter every year we are getting so many amazing applications that makes the user experience all the way more enthralling. Imagine a phone without an application it would just be a boring calling device. Who would want that? So, here we are introducing to you some of the latest application that you must download on your phone in 2019;


For the hunger giant inside of you that awakes every now and then and demands scrumptious food delights there is an application known as Zomato. With the assistance of your phone’s location services, Zomato fetches the data from your phone’s GPS and tracks down to list some of the best eateries for you and from around the town. There are various ways to make the search specifically according to your preferences and taste and that could be done by mentioning your choices and preferences.

You will be offered with plethora of choices no matter if you are somewhere out of station, you can still change the location of your place and search for the local places that offer food. Zomato offers you the ease and happiness to place and get your food from any place where you are at.

This application overflows with features and you can check many things from location, cost of delivery, menu, pictures, user reviews etc.


It is an app that will help you to study the language that you have always wanted to study. It is a paid application that can be easily downloaded on an Android or iPhone and help you learn many new languages. The application offers almost 11 different kind of languages to learn from some of the most popular languages like English, French, Spanish.

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With the help of this application you can interact with other people too who speak the same language or to someone whose native language is the one that you are learning. This application provides you a common platform to interact with your clients. It has got lessons that will help to improve your target language. Now, you can diversify the way you learn. With the help of paid subscription you can upgrade the level and advance into various options.


Music lovers and music makers this is a must need application for the smart phone. There are over 150 million tracks that you will get to choose from and the music library is continuously expanding and the musical database if growing every day. This application is perfect to keep your ears entertained and it is an innovative music sharing platform with the help of which you can upload your favourite songs and share them further with your followers.


It has a huge range of comic books and graphic novels to offer. It is your one stop shop for all the comics and novels. The user friendly interface is from where you can buy new and the extensive range of issues. With this gadget-friendly application you can browse the unlimited graphic novels and the latest comics. You get access to the Marvel, DC, Disney, IDW and all the comics while you are still on the move.

Playing games is all the way more fun when you have a bigger screen to play it, like if you have computer, laptop, tab the experience and feel is going to be greater and grand. You can down load the comics to your phone and read comics on the move.

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PlayStation Application

For all the gaming enthusiasts, yes play station application is available on the store. With this application you can sign in to your PSN account, make purchases, interact with friends and you can even schedule downloads for PlayStation. You can connect your mobile device to your PlayStation and take the experience to the whole new level. The feeling of playing games on PlayStation can be made all the way more exciting and enthralling by attaching computer components and accessories to it or you can download this application to your laptop/MAC or computer.


It is currently the most trending and efficient online grammar checker tool. Although it is a little pricey but even if you are not willing to pay for it then you can use the unpaid version to correct your grammar mistakes. It is the best online checking tool that is known for its accuracy. It won’t bug you time and again nor will it exempt any of your silly grammar mistakes. It looks for the minutest things that you have missed out from comma, exclamation, question mark etc. You can never go wrong with grammarly.

Ready to try some of the best trending applications.

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