You’re Last-minute Marketing Guide for Click Frenzy

As we count down to the business end of the season, retailers are going all out to organize must-have deals. Just around the corner is the mega online sale to beat all sales. Billed as the ‘Sale that Stops the Nation’, Click Frenzy top deals opens its portal to click-happy customers for 24 hours – and 24 hours only.

Starting 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, November 13, 2019, hundreds of retailers will roll out tons of red hot deals guaranteed to entice Aussie bargain hunters and savvy shoppers from all corners of the country.

For a retailer, this is the great way to boost sales leading up to Christmas period. Granted there is considerable hit to margins to take, but there is huge chance that it can be offset to some extent by sheer sales volumes and winning new customers. Standing out from the crowd of rock-bottom bargains however will take some inspired creativity. We’ve narrowed down some that will get the ball rolling.

Build an Awesome Email Marketing Campaign

Ditch the email blast. Personalize as much as you possibly can. Segment your audience based on their past purchase behavior and use that data to target them with custom email campaigns.

Click Frenzy is all about the buzz – so get those creative juices flowing. Use great visuals and animated GIFs to get your message across. Do giveaways and promote in all the right places. Facebook Ads, for instance.

Run Competitions

Nothing gets your shoppers going like a contest with great giveaways. It’s a great way to drive engagement for a small investment. Run some exciting comps on Facebook – this could go a long way in helping differentiate your brand and giving you all the top-of-mind advantage you brand can get.

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Branded Facebook contests when done right give you a chance to ride the Click Frenzy buzz and helps promote your business and increase your fan base. Again, target contests to the right market segments. Make it simple for people to enter contests, asking no more information than you absolutely need.

Get Pricing Right

At the end of the day, flashy campaigns can only do so much. Everyone loves a bargain. And, Click Frenzy is ultimately all about the deals and bargains on offer, so pricing is absolutely key – no two ways there. Setting the right discounted pricing strategy can take a bit of planning. Lower customer expectations too much and you risk driving customers away from shopping during the rest of the year.

But on the positive side, Click Frenzy can help drive new customers to your e-commerce site. So ensure you have a great payment experience behind-the-scenes to support your marketing strategy. With $1 in every $4 spent online in Australia being processed by eWAY, you can be sure that we’ll have payments covered for you over the Click Frenzy rush.

Tips before buying

Examine your items by taking a gander at the best performing lines, slow-moving stock or what things sold well simultaneously a year ago. This will assist you with planning stock levels to stay aware of interest and how you use your special endeavors in anticipation of the day.

Make your arrangements selective—for the best presentation, make your arrangements elite to Click Frenzy. Intrigue will be started when clients realize the offer isn’t accessible anyplace else.

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Guarantee webpage speed is enhanced—Click Frenzy is an eCommerce play, don’t pass up potential deals because of a poor site understanding. Guarantee you have the right codes accessible, and that greeting pages are stacking rapidly.

Manufacture expectation—have pre-occasion promoting set up and let your clients realize that you’re partaking in Click Frenzy well ahead of time. This will publicity up the occasion and get individuals amped up for the arrangements you bring to the table, just as makes you top of mind when the day moves around.

Direct connect to bargains—don’t make your clients look for the arrangement they tapped on. Limit the quantity of snaps it takes for your client to put their things into shopping baskets.

Advance for portable—as indicated by Click Frenzy, 55% of traffic over the occasion originates from cell phones. Guarantee your site is upgraded for portable to catch and change over client visits.

Exploit FOMO—dread of passing up a major opportunity is a key driver of the achievement of Click Frenzy. Assemble tension by including a commencement to your site, and by executing other time-touchy methodologies.

Client care is vital—Click Frenzy will drive clients to your site that might not have visited something else. Guarantee these clients have an extraordinary first encounter. Ensure you have stock accessible (in light of constant information), quick conveyance and astounding and expedient correspondence. This will assist drive with rehashing visits from these clients.

Have assortment in pictures—if purchasers see a similar picture more than once, they will accept it is the equivalent. Differ your pictures to introduce a more extensive scope of item and administrations.

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Make it time-touchy—24-hour occasions make a need to keep moving. In the event that purchasers accept they have more opportunity to consider a buy they may relinquish it completely. You need to speak to deal hungry, spur of the moment customers, so cause your arrangements so select they’ll to need to registration rapidly or hazard passing up a major opportunity.

Be clear—ensure your client knows precisely what they’re getting. Have clear informing around the rebate/offer, measuring/specs and terms and conditions.

Expand ROI–As you obtain more clients during Click Frenzy, guarantee you are amplifying ROI by accomplishing these clients for the long haul by applying activities which you can present all through the client venture. Peruse increasingly about how to fabricate a current client development and dependability program here.


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