Sparkol VideoScribe Pro

All You Need to Know About Sparkol VideoScribe Pro

If video scribing is an important part of your work, you will find several software options online. Here, we will tell you about Sparkol Videoscribe Pro and if you should use it for scribing.

Sparkol Videoscribe Pro for video scribing

For starters, note that Sparkol Videoscribe Pro is not an app for beginners. It is fairly difficult to work on and mostly used by professionals.

If you need to constantly work on new ideas and themes, you should totally check it out. Niches best supported by this video scribing platform includes training, education, and other tasks.

Both Windows and Mac devices support Sparkol Videoscribe Pro. However, it is majorly used by Windows users because it has exclusive writing software for windows, called whiteboard animation creators.

Using this software opens an opportunity to tell stories that produce a capture recording style. Moreover, this software is perfect for handwritten animation globally.

If you plan to create an animation movie, you all need Sparkol Videoscribe Pro. It is the ideal software that brings out the creativity in you.

You can experiment with several textures, colors and change the canvas style. You will be able to add music tracks and voiceovers for your animation as well. There are dummy photos available in the Sparkol photo library that you can use to create your artwork.

Note that Sparkol VideoScribe is not like PowerPoint. You will not be able to present your artwork in the form of slides. Instead, you will have a canvas.

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The software lets you choose the timeframe taken to complete the drawing. Change the hand type for different types of presentations. For this, you get to either import a hand or choose amidst the software options.

Features of Sparkol VideoScribe Pro

  • Easy to use once you go through the process
  • You can use your hand
  • Free version available with watermark
  • Professional styling and content design options
  • Show the direction and improve workflow
  • Canvas adds no limits in terms of length or content
  • No need to log in
  • Easy to use White Table for animation
  • Pro version offers whiteboard animation
  • Image morphing feature included
  • Let’s you create advertising videos
  • Output is high-definition with codes like 1080p, 720p, mp4, wave, and more
  • Countless snapshots easily loaded include text and other details
  • Snapshots with SVG formatted primarily supported

How to use the software for free?

Create a live presentation and interesting videos with complete customization with Sparkol VideoScribe Pro. It allows you to use the free version, provided you are okay with their watermark on your artwork. To use it without the watermark, you need to pay for it.

Final thoughts

When using VideoScribe, Sparkol is a great feature to utilize for your animations. It is easy to use once you get used to the pattern and gives you several options to go creative. It is an excellent tool for freelancers. Start your journey with whiteboard scribing today!