Latest Stack of Technology for Future Web Development

According to the latest web report, there are more than 200 billion active websites from a total of 1.8 billion websites so far. This the updated data from the world’s progressive web that stunned all the web developers and designers. Also, an uncountable number of new websites got registered at the start of this week which means that the figure will soon change to a greater number for active websites.

Juxtapose if you have a site for your business and you wish to rank top on the list above then its best to focus on the latest technologies that are trendy and requires less effort. As a web development organization, you must not look for easy ways only but the ways that are helpful for you to build a website that can generate quick returns for you.

You must have enough knowledge whilst looking for smart web technology like why you need it? And in what ways you will use it? Or just give a look at the list of web development technologies that are listed below after a lot of brainstorming and research.


If you things about the chat bot, you are quite on the track but in case if you don’t then chat bots is a type of web technology that helps you embrace your online support by offering more convenience to your customers.

Even the latest report made it very clear that most of the companies bear a huge loss estimated around $62 million every year for providing poor customer service which sounds pretty bad. Chat bots are used to provide a secure platform to the customers because of its excellent features that include 24/7 service. Also by installing a chat bot technology in your system you can save a full-time salary of a customer service representative and invest that money on something that is more feasible.

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Bitcoins got a good crowd when it entered the cloud world by attaining ground-breaking fame at the start of this year. Similar to this, block chain works in the same format which can bring revolutionary changes in the web world.

Block chain is easy to use as it provides online transactions with strict security and it doesn’t require any sort of supporting software or tool. Though it requires standard data storage to enable the customers to save their data in separate locations all around the world.

It also makes it easier for the organization and banks to keep the record and secure all the data and algorithms in accordance with the company’s policy. Also, the technology is said to rise in forthcoming years which mean you will see more of block chain.


You must know the fact that chat bot performs tasks that are based on the concepts derived with artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is a new web development technology that is getting more attention from a developer’s point of view. Well, according to the tech veterans the combination of machine learning and chat bot can work so great to embrace the web world. All the know websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google spend a massively huge amount on the machine and artificial learning. Also, the modern website framework including Angular JS and Node JS are modified JavaScript frameworks that make it possible for a web developer to create new application and websites.

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A new and trendy way is thriving the push notifications that enable you to get a large number of viewers and followers on your site. It is also a smart and intuitive way of getting traffic on your site. The time you thrive push notifications you can take a lot of advantages in the online platform. These push notifications are also known as the most influential service to catch your audience’s eye. It is beneficial for both customers as they can get briefs on everything and owners too in terms of getting all the future benefit.


Gone are those days when browsing was used to be a difficult task. Ever since Google has found a user-friendly way the responsive web designs have become more promising and trendy. According to the recent reports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) contributed majorly to get traffic and ranked at 7th among all the US publishers.

AMP is used to offer a better platform that serves excellent performance of web ads and any type of content which is much improved whilst working on the website speed and user experience. It’s the basic way of making a site people’s favorite. Also, it helps in a long run marathon other than a small race.


Response animation idle load concept is made to increase the demand of site on the web pages. The theory is much relatable with the outstanding website performance with faster loading time. Its main task is designed in a way to provide a fine user experience to allow drag, tap, scroll, and so on actions that shows great functionality with a great performance and useful structures.


It’s good to create your website dynamically whereas static websites have their own importance. A report was prepared last year that shows a fact about dynamic websites that they are not as much responsive as others, however, the static websites are trendy, economical and are truly in what your business needs with faster loading options.


Majority of people are so impressed with the extensions in the Google Chrome and are becoming people’s favorite these days. Somehow a few of them consider browser extensions might harm their privacy which is quite a myth. If you work properly and plan wisely to adopt the helpful extensions make sure to set safety measures first and things will work well for you.

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