Pre Employment Identity Checks – Why are they Important?

Hiring the right person for the right job can be a challenging task. But how can you determine whether you are hiring a legitimate person or a fraud? Sometimes employees or candidates tend to lie on their applications that can lead to misdirection on part of the employers. This makes pre-employment identity checks a vital part of the hiring process. Verification procedures of employees can also vary according to the nature of the job.

An employment check can enable companies to maintain a more efficient hiring procedure and eliminate any sort of employment application fraud. If a company ends up finding out that a desirable candidate for a job has lied about their who they are, there could be more than they could have lied about in their application or the interview.

How can Employers Decide What to Check?

Different positions in a company can have varying requirements for background checks. The basic aspects of it can include a probe into the selected candidate’s employment history, education and of course a basic identity check. In certain cases, however, a candidate may also have a criminal history. For such employees, it is important to determine the nature of their criminal background and to see if they were a repeat offender. Accordingly, it would be better for the employer to assess such cases independently. Also, it would be prudent to judge them based on a comparative relationship between the nature of the job and the crime committed.

Financial integrity of the employee is also important. A company may also want to know the credit history of an employee to see if they are vulnerable financially and how it could affect the role that they are being appointed for.

For most positions though, basic verification checks can be sufficient enough. They can include document verifications of the employee on or before their first day. An employer can choose to verify a number of necessary documents including ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses and educational certificates and degrees. Additionally, the employer can also ask for bank statements and utility bills for address verifications, if necessary.

Why are Identity Checks Important for Employers?

There are a number of advantages to employee background checks. With growing regulations imposed by different authorities, the first priority of every company is compliance. It is also important to see if, by law, the candidate has permission to work in a specific country. Implementing pre-employment checks can help them adhere to such compliance standards.

Screening employees can also help the employer secure themselves from any sort of internal threats. Finding out late that the employee you hired was a fraud can have huge opportunity costs for the business. Verifying checks can help reduce, if not entirely eliminate, such costs.

Consequently, it is needless to say that identity checks are an excellent way for employers to adopt safer and more efficient hiring practices. Identity verifications can altogether help eliminate any sort of doubts from the employers’ minds about hiring a candidate.

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