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Advantages of Playing Video Games

Contradicting the ages old belief that gaming is merely a source of diversion that does nothing more than wasting someone’s important time. Now, research and has proven that gaming can help to develop the cognitive skills not just in kids but adults too. Just like performing physical activities help improve the strength of the muscles similarly, cognitive games can help in constant stimulation, even the brain performance becomes better.

It improves the hand, eye, co-ordination

People who play computer and video games have better eye and hand co-ordination. Players in the games are to be controlled manually therefore it requires great attention span. When you apply the skill of using the hand and eye co-ordination then this skill gets developed and can be easily applied while doing different tasks in daily life.

It is a remedy for treating various health disorders

Computer games are known as a form of physiotherapy. This game helps people to recover from any kind of physical therapy or injury. Playing video games help improve the co-ordination and motor skills.

Helps boost imagination

The positive impact of playing game is endless. It helps improve your decision-making skills. With every level you proceed to the difficulty increases and the challenges prepare for difficult situations in life.

A new way to teach others

There are many educational institutions that use video games to teach in school. This approach works best for children as it helps improve the academic results.

Gaming is great for pain relief

Playing video games is great for reducing pain that is caused due to chronic illness and it is also effective in reducing anxiety. The virtual gaming experience helps engage senses and visuals.

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Evidence has proved that it helps dyslexic kids by improving their reading

Playing video games is as good and effective just like reading. Many researches have shown that just like reading which is a traditional treatment even playing games has helped the kids by increasing their attention spans.

Gaming helps in improving the brain matter

Advanced studies and researches have shown that gaming regularly increases region of the brain. The bits of the brain that is responsible for strategic planning, memory formation and fine motor skills.

When researchers took an MRI of the human brain, they found right prefrontal cortex, right hippocampus and the cerebellum had increased grey matter, and this happened with those who played games. However, the ones who did not play any games in them no such changes were seen.

Did you know? 3D video games can increase the memory capacity

3D video games give enriching and engaging experiences which is why the game that is played by children and adults for ages helps provide the brain with meaningful stimulation.

Gaming helps improve the social skills

These days playing online games is preferred by everyone. In online gaming many players engage in a game simultaneously. Like this just by playing games many people get involved into social communication system by interacting with one another. When there is constant communication between the players whether offline or online it results in the development of casual and meaningful relationships.

This helps the players who stay hidden behind the screens it also helps strengthen the bonds. It provides confidence to play and socialize with people whom the player does not even know. Although not all the games provide the same cognitive benefits therefore it is important to pick the right game that can provide some benefits too.

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Gaming helps improve the memory

Playing video games help improve the audial and visual memory. In the beginning of any game and while playing the game throughout you are presented with various instructions which you must memorize throughout the entire game. When someone is too dedicatedly involved into games then it helps easily improve the memory whether short or long term.

It is a great source of learning

Gaming is beneficial for teenagers, adults and children too. Nowadays, for more student teacher engagement and for making children more involved in playing games educational institutions incorporate video games in their teaching curriculum. Video games work upon enhancing the creative and cognitive skills. When someone plays game entertainment, education, learning and creativity work in co-ordination with one another.

It helps improve the brain’s speed

While playing video games the brain receives multiple simulations which are audial and visual both. Research by scientists show that people who play video games frequently can process the simulators, faster than others. These stimulators make sure that the brain works continuously.

Gaming enhances the multi-tasking skills

For playing action games you need to be observant and cautious. While playing games you must involve your mind into performing multiple tasks. From strategizing, planning, handling the joystick, fighting and defending, all the tasks are performed simultaneously. Performing all these tasks ensures that all the tasks are performed with perfection and the reactions are constant.

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