Best Front Loading washing machines of 2019

Best Front Loading Washing Machines of 2019

Have you recently got married and settled in an apartment? Are you out to buy a washing machine? Then you and your spouse must have read the reviews, checked online forums and landed on this page. So, to make your time worthwhile, we are going to give the best information about the best front loading washing machines of 2019.


Why Do You Need A Washing Machine?

There was a time when having a television at home was a luxury. Not any more. Now every Indian household has a TV. And other electronic appliances. So, you have the washing machine which you can find in every home.

But as you know, in the initial stages, it was the semi-automatic washing machines which became popular. Now, it is the full automatic washing machine which makes up most of the market. And you have two types of models. The first is the top loading washing machine and the second, front loading washing machine.


Importance of Washing Machines

If you want to know the importance of this appliance, just ask the womenfolk of your house. Just imagine the situation five decades ago, in India. Your grandmother or aunt may have spent a major part of the day washing the clothes. The washing machine was a godsend to many Indian womenfolk. They could not only save time but also concentrate on other important matters.

So, the introduction is over. Yes, we will discuss the importance of selecting front load washing machines in the last part of the article. As of now, let us concentrate on the best front load washing machines of 2019.


Change of Trend

There was a time when top loading washing machines were favored all over the globe. But now, the trend has shifted, and the customers prefer front load washing machines. And you have the best international brand models in India such as LG, IFB, and Bosch. Oh, yes, we forgot to mention, you also have the Onida brand.

So, let us start reviewing the models, one brand from the other.

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Best Front Loading Washing Machines of 2019


IFB front load washing machine

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1. IFB Front Loading Washing Machine – Model – Senorita Aqua SX, Silver 6.5 KG

Mention IFB to a home improvement professional, and he will state this brand is one among the top manufacturers of front load washing machines in the globe. In India, you have four types of models, namely the Eva Aqua, Senorita Aqua, Elena Aqua, and Diva Aqua. Do not be surprised at the next sentence. The models come in sizes ranging from six to eight kg. Now, let us look at the feature of the IFB Senorita Aqua SX 6.5 kg front load washing machine. You can count this model as one of the best front loading washing machines of 2019.

A. Features

It is a fully automatic washing machine in the front loading type. The advantage of buying this model is, do not be surprised, you get a ton of wash programs. You can find a special program for every type of stain and fabric.

B. Three-dimensional wash system

The water spray system has been designed with special attention. In the drum, nozzles are present where the water flows all through the drum. Because of the special spray system, all the detergent gets dissolved, the dirt gets drawn out from the device in an effective manner.

C. Aqua Energie Filter

Do you stay in an area where only hard water is available for washing clothes? Then yes, you must have a doubt stating that the clothes may become damaged. But in this model, all the bicarbonates get broken and turn to crystals. But the size is so minute that they do not form crusts and can never damage your clothes. So, the problem of hard water is solved by this model.

D. Foam-Control

Usually, when the foam quantity gets bigger, then the quality of wash may get affected. But this model has a foam control system, where the foam gets diluted.

E. Air Bubble Wash

Do you have dirt in your shirt? Do you feel that it is impossible to remove? Then think again. You have the Air Bubble Wash which you can make as the highlight. So, the air bubbles with the required chemicals can easily get into the fibers and clean even the most stubborn dirt.

There are times when you have loaded the proper size of clothes for a wash. But due to imbalances, the cycles may get varied. The smart sensors can not only detect, but also rectify the imbalances in the washing machine.

F. Tub Clean Feature

As per the instructions of every washing machine manufacturer, you should clean the washing machine after every wash. This is to remove the suds that can contain dirt. These suds can get stuck in the corners of the washing machine. But with this IFB model, you have the Tub Clean feature which will clean the required parts of the washing machine. So, longevity gets enhanced this way.

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Bosch front load washing machine

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2.  Bosch Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine – WAK24168IN (silver color)

In comparison with IFB, even the company Bosch is known as one of the top manufacturers of front load washing machines in the world. Now let us look into the important features.

A. Speed Perfect

Do you have clothes, that needs to get washed within quick time? Then make use of this option. The percentage of washing rises up to 65 percent. Benefit – the quality does not get compromised.

B. Saree and Other Indian Dresses

In India, it is saree which is mostly preferred by womenfolk, the entire length, and breadth of India. This function ensures that a saree (be it of any type, silk or cotton) gets washed as per the requirement.

C. Reload Function

There are many washing machines, where it is impossible to load the clothes once the cycle has started. In this model, you have the reload function where you can either add cloth or take a cloth off the load in the middle of the washing machine. And yes, the washing machine parts will not get damaged.

D. Water Plus feature

This feature ensures that any cloth put in the drum gets washed to its maximum quality. And yes, it also ensures that the detergent residue does not remain in the appliance.

E. Voltage Fluctuations – VolaCheck

There are times when the voltage can face fluctuations. So, you worry if the quality of wash will go down. With the Vola Check feature, this model can work the same even in fluctuation. The benefit – this feature makes the device adapt to the new voltage and completes the job without getting damaged.

F. Vario Drum

The clothes get thoroughly washed, and yes the fabric does not suffer damage. And this activity also reduces the soaking time of the clothes. How? The detergent and water get distributed evenly.

G. The Monsoon Programme

It ensures that the foul smell does not emanate from damp clothes in the monsoon season.

H. AntiVibration Technique

This feature ensures that the machine remains noiseless in the spinning and wasting time.

I. Foam Detection Feature

So, this feature ensures that excess foam is not generated.

These features make this model as one of the best front loading washing machines of 2019.


LG front load washing machine

Image taken from LG website


3. LG Front Loading Washing Machine – FHT1207SWL.ALSPEIL – 7 KG category

Known for its other products than the washing machine, you can get the best models in this brand. Now let us look at the features.

A. Motion Direct Drive Technology

With this program, the model can move in different directions depending on the type of fabrics and the requirement. The clothes will get the best pampering and come out fresh and clean.

B. Inverter Direct Drive

This feature reduces the consumption of electricity as well as the vibration of the washing machine. Since the motor is attached to the drum, there is no need for lever or pulley.

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C. Heater

If you need, it is possible to increase the temperature up to 60 degree Celsius. This temperature can remove the toughest stain.

D. SmartThinQ App

Do you face minor problems with the washing machine? Then just connect it to the above-mentioned app in the mobile. Get the clarification. Please note, that you can get answers for at least 86 minor errors.

E. Child Lock

Do you have children who play with the washing machine parts, for example, the control panel? Then make use of the Child Lock to enhance the longevity of the device. These features ensure that this model makes it to the best front loading washing machines of 2019.


Onida front load washing machine


Image taken from


4. Onida  – Front Loading Washing Machine – T65GRDG

This model is also a fully automatic appliance and it is grey in color. It can wash clothes to the tune of 6.5 kg.

There are ten washing programs which cater to your every requirement

The most important factor in any electronic device is the warranty. In this model, you get two years. It is a five-year warranty on the washing machine motor.

The maximum rpm you can get is 720.

There are times when you fear that the model will get rusted. In this model, you have the parts – drum and pulsator in stainless steel.

The major reasons why many Indians prefer this model is it is an Indian brand. It has been designed as per the Indian style of living and the weather conditions.


Now, Why Should You Buy Only The Front Load Washing Machine?

  • Use of less amount of water.
  • Long wash cycles
  • With their glass doors, they can add to the ambiance of your living room.
  • In the washtub, you do not find impellers/agitators.



So there ends the article on four of the best front loading washing machines of 2019. And yes, there is one aspect which you have to note. In this era of stiff competition, every brand is introducing versions with the best features. So, it is the customer who is reaping benefits (you). But yes, there is one valuable advice given by home improvement experts. Keep the instruction manual clean and within reach at all times. The reason, you get answers to all your problems associated with the washing machine. In case of emergency, if you have a warranty, you can call the service technician.

In Times of Crisis

Now, how will you give maintenance service to a washing machine if the warranty has expired? And it is not mandatory that you will stay in one place throughout your life. Okay, to make you understand better, let us take a case study. You are a Mumbai resident and have moved to Bangalore because of your company deputation. The washing machine in your home has started giving problems. You feel the need for a service. In a new city, where you do not know the language, how will you search for the best technician who can give top quality washing machine service in Bangalore? It is easy, you just need to download the app of companies offering home appliance service in Bangalore and search for the best technician near your present home. Place a request, schedule a convenient time and make the top technician come to your home to fix the problem. Please note, these companies have verified, qualified technicians in their payrolls and they offer doorstep services to customers in the Bangalore city.

Your washing machine will get restored to normalcy in quick time. Want to know more regarding washing machines and other appliances? Then do not forget to get an update from our new articles. You can get the best info by subscribing to the newsletter.

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