5 Apps to Which are Analogous to Computer Games

5 Apps to Which are Analogous to Computer Games

Mobile gaming is one of today’s biggest trends, even though mobile games are not regarded highly by the traditional video gaming community. More people are using their smartphones and tablets for gaming, which may raise the question ‘are mobile games real games’ or whether mobile gaming will ever replace PC and console gaming.
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Mobile gaming is way easier and inexpensive compared to PC or Console gaming

A simple mobile games definition would be gaming apps that you can download, install, and play on your phone. The ease and cost-effectiveness of playing have made them an option for a group of people that want to play to pass time without incurring hefty costs.Many computer games are now becoming available on phones. This is not too bad as you can play them while waiting for the bus or waiting in line. The most popular games involve survival or competition with other online players. Here is a list where you can choose one of the most popular survivor game among players. Below we will take a closer look at them. In this age of uncertainty, the number of people who want to invest in expensive equipment like gaming consoles, graphics cards, and others has reduced greatly. People who are not gaming diehards also want to enjoy gaming now that there is a lot of time to kill. Since most people already own a smartphone or tablet, mobile gaming appears to be the more convenient and reasonable option. Since mobile gaming apps rely on ads or run on a freemium model, most of them are free to play, making them even more attractive to most players. Even though you may have to pay a fee to access some premium games, these fees are small compared to consoles that require you to buy the whole game plus accessories.

iOS and Android app stores have millions of options

With iOS and Android App Stores getting new mobile games daily, there are millions of games available. These games have unique and intuitive themes, gameplay, music, graphics, and many other features that have previously made console and PC games popular. Regardless of your taste and preference, there will be a game among the millions available on these app stores. Mobile gaming software providers make loads of cash through in-app purchases and ads, as mobile games news has it that players spend almost $87 in their favorite games. These revenue opportunities have made the mobile games industry even stronger.

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The ability to play mobile games on the go

Unlike PCs and gaming consoles, where you have to be limited to a certain location, how mobile games work allows players to enjoy their favorite games so long as they have their smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. Playing on the go can be beneficial for players at work hoping to play on their breaks, at school, while traveling, or even far from home. What’s more, mobile gaming does not require the player to bring any bulky hardware, which is another benefit.

The social aspect

Mobile games history has always had a strong social aspect. They allow you to keep up with your friends’ progress and play with them if you have a reliable internet connection, which makes them a valuable method of interacting with them during isolation. Some games also let you connect your social media accounts and ask friends for assistance or game assets, thus adding to the fun aspect.

Looking to start mobile gaming? Below are five mobile games best options that are versions of popular console games that you will find worth your time.

Mario Kart Tour

If you are looking for mobile games I can play with friends, Mario Kart Tour is one of those. It is available for free and a complete joy for a pastime game. While Nintendo had made some mistake and this game has had some issues with microtransactions, you will not regret installing it. Mario Kart Tour is a complete delight with an online multiplayer feature. It is a perfect game for you if you are looking for mobile games for two friends with no consoles. The mobile version has the same graphics and tunes, with red shells and banana peels as power-ups. Quality-wise, it will not come even close to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Switch; but you will still enjoy the fun this game offers. The game is more of a freemium kind, but you can acquire gems to buy characters from random pipes.  It is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

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If you like games with words or mobile games good for spelling, then Fortnite is here, there, everywhere, meaning that you can play this game virtually on any device. Being cross-platform makes it so much better than many other games. It has a mobile games online with friends, and cross-platform features mean that you can install it on your smartphone or tablet and battle your friends who may be playing on PC or console. Your profiles and data will be readily available on all your compatible devices; hence you’ll always be making headway. You might find its mobile version a little harder to play, especially if you do not have a console extension compared to the PC version, plus the mobile version will not be as seamless and polished. However, this version will still provide a remarkable Fortnite experience. What’s more, it remains impressive that a sophisticated game runs on a mobile device. With a PEGI rating of 12, it is suitable for anybody from the age of 13 years. You can get it from both Google Playstore and Apple App Store.


Minecraft is one of those games that took YouTube and the world of gaming by storm. Thankfully, it is now available for you to enjoy on your phone. Like Fortnite, the game is cross-platform, and you can, therefore, play with friends on Xbox, PS4, or PC if you choose to install on your smartphone or tablet. The game that sports the sandbox, pixilated builder, is now available for $6.99, which may not appeal to you if you want a free mobile game. However, you will get value for your money even if it is not quite the amount most people are willing to part with for a mobile game. The mobile version is perfect for long extended periods at home as it is more relaxing than overwhelming and competitive. The block-based world will be the perfect escape from reality, even for a short while. Minecraft is on both Google and iOS App Stores.

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Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara is another of those action-adventure mobile games to play with the most remarkable music and rhythm. It has been described as one of the genuinely incredible mobile games that 2019 saw, and playing it will give you the feeling of being featured in a fast-paced and fun music album. This title first featured on Switch, where its fan base is massive, and the ability to play on mobile is a show of the tremendous growth in mobile gaming. Sayonara Wild Hearts is a short game that you want to try for an unforgettable experience. It is split into 20 odd levels, where on each, you must collect items and avoid obstacles. The goals for each level are presented differently, with each level having a score. The gameplay and exemplary artistry make it perfect for brightening up day after day of being stuck indoors, and the music is excellent. Sayonara is available on the iOS App Store.

Words with Friends

If you like games with words or mobile games good for spelling, then you will enjoy this title. Words with Friends is a multiplayer spelling game that will frustrate you and make you doubt your friends’ integrity even more as you accuse them of cheating. It offers an excellent opportunity to challenge your friends as well as your brains. There are so many cheating options online that integrity in this game is almost unheard of. If playing solo is your thing, then you can also do that with the most recent version. The game encourages players to use only respectable language, which may make the game even more hilarious and a great way to connect with friends in isolation. You and your friends should have a great time making some scrabble smack talk rather than boring small talk. What’s more, playing this game should help you keep your mind sharp. The only catch with the game is that an ad plays after every move, which you might find irritating. Words with Friends is available on both iOS and Android App Stores.


PC and Console games are way more advanced in terms of graphics, content, animations, sound, control, and gameplay. However, the hardcore gaming experience is only limited to a few players that live by the game, making mobile gaming the best option for you. The five mobile games ideas above should help you get a headstart on mobile gaming and have fun from your home’s comfort.

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