Samsung 1tb Chip

Samsung is making 1TB storage chip for the phone


Samsung is making 1TB storage chip for the phone. Among the many wish lists among smartphone users, storage is a word.

Last year, this comment was made by Vlad W. Savov of The Verge, who said that – with the introduction of all new phones and all corporate advertising. we inspire us to think that we need an update, when the hot air is clear.Then one thing must be left: storage.

Apart from the hot new glasses, he said that he was eager to maximize the storage on his next phone before using it in earnest.

“It can not be the most sexy imagination in the world, but it is the one who makes life easier when it is maximized.”

The smartphone has been continued as another point in storage or lack thereof, but not everyone is panning for more; The storage of Android Central was completely different.

“It is an argument that we have every year: how much storage is ‘sufficient’ for most people in your phone?”

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storage management

Andrew Martonic was in SHH mode. “We have reached that point where people are now questioning the efficacy of 64 GB storage in Android phones in 2018. That’s crazy.”

Martinique argued that “it probably shows that you do not need more than 64 GB just now, or even in the near future. The streaming media app and cloud-based services have reduced our dependence on internal storage, while the app Specific size of “. In the past few years, the photo or video file has not increased dramatically. ”

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The name of the game was storage management, there was no more storage, so the argument went away. “If you are not ready to manage some storage, anything less than 500GB will not be ‘sufficient’ for you. At some point, each phone needs to evaluate what you have to keep and what to delete Or store somewhere else. ”

However, there is good news for Samsung, who still want more storage.

Samsung did not explicitly believe that the effort to bring more storage was crazy. Cheryl Choi of Samsung Electronics talked of a more user-like notebook. Paul Lilly said in Hot hardware: “It’s a big deal that Samsung has managed to cross the terabyte range, which means we will be eventually seeing large capacity smartphones soon, which is a significant development on the handset, which is lacking in Expandable Storage. Samsung also applies high storage. Capabilities enable smartphones to work more like a traditional PC. ”

According to their news release, “Smartphone buffs will soon be able to enjoy comparable storage capacity of a premium notebook PC without adding their phone to the additional memory card.”

The number can actually leave the store storage by shaking their head. Samsung said that the new Universal Flash Storage offers a typical MicroSD card speed of up to 20 times the storage and data-intensive applications compared to 64GB internal memory.

Archiving video? This is generally 260 vs. 1.4, that is, smartphone users can now store 260 10 minutes of video in 440 UHD (3 × 40 × 2160) format, while 64 GB EUFS used in many high-end smartphones 13 of the same size Can store videos. –

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Samsung announced that it has already started producing 1TB embedded Universal Flash Storage (eUFS) 2.1 for the “next-generation” mobile app. EUFS 2.1 is powered by Samsung’s fifth generation V-NAND, Universal Flash.

Sammobile presented some background: “Samsung’s 1TB eUFS 2.1 chip company came exactly four years after launching its first 128GB eUFS solution.” It said that the package size of this eUFS chip is similar to the 512GB version which was launched in 2017. “It combines 16 stacked layers of Samsung’s 512-Gigabit V-NAND flash memory with a new proprietary controller.”

Sammobile said that high random speed will allow continuous shooting at high speed 960 frames per second and allow users to take full advantage of the multi-camera capabilities of their devices.

When is it all available? According to Samsung’s news release, “Samsung has planned to expand the production of 512Gb V-NAND of fifth generation in its Pyongtac plant in Korea in the first half of 2019.”

As a reaction to readers for the news, once again for the argument that too much storage is required, it appears to be open for debate. “I can not imagine wanting 1TB on a phone,” said a comment on a site. Another said, “I am pleased with the Sandyisk 512 gig SD card with my Galaxy S 9 Plus 64 Gig model.”


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