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How to Convert MBOX to PST Files Easily with Free Methods

Nowadays, email applications have gained significant importance due to the excessive use of emails for communication purpose. It has now become an essential part of individuals personal and professional life. And with so many options present among the email clients, users switch from one to the other as per their relevance and requirements. And going by the trend everyone wants to convert MBOX to PST Outlook because of the multiple advantages that it offers over other applications.

It is one of the most widely used email programs around the world. In the following segment, we will discuss a few free methods on how to export MBOX emails to PST format in a seamless manner. Before moving further, first, let us go through several reasons for this migration.

Why Users Prefer to Switch Towards Outlook?

MBOX supports 25+ email applications including Thunderbird and Mac Mail. While Outlook – one of the most widely used email programs around the world uses PST file as mailbox storage.

Let us understand why it’s better to have an Outlook application instead of the multiple MBOX supported clients. After all, there must be a variety of factors which compel users to migrate MBOX mailboxes to Microsoft Outlook.

  • Outlook is a brand. Easily the most preferable client for small and large corporations alike, it offers some of the most robust security features.
  • Also, MBOX is only suitable for emails & attachments. But PST stores emails, tasks, contacts, calendars, notes and many more.
  • As per data safety & security, PST file is more complex & secure than a MBOX file. MS Outlook offers full password protection and many more advanced features
  • MS Outlook supports multiple languages, i.e., the total collection of 96 languages.
  • Outlook is compatible with some other clients like Exchange Server that provides facility to manage email messages offline.
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Best 2 Manual Methods to Convert MBOX to PST File for Free

Here, we will show you how to migrate MBOX emails to Outlook PST. We have three different methods to perform MBOX to PST Conversion, and we will move one by one. Please have a look:

Method#1: Move MBOX file data using Mac Mail

Step 1: Import MBOX to Apple Mail

  • Start Apple Mail on the Mac machine
  • Choose File menu and then, Import mailboxes
  • Under the Import Data from list, select Files in MBOX format and press Continue button
  • Browse to destination path where .mbox files are stored, choose them and click Continue
  • After completion of the entire process, click Done option

Step 2: Create MBOX Data Files

  • Launch Eudora mail client to create MBX file. This is an important step to pick out since .mbox file is required in next step.
  • Change the file extension of an imported file to .mbx, for e.g., xyz to xyz.mbx
  • Now, this file is exported into a directory in which all Eudora .mbox files are stored by default and generally the directory is:
  • Start Eudora Mail application, double-click on File menu, and Exit that application. In this way, you can create a new file
  • Next, this created file will be used to export Apple mail to Windows Outlook 2016 and all the below versions

Step 3: Move Mails From Eudora to Outlook Express

  • Open Outlook Express on your desktop
  • Go to File option, select Import>> Messages option
  • Choose Eudora under the list of email programs and click Next button
  • Browse till you get to xyz.mbx file and click on it. Press OK
  • Pick Next button, until you get to Finish and click finish button
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Step 4: Import Outlook Express Files to MS Outlook

  • Download and install MS Outlook
  • Select File option and then, choose Open tab
  • From among a list, select Import>> Import and Export option
  • After that, the Import and Export wizard is launched successfully
  • Now go for the Next button after selecting Import Internet Mail and Addresses option
  • Select Outlook Express 6.x/ 5.x/ 4.x or Window Mail
  • You should check Import mailbox if it is not checked, then press Next
  • Finally, you can easily access the imported folder in Windows Outlook

Method#2: Convert MBOX to PST using Free Thunderbird client

To migrate emails from Thunderbird to MS Outlook, you can use IMAP Configuration method. For this, Gmail account can act as the data carrier, exporting Thunderbird MBOX emails to Outlook.

  1. Login to Gmail account and click Settings (Create a new gmail account if you don’t have it)
  2. Then, go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP option
  3. Under the IMAP Access section, choose Enable IMAP and then, save changes
  4. Once finished, launch Thunderbird client and go to Tools and choose Account Settings
  5. Now, go to Account Actions and choose Add Mail Account
  6. Enter all the credentials of Gmail account created above and press Continue
  7. Select radio button IMAP and click Continue
  8. You can be asked to login to Gmail account and you need to authorize Thunderbird to access emails. Click Allow to continue
  9. Now, the Gmail account is created in Mozilla Thunderbird interface
  10. Import the MBOX file in Thunderbird using ImportExport addon or another method
  11. At last, copy the entire emails of Thunderbird to the Gmail folder
  12. When the entire data is successfully transferred, you need to configure Gmail in Outlook using the IMAP server.
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Afterward, you can simply download all data from Gmail account. It will save the MBOX file data in PST format on local machine.

Any Smart & Instant Solution to Convert MBOX to PST?

Now, choosing a solution entirely depends on the user. If it’s feasible, then there is no reason to wait. But if it seems inconvenient and not full-proof then implementing it is simply risking your data. It’s exactly the reason why softwares are in such demand in the market. After all, the most preferred outcome can only be achieved by using a reliable SysTools MBOX to PST Converter.

But is there any advantage of choosing some software? Of course or there would be no point in its existence. Using the mentioned software, you can achieve full-proof conversion without any complications. Filters, PST splitter, merging multiple MBOX to single PST or creating separate PSTs for each MBOX, this tool can do it all. The origin of the MBOX files doesn’t affect the MBOX file to PST conversion at all. Be it Thunderbird MBOX file(without extension), Mac mail file(with extension) or any other variation (.mbx, .mbx), you will find the software supporting them all.

Now, To Summarize!

Email migration is quite difficult to carry out. One requires a fast and effective way to perform it since it is necessary to maintain the continuity of workflow. To transfer emails from one platform to another, users should be aware of their functionality and file formats. Considering the requirements of users, the article composes of methods transfer MBOX to PST Outlook for free. But, due to the various complications and risks involved in them, secure software is also provided. Users can select any approach as per their requirements.

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