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How To Develop An On-Demand Video Streaming App?

This is the category of the app which is among one of the most used ones among the public. The craze of TV is on the verge of extinction because of the increasing popularity of the web content on the roll. You can take an example of series like Sacred games and Mirzapur, the kind of response they received was amazing. The content these video streaming app present is so fresh, new, and real. People are highly attracted to these apps.

The required audience is already present in the market and this is the right time to hit the market with a video streaming app. However, the competition is fierce than ever. If you are considering to lay the steps in the market with such an app, make your market study very precisely and include every trending feature. Let’s study the popular apps in this category first to frame your strategy nicely.

1) Netflix

By far one of the most popular videos streaming app globally. It contains movies, TV shows, original content, comedy specials, and many such other interesting things that hook the user and make them never want to leave. The app charges some of the monthly or yearly subscription fees for it to generate revenue.

2) Hulu

Hulu is highly popular for hosting the top TV shows. The fact that users prefer Hulu is that they get the show right after a day of their release. The users get access to the current season as well as all the previous seasons of the TV shows. It also includes movies and animated series for their users. But separates it from other apps is that they can get the TV shows faster than other apps like Amazon or Netflix. It has two plans for the user, the one with the commercials in it and the one without commercials which a little bit expensive than the previous one.

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3) Amazon Video

Amazon video is a full package it has movies, TV shows, originals, and cartoons. The thing which separates it from other similar apps is it has made a deal with Viacom and has access over Nickelodeon, comedy central, and MTV. Also, it has a really nice collection from the HBO stuff. So, it is also one of the leading players in this category.

We have discussed the apps and what type of content they hold. Now, if you are planning to come up with a Netflix clone app or clone app of any of the above, you need to know the features they have included to make their app the best. Let’s explore them.

4) Jio Tv

The one another popular video streaming app, Jio Tv, real time tv channels streaming app for both android and iOS. The users can enjoy live streaming of tv channels with their smartphone with 4G VoLTE network speed. Along with Tv channels, the app provides last 7 days shows catch up features, movies streaming features etc. These type app provides the users to enjoy the content in normal quality as well as in HD high definition quality. The users need to get signed in to the app to enjoy the contents. The simple drop down menu allows the users to quick select their favorite channels.

Features to have in video streaming app development

1) Easy Registration

Registration should be extremely easy. It should just be like counting numbers. The users must be availed with two options either register with a mobile number or register with email and password. Social media sign up option should also be offered. That means the user can sign up with Facebook or Instagram account as well.

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2) Create Profile

The user can create his own profile on the app, add their profile image, watch the content of their choice and like and comment on them as well.

3) Video Streaming Quality

The app must have different qualities of videos for different packages. There is a huge demand for HD quality videos and hence your app must provide HD and full HD videos to the users.

4) Subscription Packages

The user must be availed with different packages like Hotstar app offers different packages for sport and movies, and like Netflix app has different packages based on the number of users. Your app must have different packages to fulfill users various needs.

5) Download

The users must have the option to download their favorite movies or episodes and watch it later at any time. The downloaded content must be stored in the app to help the users watch their content in an offline manner.

6) Multiple Payment Modes

The user must be allowed to make payment through multiple modes like the debit card, credit card, special use card or any other way the user deems fit.

7) Search

The app must have the functionality of the search wherein the user can search for their favorite movie or their TV show or any other thing they are looking for easily.

8) Push Notifications

This feature will keep the users updated about any changes in the app, delivering any new update, or inform the users about new content. The user will always stay updated and informed.

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Wrapping Up :

By now you know what is the best in the market and you also know what should be done to make your app the best. So what are you waiting for? Just find the right video streaming app development company and get started.


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