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Home Shifting Doesn’t Have To Be Hard – Read These Tips

Shifting your home to a new location is a cumbersome and stressful process for any family. From cancellation of services to packing the stuff to looking for a removals service, there are many things to do. The things become tougher when the time is less, and you have more work, and you need to take off from work to prepare for the move.

However, with proper planning and organizing the tasks, you can simplify your move and make things easier. This post explains some simple tips to make home shifting simple and convenient for families.

Plan your move early

You need to avoid making last-minute decisions in the process of home shifting. If you don’t have to pack your stuff and leave in a rush, you’ll likely have between 4-8 weeks to make sure you’re organizing everything for your day of the move. Sparing some time to plan your move enables you to make arrangements and have everything ready at the right time.

Cancel the local services

You need to apply for the cancellation of all the local services and apply for the same at the new location. Apply for cancellation at your current location at least one month in advance to avoid any extra charges. Also, apply for the local services at your new location online in advance. Doing this helps you to use the service immediately as you arrive at your new house.

Declutter and remove unwanted items


Many people come to know as they start to declutter and simplify their homes is that they have more unwanted things than they need. There’s no point in shifting boxes from your old home to your new home if they’re just going to sit for months unused. Save your time and energy by getting rid of these items, such as old clothes and electronics.

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Start packing at least a month before the move

It is essential to have enough time for packing to pack all the stuff that you need to move. Organise everything before you begin packing your home by making sure you get all the necessary packing material in advance; this involves boxes of different sizes, sticker labels, tapes, colored markers, and bubble wraps.

Hire professional removalist

Unless you have a very good friend with an empty car, you’re likely going to have to arrange a specialist like removals Gilston to assist for your move. People underestimate the number of items they have at home, and the experts can help you find the same. They also advise and make things move more efficiently and effectively. You can also ask the movers to help you with everything from packaging to reassembling.

Label the boxes and take pictures

Write on each of your boxes the name and category of the contents inside. Instead of attempting to remember the items inside every box, you might want to access some essential items immediately. Before taping, you can also photograph content with your smartphone. Number the box and take a picture of it as well, so you know which photo will be taken with which box.

Pack an essentials box


Pack a box with all the things you can’t live without surviving your new home the first night. You must pack the items such as bathroom paper, bed linens, and blankets, prescriptions, eyeglasses, contact lens solution in this box. It is the first box that you should open after arriving in our new house. You need all these things immediately as you arrive at the new location.

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Take help from friends

It is stressful and challenging to perform all the tasks for a move, as there are plenty of functions. As there are more things to do in less time, it is good to take help from friends. Ask them to do things like canceling the services, ordering for packing essentials, research for movers and packers, etc. Taking help enables you to have some time for yourself and your family.

Take care of your family

During the move, everything needs packing, and it creates a mess in your house. It also disturbs the daily routine of your family and pets. As a family head, you need to take care of your kids, spouse, and parents. You need to provide them what they need in these days when everything goes on packing.

Manage your time effectively

As moving requires you to do many things in less time, you need to manage time effectively. Writing the things, making lists, and creating a time table for everything can help you to organize everything in time.

Final Words

These are the home shifting tips to follow to make your move easy. Following these tips can help families to ensure a smooth and convenient process to relocate and enjoy shifting to their new homes.

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