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What is TrueCaller? How True Caller Works? (Download and Install)

What is TrueCaller? How True Caller Works?

In the case of the real caller app or unknown person’s Mobile Number Search, there TrueCaller app is number 1. It may be possible that you have also installed truecaller. TrueCaller Android app has become very popular nowadays and has a fairly accurate Result Show.
If this application shows us the right results, then it is very important for us to know how it works. Today I’m going to tell you in this article how truecaller works. How It Accurate Shows True Result Show.

History of True Caller

Truecaller was developed by the True Software Scandinavia AB Company, a privately held company in Stockholm, Sweden, which was founded in 2009 by Alan Mameedy and Naomi Jaringham. Initially it was launched on July 1, 2009 for BlackBerry only.

After getting good Responce by users, it was also launched for Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile. After some time it was released on 23 September 2009 for Android and Apple iPhone.
By September 2012, Truecaller had approximately 5 Million users. Truecaller reached 10 million users by January 2013. As of January 2017, True Caller has added 250 million users worldwide.

How TrueCaller App works ?

whenever search the number of unknown caller on the truecaller app and we get the correct result. Occasionally it happens that we can not attend Call and think the person’s call came. Somewhere this is a very big question, how does it work, who tells Truecaller that he is the mobile number of the person.

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If this is your question of headache then you will know how ‘truecaller’ works. After all, what is the detective who tells this to the realcaller that it is the mobile number of that person. Today we will talk about this and you will definitely get to learn something new.
If you have not created an account on truecaller, even if your number is showing in truecaller search, then a headache will definitely have to happen to you, how can that be? I did not even create a TrueCaller account, and why is this happening? So let me tell you that truecaller works through sync ie synchronization. In our mobile, the saved Mobile Number stole them.

How Truecaller App Access the Contact List ?

Also know how True collar steals our contact list. If your number is saved by a friend who uses truecaller, then the root of all the illness starts only. Whenever we install “truecaller app” then truecaller requests permission to access our Contact list. If we do not give permission then we can not use the application.

After installing the truecaller app, we give the permissions to the truecaller access to the contact list, then the number of Contact number saved in our Contact list is synced and uploaded to our server.
Whenever a user searches a mobile number on the truecaller app and if there is a number store on the server, the result will show, if the number is not stored on the server, then it does not show anything except state and sim operator. Let me tell you the true caller results based on the contact list. Truecaller does not prepare the database itself but instead shows the number of people accessed from the Contact list when searching.
Truecaller is using a simple logic. Store our contact list by accessing it on your server. What is the reason that our name is in our mobile. Save, its name is known and it shows results when you search the truecaller number. Regardless of the true number of moving around the truecaller, it goes through a number of times but does not show the duplicate result by filtering it.
Some Internet users have asked a few questions about Truecaller. You may also want to know the answers to these questions. So let’s start the answer to the question.

Q. What is the most accurate result tracking app ?

Currently, the best application is TrueCaller, which was developed by True Software Scandinavia AB Company. It has more than 250 million installed and more than 100 million users are active. With this you can make an estimate of how accurate you can be.

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Q. Why does some number in TrueCaller show other ?

1.The data of the new number is not near the true collar.

2. The user has unlisted the number with the TrueCaller.

3. The number is not already saved by any TrueCaller user.

Download True Caller free form GooglePlay from your android mobile:

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