Surprise Your Mom This Mother’s Day with an Awesome Power Washing Job

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a cleaning process used mainly on buildings and houses, although it can be used on other surfaces such as concrete. This type of washing process involves spraying the desired surface with a mechanical sprayer that shoots out water more powerfully and much faster than a regular hose.

Nowadays, tons of people own pressure washers and use them for cleaning different areas of their homes. You might have seen them power washing their window blinds, car seats, air conditioner filters, windows and many other things of the house. If you want to surprise your mom this mother’s day, then hire expert services of the best power washer in MO and get your home spotlessly clean

Listed below are the top common pressure washer uses.

  1. Driveways and garage floors.
  2. Concrete or tile patios.
  3. Front entrance stairs and walkways.
  4. Wood decks.
  5. Home exteriors that are vinyl or brick.
  6. Cars and Trucks.
  7. Miscellaneous gear like lawn mowers, dirt bikes, boats or trailers.
  8. Outdoor Furniture.
  9. Grills
  10. Swimming Pools


Let’s have a detailed look at them

Use#1: Driveways And Garage Floors

People use a pressure washer to clean and wash their driveways and garage floors as they are in the front of their house. Washing driveways not only increase the curb appeal of your house but also provide a nice large flat surface to have fun using the full power of the machine.

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Use#2:  Concrete Or Tile Patios

No doubt patios are very popular entertaining space in the summer. It’s where your latest, shiny BBQ grill is, where you can hang out with your loved ones and enjoy the nice, lovely weather. It’s because of this particular reason why many people use their pressure washer to regularly clean their concrete/tile patios thus making the second most frequent reason why people buy a pressure washer.

Use#3: Front Entrance Stairs And Walkways

Realtors know the significance of curb appeal when trying to sell a house and there is almost nothing as important as a clean front entrance. The potential buyers will be impressed by sparkly clean walkways and front entrance stairs washed by pressure washer. If you don’t own a power washer and don’t have enough money to purchase it then it is best to hire services of an affordable power washer in MO to get your job done without digging a hole in your pocket.

Use#4: Wood Decks

Pressure washing your wood patio or wood deck came in as the most common way people take advantage of their pressure cleaner. You can use a gas or electric machine so long as you use the right nozzle and hold it the correct distance from the surface.

Use#5: Home Exteriors Like Brick Or Vinyl

It’s always startling to see how much better a house looks when it’s tidy and clean. House bricks and sidings are a popular mention for pressure washer usage. If you can’t clean the exterior of your home yourself then hire services of a recommended power washer in MO by your colleagues and friends.

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Use#6: Fencing

Primarily every homeowner has a fence thus popular surface to clean with a pressure washer. Your home fence no doubt can look spotlessly clean and shiny by vigorous power washing.

Use#7: Trucks And Cars

It came as a shock that trucks and cars weren’t the consensus #1 use for a power washer. Many car owners said they often did clean their car with a pressure washer, but it still needed a brush or good solid sponge to get it fully spotless. Many people swore by using a pressure washer and its attachment brush and said they didn’t need any sponge to finish their job.

Use#8: Various Gear Like Mountain Bikes, Lawn Mowers, Trailers and Boats

People use pressure washers to clean their lawnmowers, boats, bikes and other random things around the house including bird baths, go-karts, and dog houses. Many people mentioned they also cleaned their other power tools and equipment like chainsaws and tillers with a pressure washer.


Use#9: Outdoor Furniture

People also use a pressure washer to clean their vinyl, wood, plastic outdoor patio furniture. It looks like that folks either never cleaned their outdoor patio furniture, or they did it every weekend and absolutely loved it. As it’s super easy and quick.

Use#10: Grills

People also pressure wash their fancy BBQ grills to maintain hygiene. However, it is recommended to disconnect the electric start and propane tank before cleaning it.

Use#11: Swimming Pool

Swimming pools constructed of exposed aggregate or concrete and plaster are strong enough to withstand the power of a pressure washer. Any other type of pool, such as fiberglass or vinyl, must be cleaned using non-abrasive methods or other chemical treatments and must be cleaned by professionals.

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