Bands VS DJ, Who Should Play Your Wedding Music?

A wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. After all, you’re getting married to your one true love and it has to be special and spectacular! And let’s not forget that there are guests who will also be present to witness this beautiful day of your life. So whatever decisions you make for your wedding must cater to the likings of your guests as well, especially when it comes to the kind of music you play at your wedding. It can make or break the ambiance you curate for your wedding.

A lot of couples get the wedding jitters when they start to plan the wedding which in itself is a mammoth of a task! One of the questions that may bother you about your wedding is whether to choose a DJ or a band to play at your wedding? Many debates and debacles and suggestions come along the journey whilst choosing one of the two. Let’s reduce your burden by giving you some logical reasoning and tips to pick the choice that best fits your preference. use an online audio converter to convert your music easily.

  1. Go Over Your Choices

First and foremost, the music played at the wedding must give everyone the taste of each of your personalities. It must contain songs that you like and would want to be played at your wedding. If you like rustic and romantic, a band may be a good option for you. But if you want to hit the dance floor, a DJ can be your pick. This obviously depends on both your preferences as well as the kind of DJ/band you pick to play at your wedding. Like if you like the sound of steel drums then you probably need to hire a live band.

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Another important factor to consider is the variety of music played. From old songs to the newer ones, everyone must get an opportunity to dance regardless of their age. Your wedding is a celebration and it must create a joyous and euphoric environment for all who join you on this auspicious day!

2. Decide What Can Fit Your Budget and Location

Now before we jump further into the specifics of band versus DJ, there are two essential aspects that you must always keep in your mind – budget and the location you pick for your wedding. Usually, bands are more expensive than a DJ because more people are hired in a band to play different instruments. Exceptions always exist if you plan to invite a celebrity DJ or a local band, the bandwidth of price varies greatly. So, it’s imperative to explore all options that are available under a budget range that you decide first hand.

Secondly, the venue plays an important role when it comes to setting up a band or a DJ. Do you have enough space for an eight-piece band? Where are they going to play the music? Is there enough space for the DJ to set up the dance floor that is accessible to all? These are important technical aspects of the venue that must be taken into consideration whilst choosing from the options that you may have found. These two aspects can help in finalizing the kind of musician/DJ you’d want at your wedding. Keep all options open and always adhere to the basic requirements.

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3. Decide the Easier Option

For a DJ, one obviously doesn’t need much research while selecting one. Any DJ can play the music that you require. You can even make a list of songs that you definitely want must be played and hand it over to the DJ. Ensure that a DJ understands your needs and works accordingly. In the case of a celebrity DJ, it’s vital that you like the vibes and beats of the DJ. It is best to find a DJ willing to play like you would like, it is your wedding at the end of the day! Plus, availability of an electric source at your venue is a necessity for the DJ. Keep in mind that the DJ table isn’t placed far from the dance floor. Some cons can include the lack of spontaneity and pick up the moods of the audience unlike in the case of a band.

4. Don’t Forget to Take Advice from Others

While picking a band, take suggestions from friends and go and listen to the music being played more than once. This ensures that one whatever is being played is to your liking and could be replicated at your wedding day as per the requirement. Also, ensure the same band members play at your wedding. Couples must also ensure that they will be able to provide all the requirements that may be needed for a band to set up. It is advised to take a list beforehand and ensure that you have everything that is required by them. Bands can be spontaneous according to the mood that is set at a wedding. But they can also be lacking variety as they may specialise (and be good at) in a particular genre of music.

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Weddings come with a lot of shenanigans especially when it comes to planning the wedding. There may be things that you’re unaware of until you look closely and realise the logistics required. Hence, it is imperative to be aware and understand what you require based on your preferences. Selecting a DJ or a band is one of those decisions. Always decide after looking into every possible loophole or logistical issues that may arise.


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