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10 Best VideoScribe Alternatives | Whiteboard Handwriting Animation Maker

VideoScribe is a program created by Sparkol, a whiteboard animation software that, as the presentation software allows you to present online with no additional download required, VideoScribe offers a unique reproduction of the one-stop motion style of animation for its presentation. For those of you (such as educators wanting to teach an idea using a virtual whiteboard) looking to create method videos with a “personal” or “hand-written” feeling much more, VideoScribe makes sense. In our previous article, we have talked about Downloading VideoScribe but there are lots of free options of it. You’ve tried Videoscribe, and it doesn’t seem right for you? Still, here we assure you – the top 10 VideoScribe alternatives.


Prezi is a web-based presentation software created in Hungary. and it is the best presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional slide creation programs such as PowerPoint.Prezi

Instead of slides, Prezi uses a large canvas allowing you to zoom in on different parts of the pan and painting and present there emphasized ideas. Prezi best supports the use of text, images, and videos and provides a collection of templates to help new users choose to get used to the interface. This freedom of movement enables “conversational presenting, ” a presentation style in which presentations follow the flow of dialogue, instead of vice-versa. Wikipedia


Camtasia is a software suite, created and published by TechSmith, for creating video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast, or via a direct recording plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint.Camtasia
Camtasia software is great for tutorials or basic level video publishing. It is not suitable for heavy speed graphics or animation as well. When it comes to high-level production quality issues, Camtasia is a fantastic entry-level tool for those just starting with video. It has a very intuitive user interface with a fair amount of flexibility around what you can do with different video elements. Wikipedia

Smoothboard Air

Smoothboard Air instantly transforms multiple iPads and Android tablets into interactive whiteboard surfaces. With the use of a QR Code projected on the screen, participants within the room may scan and access the screen from their mobile device without any app installation.Smoothboard Air

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This is made possible with HTML5 web browsers. Smoothboard Air Interactive Whiteboard Surface (2012) converts multiple pads and Android tablets. In-room displays allow participants to scan and access the screen from their mobile device without just installing one or more codes, using the app. The vision of creating this Smoothboard Air enables educators and students around the world to benefit from real-time collaborative platforms. How great is that? It helps educators like us create fun lessons. Not only that, I believe the essential consumer must be the student. Smoothboard Ai


Using Groupboard, you can create a feature-filled whiteboard system to collaborate with various private users or have the board open to the public using a provided embedded iframe command for your website. Allowing you to draw and chat with other people in real-time anywhere on the Internet, even with users using a web browser or an iPhone / iPad. Or just use it for online tutoring, collaboration design for fun !. Easy to use. Just start the app and then draw on the screen by dragging your finger. Or use two fingers (pinch gestures) to zoom out and scroll. Click the Connect tab to connect to other people for fun.  Groupboard


Open-Sankoré is a free and open-source interactive whiteboard software compatible with any projector and pointing device. Open-sank more is software designed for teachers to use with a free and open-source interactive board. It has almost everything needed to teach in a classroom. Open-SankoréIt has a full-screen mode, and everything on the skin moves to your computer screen, allowing you to use multiple areas for learning. Below is a screenshot of more Windows operating systems running open. You can see that it does not have a title bar and hides the taskbar of the operating system. Wikipedia

NittiTre WhiteBoard

Write and paint on top of other applications. NittiTre WhiteBoard functions as a whiteboard on top of the screen, allowing you to write and paint on top of other forms. NittiTre WhiteBoardThe NittiTre Whiteboard is full screen and shows more than the semi-transparent whiteboard takes, arming you with a default red brush. However, if you paint the same sheet with different colors, the brush color can change at any time, between green, blue, and black. Also, an alternative to white color, but this acts as a rubber since it is not possible to change the color of the whiteboard. Similarly, you can choose between different brush sizes.  NittiTre WhiteBoard

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Web Whiteboard

Web Whiteboard is the simplest way to draw and write together online instantly. Nothing to install or learn. Passwords and accounts are entirely optional. Just create an online whiteboard with one click and share it live by sending the link to people.  Web WhiteboardSome of the online whiteboard tools have just free drawing options, and others have some advanced options like importing pre-shaped as well as objects as well as documents, pictures, etc. Web Whiteboard who grew up back in the ’90s, and our parents that went back to school in the’ 60s, ” 70s or ’80s still remember the old school board boards, white chalk, and those stinky sponges. Those boards were replaced with whiteboards and markers decades back. We used a lot of them when we saw our students teaching or doing projects. We want to say directly that online whiteboards are not like digital whiteboards. Web Whiteboard


Doceri is the ultimate realization of the quest we embarked on when we started SP Controls in 1997 – the journey for the “one remote” to simply and easily control all the devices in your classrooms and conference rooms. When the iPad was announced, I immediately knew that this beautiful product was the right platform on which to realize the dream. DoceriDoceri requires two components to fully utilize its features. The first part is the iPad app. This is free and available in the App Store. Through the app, teachers can use the whiteboard feature and use their iPad as a wireless slate with students. Students love the desire to write on the iPad (with a stylus) and participate in more teacher-led lessons shown. Whether this feature works or not desktop software is purchased. Doceri


Twiddla is an online whiteboard collaboration tool that’s easy to use, doesn’t require any downloads or complicated firewall stuff, and is free for just about anybody. The web-based program allows you to add an on-screen background text, size meeting while online, and keep drawing. Background options include a webpage, a whiteboard screen, and import images and documents. TwiddlaTwiddla allows users to markup shared backgrounds that can be useful for donating instructions, highlighting specific information, or creating particular critiques. Another feature is EtherPad, which creates a text document that everyone invited to a meeting can edit. One educational application I can look for in this feature is taking notes of collaboration during a lecture.  Twiddla

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FlockDraw is a free online whiteboard that lets you draw online with a group of friends all at the same time or by yourself. Have you ever wanted to share fast or a simple sketch collaboration online, but here is a new fun tool to try. With FlockDraw, you can extract simple sketches in your browser in real-time with integrated collaboration. More than 50 people can draw simultaneously on a single whiteboard. FlockDrawThe number of people who can view FlockDraw is not limited. FlockDraw feels like a bit of color like a pre-Windows7 version of MS and is nowhere near being a full-blown design application like Balsamiq, a browser-based image editing suite like Aviary, or a replacement anywhere. The service, however, makes it very simple and fun to draw and sketch easy in real-time. FlockDraw


well, these are the ten best options if you are hoping to create whiteboard animation content. Whether you are hoping to create a series of short videos or graphics, these free downloads will get you started in the process. And if you are looking to make edited whiteboard animation videos. It offers great editing features and free video effects, which are very easy to use. Download it now and have a try! We believe that hard work, adding value and sacrifice to reach your goals. It is a fact that you will not see any results if you do not take action. The findings come not ideal and follow through hard work, commitment, and dedication and receive extraordinary results through a step. You won’t get any information if you soak up the information product, gradually changing your life after joining the program. This is not for you. Your results are based on your actions.