Best Underrated Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

When you think of a gaming keyboard, all that came to mind are Razer Huntsman, Logitech, Corsair K63 but there are keyboards which are best for their performance and whom you don’t know. In this article we will discuss some of best underrated gaming keyboard for professional gamers which have every feature that you want in these gaming keyboard. From mechanical to RGB backlighting and Cord to cordless, these underrated gaming keyboard should be considered before taking your opponent in the battle fields. The article have some best wireless gaming keyboards which are underrated and also have some keyboard which are wired but still people don’t know about them.

  1. GoFree Tech Mechanical Keyboard

GoFree is a mechanical keyboard with all the feature and standard performance that any gaming keyboard should have. From its design to RGB backlighting, there is a plenty to discuss in that keyboard. The price of the keyboard is $44 as its not cost you fortune for what you needed in game.


The dimensions of the keyboard are 14×4.9×1.1 (LxWxH) inches and 734 grams weighted keyboard is our top pick. The edges of the keyboard are rounded then angled and it’s a complete 87 mechanical key switches and all are backed up by RGB backlighting.


Talk about the lighting feature, this keyboard has left no single color that they don’t have over ABS key-caps over aluminum metal board. Each logo on the key-caps have different color and the space-bar have a long logo of GoFree tech. Each function associated with key, there logo is printed on it and now you know what key perform which function. There are 14 backlighting modes and each mode can be switched with combo keys by pressing function with Esc, PS, Ins, Del, PB and the lights intensity and speed can be changed with Fn and arrow keys.

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The keyboard has mechanical switches with shortest height of 7mm and 6mm keycaps. The backlighting can be customized with FN and F1-F5. The best feature of the keyboard is that all the keys have anti-ghosting feature that enables them to never lose the pressed function. The keyboard is also water proof and now accidentally dropping the coffee over is not a problem.


Talk about performance, yeah! It’s up to the standard as the mechanical key switches are tested over million time and they response never draws back. The ergonomic style of the keycaps gives you a long play on the keyboard. Wire is 14 meter and it’s the longest of all the wired keyboard and the best part is that GoFree don’t need any drivers to better functioning but you have to be a lot handy when performing different functions.

  1. Anidees Prismatic Mechanical gaming keyboard

One of the smallest mechanical gaming keyboard you will ever came across but yet most of the pro gamers are not aware of that. The keyboard is a complete package when came to its feature and the cost to pay for those features are just $59.


The dimensions of the keyboard are 11.5x4x0.67 (LxWxH) inches and its just 290 grams in weight which makes it a lot easier to  carry around as its cordless keyboard. The edgy design and with just 67 keys backed up Kailh mechanical switches. Key caps are more exposed as you can easily see the mechanical switches beneath them and the keycaps are thinnest as of 3 mm

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The mechanical switches are backed up by RGB backlighting and there are total of 26 modes of backlighting, among them 13 are customizable. There is no software to control that but you have to be handy for performing these functions like Fn+Tab,App and ~.


Compact key switches with thinnest key-caps so there is less travel force required in Anidees. The remote connectivity can work up-to 10 meters with no lag. And there are 3 Bluetooth paring option and you can change them with combo keys are and change the keyboard to that device. Battery can work up-to 10 hours but with wireless connection you won’t get any backlighting.


The mechanical switches are tested over 70 million times and there is less chance of lagging while connected to strong 2.4GHz connection. The 67 key layout may look small to gamers as some games required a lot of key but yet there are no customizable keys in the keyboard. The combo functions are a lot handy but overall the performance regarding connectivity, paring choices, battery timing and keystrokes are overwhelming.

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